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  1. You could use a piece up to about 6" or so. The difference in the in a piece will be incidental. It will work fine. Using a whole side would be a tough to work in, as the upward curve is greater on the sports roof model.
  2. The single button one started on 73 models. The two button one with that shape was 71-72.
  3. Without a welder. I have ground down the tower enough to get a good vice grip on the screw. I use kroll or a home mix of mineral spirits and ATF 50/50 on stubborn screws.
  4. Check for twelve volts on the brown wire. If none follow the wire until you get to the source.
  5. Fit a fender washer over the screw. Weld the washer to the stud. Weld a nut to the washer. By the time you do this the heat would have loosened the screw thread. Back it out with an impact driver if it's still tight
  6. Painted my son's 96 Ranger last year due to thick flaking paint and heavy cracking of the hood paint. He was the original owner, nothing ever done except a clutch install. It had nine coats of teal body color with nine alternating coats of grey primer on the hood and roof. No wonder it was flaking and cracking.
  7. I had the same problem on a 66 fastback recently. I unfolded the drop down and flattened it. Then got a 1/2"x1/2" angle from Home Depot and welded it underneath the brace. It worked out very well.
  8. I should have a new one. Send an email, with your email return address. I can send pictures.
  9. The second link doesn't seem to work. Says that it's private.
  10. Sounds like you are thinking your way through it. If its laying on the center frame rail and hitting the firewall right, you are probably on the right track. If it's laying on the rear torque box, you have more indication you are right on. There won't be a difference in seat height if you are hitting the center frame rail and the rear torque box.
  11. Grease them up and Polish the metal with a Scotch brite disc. It will push in.
  12. On a recent 71, I was by myself. I had the rear axle on 27" Jack stands. Took off front wheels lowered it to just clear the hoist wheels. Had transmission, exhaust manifolds and motor mounts in place on the Cleveland. It went in right in with no wrestling. I like Jeff's idea with the blankets.
  13. Congratulations Larry. You have a fine car. I first saw it in Louisville at the National Show.
  14. A good place to do that wire tap is the light feed to the radio. It is right where you will be working.
  15. MCA Grand National comes to Columbus Ohio I'm September. Check out "mustang.org" if interested.
  16. I have had the same over the years. I'd spray up under the upper control arm at the bushings. It can be done without taking wheels off. Silenced it every time.
  17. The previous writer has a good point about the cap. In looking at your pictures, I'd check the tightness of the wires on the coil, they look questionable. Also make sure you have the correct coil. Fords have a built in resistor wire that lowers the voltage during "run". Next I'd use a timing light and move the pick up clamp from plug to plug to make sure they all get the ignition pulse. Lastly I'd suspect the pickup system. But start at that cap, it just doesn't look right.
  18. is this the correct bolt and washer? http://www.cjponyparts.com/amk-shock-tower-cover-hardware-1972-1973/p/F240/ The ones in the cjpony link are correct. They are also used on the radiator's hold down bracket, and a few other places near the hood latch bracket.
  19. Those bolts are correct for 71-72 but not 73. 73 has a bolt with a dished washer. I get mine at cjpony.
  20. I have had the ignition condenser mimic many other things. When the condensor failed, it would back fire when it wanted to, blew out mufflers. Back fire on acceleration, usually after I'm a block down the road. It would start working OK on its own. Sometimes cut out completely on each trip out. I replaced it all by itself. Never acted up again. I'm not one to just change parts, but on troubleshooting everything kept checking out OK. On another car I had the ignition coil fail. It checked good every time. I could only get half power from the engine. Sometimes it would backfire. Just FYI.
  21. I'll have two of those also if Motorcity doesn't workout. Parted two coupes last year.
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