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  1. You should ask the guys at Old Dominion. They fix cars for sale and have a local shop that does their body work. There's a big Mustang show this weekend there. About two miles from the store. I would think it will cost about $2500-$3500 for the metal work and reassembly. It's as involved as doing a complete floor.

  2. I've read, that the new painters were assigned to paint the backside of the body parts. It's not unusual to see heavy runs on the backside.



    Are you going to restore it back to the original color, or do something else with it? Grabber Lime is one of my favorites.




    Going concourse with it


    Here are some close-ups of the quality control on the primer

  3. If it's not cracked, only dented you are probably looking at losing a point or two for condition. Wrong color interior is s a severe deduction, probably 25 points. For concourse it should appear as the dealer delivered it. Your door data tag dictates your colors.

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