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  1. Screenshot_2015-12-22-09-10-27.thumb.png.6b17f84fcada15e47251efcda041e113.pngScreenshot_2015-12-22-09-10-57.thumb.png.2e86ee72ecd52a6eee383855bfc2e7c1.png

    See the two attached photos. One is a 1965 Mustang toploader shifter, you can see the alignment hole right below the pivot.

    I believe the other photo to be a 71-73 shifter for Mustang and Torino. The alignment hole is basically in the same place but it does not extend through the housing. It is located between the pivot and the bends in the shift levers.

  2. +1, on using a real guage to verify what pressure you are really getting. You will never have that comfort feeling if you don't. I install a tee in the line when I'm in testing phase. Once I'm familiar with what's "normal", I'll take out the under hood guage and plug the side of the tee.

  3. Just last week I polished out scratches on a 65 fastback rear glass. The materials were purchased from Eastwood a few years back for some smaller scratches. The main scratch on the 65 was pretty deep and about 12" long. It came out completely but it took every green, blue and orange disc I had. Three each. If I had 6 each I would have used them also. They are fine, medium and course. There is a jar of rouge and a hard cotten disc for polishing out fine scratches caused by the colored disc. Hopefully they still sell these. Mark

  4. You could run the top to the drip rails and under the windshield side and upper trims. There are vinyl top suppliers on the internet that offer universal cut to size trim that you could run across the back.

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