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  1. Looking really good. That color combo will really compliment each other1 I did a 73 for a friend a few years ago in that color with ginger interior and always liked that
  2. Thanks for all the replies.. some good points brought up especially shipping something fragile like the grill. Most of these parts I want to sell are all gonna be a pain to ship because of size {nos fastback quarter)and risk of being damaged in shipping.. I did list a nice bumper and the quarter in the classifieds here hoping maybe someone within driving distance could use them. I might just hold onto these parts and take into the Carlisle ford show in may as I’m only 15 minutes from the fairgrounds. Plus I’ll have some parts left over from my 71 that I’m restoring by then.
  3. Hey guys, I’ve recently acquired some 71/73 Mach 1 parts and trying to put a fair value on a couple items I want to resale. First is a NOS never installed honeycomb front grill in new condition. the other is a complete set of driver quality black bucket seats with tracks. Just looking for a idea on a fair asking price for these items thanks for any help much appreciated I’ve included a few pics
  4. This bumper was bought in the mid 80,s from ford dealer and had the brackets mounted but never was installed on a car.it’s been in storage since then the chrome is in very nice condition with no rust or pitting on either side. Asking $275 willing to ship buyer pays shipping 717 226-4963 blehman571@gmail.com SOLD
  5. I have for sale a nos LH quarter panel that’s been in storage since 1986. This is for a 73 as it has the small holes where the bumper filler would go on the 73. But the holes could be welded shut if needed to use in a 71/72 as everything else is the same. the panel is in excellent condition with no damage from storage Asking $650 i would prefer local pick up as I would hate to ship this and risk damage. located 5 miles from the Carlisle pa fairgrounds 717 226-4963 blehman571@gmail.com
  6. finally got some time to work on the mustang now that outside projects have come to a end with weather and time change. Final blocked the roof/quarters and coated in epoxy to keep sealed until paint. The doors just need final blocked yet. I just finished the filler work on the fenders /hood this weekend.. I then shot some epoxy on those pieces followed by a few coats of 2k to allow some blocking. I also got the seat upholstery done and put back together. hopefully I can keep motivated and find the time to maybe get some color on it in the near future.
  7. Thank you so much. Just ordered a pair. Not sure why I couldn’t find them listed anywhere?
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