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  1. They are doing Mustang night at the Niftee Fiftee's car show in Spring, Texas this Saturday night and also next Saturday night. I will have the big block beater 72 out there, Mike should be there probably in the Boss. Anyone in the Houston area come on out and join in.
  2. Who has the roof panel and full floor pan? Haven't seen anything on those.
  3. Car was bought by a dealer, North Freeway Hyundai on the north side of Houston on 45, they buy and sell a lot of collector cars. I just saw the car yesterday, very solid car, decent interior, needs a fresh paint job, but no rust to repair.
  4. Found a couple pics that have parts of the car. Still trying to find the vin info for it, hopefully will be able to find that.
  5. My brother and I were talking about my Dad's old 73 convertible. He bought the car new, ordered through a dealer in central Texas. The car got sold in around 86/87. It was Medium Copper, Ginger interior, 351 Cleveland 2 barrel, C6 auto, had the mag wheel look hub caps, it was a very late production car, was almost not able to get it. My brothers and I all rode in that car when we were newborns. It is a long shot, but wondering if anyone may know anything about it, if it is still around, etc. My Dad's name was Royce, we lived in the Kingwood area just north of Houston when he sold the car. I think my brother has some old pics of the car at his house we can scan into the computer. If I can get some pics scanned, I will add them to this post.
  6. Everyone must be trying to check at the same time, can't get their site to load. Would be nice if they finally started making a full quarter for our cars.
  7. About to take it for a cruise right now, then get it detailed up to have at his service this Saturday.
  8. Many thanks for the thoughts and prayers for my family. Dad passed yesterday morning.
  9. Found a picture of the day we gave Dad his car back. My brothers and I took the car completely down, I did the sheetmetal, body, and paint, My older brother did the engine rebuild, and my twin brother helped on the entire thing. It's a 72, 302/fmx. This is the day we gave the car back to him, as far as he knew, the car was just getting a few places on the body repaired and the paint touched up. This is how I will always remember him, the look on his face when he saw this for the first time was priceless, he was placed in hospice care a couple of days ago, and they're telling us he has maybe a couple of days left. In the picture from left to right, that is my twin brother Robert, Dad (Royce), myself, and my older brother Randel.
  10. Think I may have seen your car around, I am in Forest Cove, grew up in Kingwood, and my brother lives in Kingwood.
  11. Found a couple of Dad's convertible, this is right after it was done, a couple of hours before we gave it back to him. The engine pic is just after my older brother rebuilt it and we got it back in the car, just after I painted the car and before reassembly.
  12. Finally have a couple pics of my fastback, not great pics, taken with my phone. I work part time at Classic Mustang of Houston, off of 1960 west of 45. My Dad has Dimentia, we had to put him in a home about 6 months ago, most days anymore he doesn't know who we are. The look on his face, and the tears in his eyes the day we gave his car back to him will forever be how I remember him. I drove his convertible yesterday, someone pulled up next to me at a red light and asked how much, just told them they didn't have enough, no matter how much they had.
  13. Looked around on the site for a while, thought I would finally get signed up. I work at a Mustang restoration shop here in town. Just recently got me a 72 Fastback, non Mach, originally a 302, now has a 429, medium blue, blue standard interior, overall fairly solid car and complete. The big body cars are the only ones of the Mustang that I ever wanted to own. When I was born, my Dad had a 73 convertible that he bought new we rode around in until I was around 7 years old or so, then he had to sell it. He bought a 72 convertible about 11 years ago when he retired, and my two brothers and I redid the car completely about 2 years ago. His car is medium lime gold with the black on the hood and lower body with black top and interior, mach hood, deluxe trim and interior, 302 and fmx. I am hoping to get my fastback on the road by spring, gonna drive it as is for a while then redo the whole car. I will try to get some pics up soon.
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