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  1. Heyyy!!! I´m positive mine is gonna be the only one arround :P "3" code, 250 ci L6 sportsroof 1972
  2. from my iphone i see a tree, 2 old and suspiciously smily old people and maybe a couple of pink elefants flying around :p
  3. Well... My sportsroof is now fitting a 1969-70 standard gas cap PERFECTLY... I just had the 69-70 Scott Drake standard gas cap sitting in my garage and it worked perfecty... The problem is the combination of the standard gas cap and the honeycomb grille... I´m not 100% possitive but did the 73 mach 1 use this combination from factory, standard gas cap and honeycomb grille?? If it did then there must be 2 styles of standard gas caps.. One for cars like mine without the honeycomb grille and a different one for Mach 1´s, with longer close system to clear the plastic... Maybe this last one is not reproduced because there are just not enough mach 1´s still fitting the standard cap??
  4. +1 on the pics so all the guys that are true experts arround here can give you their opinion...
  5. Great Doc! :) i´ll love to follow your interior reatoration so, come on!! :P
  6. it already have 36 bids so at least, 36 persons like it enough to pay for it :P I´m never gonna be one of thouse je!
  7. Hey doc!!! Nice to see youre hands full of restoration!! jeje Well.. as everyone said i guess you should go for fully dissambled the interior... It is almost sure you have the carpet shoot too so if it is so.. you have no other choice than take all apart... When i say "all" i don´t necesarily mean ALL... If i were you and if you are not going for a massive job, i´ll leave the dashboard, glove box, instrument panel and all the things that are linked to the steering... as is... That is another thing that you may or may not need to redo... Apart from that, i guess if you are going for the seats, carpet, door panels (you should look on the condition of the quarter trim panels comparing to the new door panels you´re gonna get... I´m possitive some work will need to be done there too...), package tray (if the verts actually need it :) ) is another thing that you can at least look and see if you like it as is... Then you can use this moment to look at the window regulators too... that is a pain in the *** if you have to work on it with your interior new... Maybe as you are gonna have the door and quarter trim panels off, you should get a weatherstrip kit for them... there is a kit that does the upper quarter trim panels seal to the glass, inside and outside... the same for the doors... Dont remember the actual name of this kit but is a pretty long yellow box :) Don should know what i´m talking about... What else??... Console for instance.. as the seats will be out, it is the best time to work on it if it is needed... Usually, even if the console is ok, as it is gonna be out to take out the old carpet, you can change the rubber seal in the stick... Ehmmmm... sound insulator on the floor.... Ehmmmm.. Well.. if anything else come up, i´ll tell you! :) Hope it helps!!
  8. Bienvenido desde Uruguay! Lejos de ti pero al menos hablamos el mismo idioma de origen, eh!!?? Que bueno que te hayas puesto en contacto aqui... No se como será de fluido usar los traductores de internet, pero si puedes escribir y entender mas o menos el ingles (como yo) te asegro que este sitio te resultará aditivo! Yo soy miembro hace algo mas de 2 años (creo) y la verdad que una vez que entras a interactuar aqui, la gente que frecuenta este sitio es TAAAAN amena y dispuesta a ayudar, participar y alentarte en tu proceso con tu auto, que es como si por fin, alguien entendiera lo que sentimos al tener un auto de estos en nuestros paises, donde los mustang no abundan! Bueno, que disfrutes el foro, bienvenido!
  9. What a nice thread! :P Shame on us that nobody is using the 71-73 stang as daily driver!! (i actually did that for a few months last year!) Well.. this is my daily (when it works!!) It is a 1990 Alfa Romeo 75 2.0 twin spark that I literally rescued from a decade of being sit... I had every problem you can imagine to make it run and it still gives me glorious headaches often... Imagine that in here, there are absolutely no parts for this car... neither asthetics nor mechanics so... i´m always patching things... Anyways.... i love the little red car!! Here it is!! The dumb guy blocking the good view of the car is me :P
  10. + 1 It is a rare car but I question how well it is done when I see the cheap flexable radiator hose. And if you get the repro ram air - paint the base blue VS leaving the black primer that will rust. True on the Rad hose... I didn´t stopped at that but is certainly adds a ???? on how the car is detailed... Don.. you are the man! :P
  11. Cool!! Didn´t know this cars were also made in Venezuela... Great data Kurt!
  12. Besides its price, it seems a fantastic car... It looks great, and it is an original 351 4V Cobra Jet... It is good in deed that this cars are more and more valued this days :P
  13. In my opinion this classic mustangs.. and I mean from 64 to our body type are just soooo well designed that any.. or at least this radical modifications just make them look worste than its original looks... As everything CAN be done, in this case, it is just worthless :)
  14. Congrats Don and a thumbs up for the secret donator!!
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