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  1. I've used welding leads for this. I see old ones in the scrap yard all the time. Buy them for the dirty copper price.
  2. Marti also has the original window sticker. That has been a must have.
  3. I looked at your pictures again and must ask if you are spraying in a plastic outdoor spray booth? The greenhouse effect will the answers.
  4. It doesn't matter if the crank turns. Just match up to the key, where ever it ends up. You could probably do it with rad in place, depends on your puller and what you are using to get torque on it. I would remove it just for ease. Not sure about the replacement part, I've only used OEM there.
  5. I might have a free one if you cover shipping. Send a picture of the needed part. I parted two coupes last year. Is this piece about four inches wide with a metal edge on the bottom.?
  6. Very good catch. Neat picture.
  7. I used the same ones on my 71 very and 73 sports roof. They worked perfectly.
  8. It look like it was too warm. Had a similar problem about 30 years back in a homemade outdoor spray booth. Looked just like yours. Been spraying in the 70° range ever since with no issues.
  9. Since this is about helping and spreading knowledge/experience I'll jump in. I have both, and this is my second two post. I'd recommend the two post asymmetric lift with overhead equalizer to start with. Some two post have a cable or chain that assures the two columns stay even. This equalizer can be a real pain when doing transmission work. My new with overhead equalizer is the tops. The four post is a floor space hog. It's always a head knocker.
  10. I wouldn't consider the pictures an example of what was distributed. Many of those cars have features that never saw production. We should consider all the cars shown as marketing tools.
  11. Might want to make sure you are putting them in correctly. I parted out a Grande a few years back. I have some trim if yours is bad.
  12. I bought a premium hood for my 65 a dew years back from Daniel Carpenter. I already had a regular repo in the shop. I compared the two. The premium was superior in weight, fit, assembly quality. It was just an all around nice product. I would say it was equal to or better than the original I also compared it too. I don't know about new 7173 premium hoods. But I bought a regular 7173 repo two years ago and was pleased.
  13. I bought some fuzzy material a few years back from NPD. It was sold as the material for the door glass runners on a 65. It looks very similar to what you have.
  14. It looks real easy to make. I make a pattern by covering one with blue tape, mark the fold lines with degrees of bend then transfer that to the metal. Maybe someone can make a pattern.
  15. Trick sixty five, since you have a convertible take notice of the spacers between the seat and the slide adjusters. They are unique to convertibles. And they go on the inboard side. When you remove the rails you will see what I'm referring to.
  16. Never dreamed these would be so hard to find. They are part number #24117 made by four seasons, the best price is at Stylintrucks website. They are .47 cents each. Good luck.
  17. I have been in your same position several times. I just bought the missing pieces from NPD one at a time during the restoration period.
  18. If you are needing the seals that go on the line connection points. You will need yo identify which compressor type you have. The one with the grove in the mating surface is called a roto-lock fitting. Others will have a stepped mating surface, it takes an "o"ring.
  19. Thanks Don, about a month ago the drama was plucking my last nerve. I backed away for a few days, but then missed the site family. I came back and it was nearly over so I laid low. This should be positive. We can get back to helping each other.
  20. Are you talking about the Teflon seals and that fit in the grove on some compressors.?
  21. Approximately $21.80. 36 x 8 x 8 and twenty pounds. Email me if interested.
  22. Sure. I'll get the cost together. In the mean time, any friends going that could get it for you.?
  23. I've has some reproduction trunk seals that were so stiff that you couldn't shut the lid. I just had to purchase a few different ones. Seems to me they had the holes.
  24. I haven't had to glue any. Just more staples.
  25. Some come with the plate. Some don't. I know Master Pro from O'Reilly comes with it.
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