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  1. Thanks Geoff for the pics. So basically the only headlight brackets that got the grey was the 2 that bolt to the rad support? And then the 2 vertical hood latch supports and other latch mount bracket. I’ll have to do some mixing of paint to see what I can come up with for a grey color . Brent
  2. Thanks.. and your correct as the best part to doing this is going to be seeing it completed
  3. No I wasn’t sure on correct finish on those brackets so I did them black. I did the gray on some of the hood latch support brackets . Geoff could you post the pics that you have of those brackets from your car? im not trying to build a 100% correct mustang but I’d like it detailed and close to original as I can get it with in reason . thanks, Brent
  4. Found some time to work on the 71 the last couple weeks. Did the final alignment on front sheet metal ( needed to install hood /front bumper /headlight supports etc.) so I could install the side stripes and paint the lower argent. I still need to mask off the lower area to do the argent yet.. Then I can final sand the hood and front bumper for paint. I installed all the pre bent fuel/brake lines. Also started doing the front suspension and prepping the rear end housing/backing plates etc for paint and assembly. Still have a lot of work to do and hopefully I can find some more free time to work on it.
  5. Thanks David for posting these pics for reference on the lower blackout. I was just going to do a search on this topic and saw this thread
  6. Sprayed the matte black on the underside and all the aprons in the engine compartment. Lot of assembly left but that’s the fun part IMO... only thing I’ve been struggling with is installing the headliner. I did a few myself years ago but have sent out the last couple to a pro. I’ll mess with it a little more but will probably have to let a pro do it 🤷‍♂️🤣
  7. Some more pics after cut and buff. Used Ppg concept single stage then 3 coats of spi universal clear. Really makes it look deep
  8. Finally got the 71 painted this weekend. I haven’t worked on it in a while as I’ve had some other projects going on. Decided last week to finish prepping it and took it in to my work this weekend to paint. Need to paint the front bumper / valance panels yet and cut and buff the paint. Then need to find the time to start to reassemble
  9. Looking really good. That color combo will really compliment each other1 I did a 73 for a friend a few years ago in that color with ginger interior and always liked that
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