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  1. I can tell you that I built the car to race in C/stock, so the cam is a custom grind Madden mecanical cam NHRA stock legal, Holley 780cfm race carb, Hooker headers 2,1/8" with one tube wrapt around the right fram rail. Harland Sharp roller rockers, Milodon stanless steel valves (2,245" intake) Pioneer valvetrain, TRW/Seald Power pistons etc.... The best ET is 13,000sek @ 105mph with 4,11:1 gear ratio and 28X9 MT drag slicks. The ratio should have been 5,13:1 bud that never got in to the car. I have retierd the motor bud I hope to race the car one day with an other motor, hopefully a 55
  2. Hi. I see that I forgot to put it in here that I'm from Iceland! And this picture is shot about 11:30 pm (23:30) in early Jun with the capital Reykjavik in the background. As you can see on the Marti report, my car was bought at: Di Blasi Motors INC in Corona NY USA. It was brought over her to Iceland in 1975 and I´m the owner #5. I bought the car in 1987 and still has it. I was told that the first owner bought the car for drag racing, ant that's why it's equiped like that, bud i have'nt got these stories confermd. Hálfdán.
  3. 1971 Mach-1 429 SCJ with Ram Air and Drag Pack. 40K miles on the odometer and number match car unrestored. One thing a notich in the report is they dont give the number of cars there are lacking extras like power steering, spoiler, wings, etc....... My 1971 does not have: tinted glass, delux interior, Mach-1 side stipes, spoiler/wing, power steering etc... It has though full gauges dash, 429cid Super Cobra Jet 375hp engine, Toploader 4sp close ratio trans, 9" rearend with 4,11:1 ratio with No Spin and 31spiline axels and front and rear sway bars. I was wandering how many Mach-1 in
  4. Here are three that you might be able to use. http://www.internet.is/racing/Z_IMG_0060.JPG[/img] http://www.internet.is/racing/Z_Mustang_1973_0016.jpg[/img]http://www.internet.is/racing/Z_R71429_000000.jpg[/img] Later. Halfdan.
  5. Thanks guys. There are about 20 71-73 Mustang left here on Iceland, and only two of them are big block. Mine and a 1973 Mach-1 that has a 460cid an a C6. My fosterdaughter owns the 1973 460 Stang and it's currently under restoration. All thoug the small block is nice bud I like the big block better, there is somthing about all that tork that coms from a standard big block that I relly like. I'll put in here som more pics as soon as I can. Later. Halfdan.
  6. Hallo everyone and greetings from the land of the midnight sun. It's nice to now that there is a page for these "forgotten" Mustangs. There are a few 1971-1973 Mustangs here on Iceland of all kindes from ht to conv. I bought my car in 1987, a 1971 Mach-1 429SCJ with drag pack. The car has never been restored and has only 45.000 miles on it and it's number match. More later. Halfdan Sigurjonsson Kopavogur. Iceland. Here are som pictures taken last night (7-18 2010): http://www.internet.is/racing/00071_mach1_007.JPG[/img] http://www.internet.is/racing/0

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