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  1. I have a black one. Need 40+shipping from east coast.
  2. 72coupe302, sounds like you want to identity which transmission you have. Look at site WWW.crankshaftcoalition.transmission identification. They give you fool proof ways to identity what you have.
  3. The dual exhaust hangers have one stud on each riser. So that means the nuts are accessed from opposite sides. This makes it a lot easier to install in cramped quarters. The standard ones work also, they are just a little harder to install.
  4. They are the same as the ones used on 65-66 mustangs. If that opens up other sources for you.
  5. +1 for after. This way you also get the benefit of better metal protection under the top.
  6. I drive some so infrequently that getting gas once a year is the norm. You should have no problems.
  7. I found one with two red/two orange. Part number is different than the marked number. It is sometimes the case with Ford numbers. They are sometimes different than the numbers used to sell parts. Application 63D: 351 CJ; 63R: 351-4v, 429 CJ; 76:302-2v, 351,429 CJ. All after 10/9/70 Description: std. 4 leaf, 654 lb. Load rate, w/ comp hand pkg. Part Number. D1ZZ-5560-H
  8. Air conditioning, power steering and that smooth automatic shifter. Like Matrixx, I also split driving time with a 65. It's like driving a old truck when you compare it to the luxury of a 71. I'll drive my 71 vert with AC on top down. Can't beat it.
  9. The dash may have been switched from another car. See is the door matches the story. Check hidden vin numbers. One should be on the rear of the engine block facing up. Others on shock towers under fenders.
  10. I installed the Mustang II guts and cable on my 73 back in 1980. I'm very happy with them. The cables can be unthreaded from the retainer with about twenty minutes work. Mark them well with paint as it is important to get them back in the original location. The mirror won't move correctly otherwise. There are letters on the retainer like R,B,Y for the original color code. But remark them as they are hard to see after twisting and handling. I've done about six sets over the last twenty years, most were made from Torino units, they work best because the cable is longer and more forgiving to the cable route. The Mustang II cable will just reach the steering column. So a console location should be no problem.
  11. If you still have the car, perhaps you could attach a picture of the factory original screws.?
  12. The housings and adjustable heads will fit the longer Mustang base. You just have to drill a hole for the cable to pass through the base. If you want to mount the controller on the dash, you will have to drill the post and door edge also. A good mounting place for the control is the plastic steering column flashing. It's easily fixed if you want to reverse this idea later.
  13. The liner has the back cover pocket sewn so centering it is certain. Install the rod in the sleeve prior to slipping the liner over the seat back partition. Find the center of the liner and attach to the center of the already installed tack strip. The liner is attached with big head Philips head screws. The liner is pierced by the screws upon attachment. Check your existing tack strip you will probably see 1/8" holes every 9" or so. I tend to use the existing holes. There is a thread titled "Back of well liner" that shows a few screws and liner placement. The screws are placed about 3/8" from the fabric edge.
  14. As my seats are installed I can't get pictures of everything you might need. Which area are you concerned about. Rear seat area, tack strip area, or something else, I'm sure I can guide you through it.
  15. I've used both types. They both work fine. Only issue was that clear set I received was longer than the original equipment hoses. Must have been universal application. I had to loop the hoses behind the rear seat, not a big deal as they worked fine.
  16. Prior to finding an NOS one for a 73, I used to by an aftermarket one from Advance Auto. They came with the plastic clamp like the Fomoco unit. Only problem was the hose was plastic. A slightly higher gloss than the fabric ones. The clamp was on both ends. Removed one and attached with simulated staples made from stainless welding wire. I just searched the part number of the plastic adapter D2ZF-9B676-AA and found one on eBay. It said 72 Mustang. it was in poor shape but leads me to believe it's original. It appears to be part of a snorkle assemble who's part number is D2ZF-9B672-BA. Try looking for that number in NOS. Stilwell or Bill Herndon may be able to help.
  17. The sales sheets seem to be a little inaccurate, in that there is no convertible top switch(I believe all were power operated), the rear seat bun seems to be a little long from the inner quarter to the first seam. Convertibles are about 5" inches there, I believe coupes are about 7-8" there. These appear to be coupe rear seats. Also in the same photo the left rear inside seams to curve away from the back, like a coupe would. The convertible seat would meet at 90 degree angles with the inner quarter. Other things of interest in that sales book: the door mirrors are different on the two cars and the one with the sport mirror only to have one mirror. While not that significant, I believe we should not use these pictures to guide our understanding of what Ford offered. I will agree the standard and deluxe doors were available. I believe all convertible seats were knitted vinyl.
  18. [attachment=21561]It's a two section piece seen here in the build manual. Package tray molding D1ZB-63465A00-1-AWA.
  19. Good point. He still should have deluxe door panels. And convertibles came with knitted vinyl as a standard feature. Deluxe convertibles and standard convertibles recieved the same seats. That was to address another comment earlier about solid vinyl being in a vert.
  20. Maybe not so quick. Yours doesn't say knitted vinyl seat trim. Yet it has knitted seats. You also have the deluxe two spoke steering wheel; also have wheel lip and rocker panel moldings, but they're not on your invoice. It appears that the n/c items are listed sometimes and sometimes not. The build manual says they all came with knitted vinyl seats.
  21. I believe all the convertibles came with woven seat covers. Getting deluxe interior probably added the deluxe door panels and dash panel upgrades. It should be in the build manuals. I'll check soon to verify.
  22. 2 is year, F is the plant(Dearborn I believe). And the other six numbers are the sequencial production numbers. It all matches your VIN. They just leave out the body code and engine code portions.
  23. [attachment=21403]They say Mustang and have stimulated openings all around the perimeter. Like this picture. The Mustang letters are flat black like the simulated slots. The brown wheels are visible in the bead area.
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