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  1. I'm planning a coyote swap on my 71 convertible. The Gateway Mustang is a good one to reference as they squeezed it in without deleting the shock towers. There is another red convertible (72?) With a coyote squeezed between the towers. Its red with a white interior and white mach 1 stripe. Its on youtube and google but no real build thread. I am going a different route. My plan is to buy the kit designed by Rod n Custom. It deletes the shock towers, comes with a new crossmember, control arms, coil overs. If you aren't familiar with the kit definitely check it out. I budgeted about 4 grand for that kit. Ford makes the wiring harness and pcm so its pretty much plug and play. Power by the Hour also makes a pcm/harness kit that I believe will run a 6r80 trans. I budgeted about 2,000 for that. I'd like to do a 6r80 auto in mine. 4r70, 4r75, will bolt to the coyote as they share the modular pattern. I think the PBH pcm will run the engine and trans, but Bauman makes controllers that will run them too. If you want a stick its much easier. The trans tunnel will most likely need to be opened up. Nice to see someone else jump on the bandwagon with these engines. They are getting cheaper to buy, I have about $200 in my f150 5.0 after parting the truck out. Its the accessories to run it that get expensive.
  2. Great point you brought up. I've done a ton of research on the topic, like hours on top of hours since I originally bought the car. At this point I believe my blaster is going to spray an etching primer himself after blasting and cleaning the car. Should avoid any issues that way since he will be responsible for the paint sticking as well. I asked him about the potential problems directly and he answered my question confidently. This guy blasts a majority of the show quality cars in my area and has been recommended heavily by everyone who knew who he was. Thanks for the advice
  3. Well here's a 4 year update. Not much new with the car. I have it 90% torn down and ready for the body to be soda blasted. The car sat in storage for a couple years and is now making my garage it's home. Last year I parted out a 2013 F150 that donated it's 5.0 V8. So new game plan in a nutshell: - Coyote swap with some cam/intake work - Rod n Custom front suspension swap w/coilovers - 6r80 automatic - 8.8 or 9 inch rear end with disc brakes - Custom tubular front subframe support - Subframe connectors - $$$$$$$$$$ So in the coming week or 2 I need to get the rest of the car taken apart and sent to my soda blaster. My end goal is 400 RWHP which I think I can achieve fairly easily with some hot rodding on the 5.0. So resto-mod, pro-touring, custom is the direction I decided to go with the car. My concept is somewhat of a 47 year update. Car was originally a 302 automatic car, so here's the modern version of that. On a side note, has anyone here used the rod n custom kit? I'd love some input on that.
  4. Early broncos are sweet. I'd love to have one someday
  5. I have plenty of experience with TJs. We fixed a 06 Golden Eagle that had been rolled over. Hours spent tweaking everything to make it fit back together. Replaced the roll cage, fixed the tub, replaced the doghouse including the high dollar grille. That thing was damn nice when we were done with it. Love me a good TJ!
  6. I have a soft spot for those SJ Cherokees and Wagoneers. J10s and Comanches are pretty sweet too. Everyone has pretty cool rigs. Everything I have owned has been on a shoestring budget. My orange XJ had a "custom" long arm upgrade, welded rear end, and F250 takeoff Rancho shocks/limiting straps. I'm hoping to make the new XJ a decent driver
  7. Title says it all. After getting into a discussion about Jeeps with Mister4x4 in another thread I decided to see who else is a Jeep owner around these parts. Post pics if you have them. This was last year at the Silver Lake sand dunes. This Jeep got sold a few months back. It was just a beater, nothing special. I bought this 96 Cherokee 2 door to replace it. Needs some rust repair and the rear spring mounts fixed/replaced but it runs well and was cheap. Plus I think the 2 doors are cool Before I got into Jeeps I had a TrailBlazer with lift and tires on it. It was my DD Lets see your Jeeps or other 4wds!
  8. You probably see more 2wd Jeeps where you are. Its pretty rare up here in the snow belt to see a non-4wd model unless its a newer FWD based model. The rear leaf spring mounts are broke so thats contributing to the ride height as well. Cool to see another Jeep guy on here too. Not sure how many people would care but I might throw a build thread together for it for kicks. This was the last Jeep. Old 88 XJ with the Renix 4.0. Glad the new one has the HO motor.
  9. Thanks for the support guys. It seems the common theme around this place is a lot of guys that bust ass so they can live life to the fullest. Obviously our cars bring us together but I think most of us probably share more common ground than we even know. Recently I have come to a realization that helped me along. Some are born with a silver spoon, and many spend their lives in envy of those people. Choose the other path and strive to improve your situation, and that's where the success comes. You've gotta want it. And to those of you that have been distracted from your cars by things like family or obligations to help someone, I have much respect for you.
  10. This thread is for those of you, myself included, that have had limited time for their Mustangs at some point in time. I have (embarrassingly) let both of my 71 verts sit in a pair of storage bays for about a year now due to other projects and opportunities. Late last year I had what is probably my proudest life-achievement to date. At the young age of 19 I became a homeowner. I can thank a good job for the income and my parents for instilling the knowledge of budget management and credit building into me. I was able to purchase my home 100% on my own. It's just a small ranch on a cul-de-sac in a clean neighborhood in Elkhart, IN. It was a foreclosure and needed tons of work, in fact I have yet to move in as I'm still remodeling. Working 50 hours a week I have had limited time to work on it but it's come so far in the last several months. The upgrades were all done by me with just a little guidance from my dad who was a contractor for over a decade. Now for pics This is shortly after purchase. We removed some huge gaudy bushes from the front. The place has a pool and a pretty decent fenced in yard so that was cool to me The bathroom was down to studs, previous owner started remodeling and stopped paying I guess. This was after I installed fresh plumbing, new shower, and drywall started The (almost) finished product Ignore my tools please Kitchen was an outdated nightmare. The opposite wall had purple sponge paint lol White cabinets, faux wood porcelain tile, new counters, travertine backsplash, updated appliances, and fresh beige paint did it some justice. Ignore my mess of tools again I actually got pretty decent at tile work by the end. This is at the front door The rest of the rooms just got paint and carpet, painted the trim, etc. so not much to show but you get the idea. New furnace, new water heater, new water softener. Furnace and carpet were the only things I hired out so the rest is my own handiwork. But just when I thought I had this project about wrapped....... I buy a freakin Jeep. Little 2 door XJ, pretty cool truck. It'll make a great 4 wheeler with 5 inches of lift and 33s. Oh well, the Mustang will get done eventually. So I can't be the only one that has distractions. What has held you up from working on your cars?
  11. The stance on that car is just mean. Front tires tucked just a touch, rocker panel looks pretty level with the ground. I like it.
  12. Thanks for the correction guys. After a 2nd look I would definitely agree about the points you made
  13. This appears to be an original drivers fender for 71-72. Ad says original and it has a Ford sticker above the marker light hole. Not sure how hard to find or valuable something like this is but maybe worth a look. http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/pts/5421559049.html
  14. The standard hood probably isn't too valuable but if that bumper has any life at all its gotta be worth $50 http://grandrapids.craigslist.org/pts/5383509385.html
  15. I was pretty surprised to see our car in this video. No love for the 94-09 cars though. Not sure if this has been posted yet or not but I didn't see it. [video=youtube] Any idea whose car this is? Possibly a member?
  16. Boy that's creative to say the least. I'm sure it does its job too. How difficult is it to move around? I want to take my bare shell to the media blaster on a rotisserie so they can clean off the bottom really well. Its covered in a 1/8" of undercoating/rustproofing/tar/ooey gooey god knows what. That's my main motivation behind the rotisserie, just to make blasting and eventually repainting easier.
  17. Not colorblind in the slightest, just have a shitty memory. I honestly did think it was blue but that was my mistake, I wasn't around the car at the time. My sincerest apologies if you spent all day flipping through diagrams and pictures looking for the mysterious blue plug. To quote your PM midlife...
  18. I'll get a pic later if I remember. Its about 2" by 2" and plugs into the fuse block as you said. The fuse block itself has a bolt running up through the bottom that holds both halves of the plug together. Maybe they aren't all blue, I just said that as a point of reference. Plus I went through your parts online and came up with well over $2,000 worth of stuff I need just off the top of my head. So say somebody at OMS dropped the ball and all that stuff got delivered to my house by mistake... I think you see where this is going.
  19. I believe it, dedication does funny things to people. Good luck with that quarter panel.
  20. Alright, you win. Not that I didn't enjoy myself, I will appreciate these moments when I'm in my finished car. Kinda like how you don't appreciate all the stupid things you had to do for a girl until she finally gives you the goods. Then it's like "Oh, good thing I lost sleep to text her" or "Good thing I was there when her ex wouldn't leave her alone". Exactly like saying "Good thing I cut up my hands on that torque box". Know what I'm saying?
  21. I've been busting ass on the car lately. Last weekend I got the front sheet metal off and the engine/transmission pulled. This weekend I pulled a few more miscellaneous under hood items off, stripped the interior, stripped everything out of the doors, pulled the doors and deck lid off, pulled the rear bumper and valance off, removed the taillights marker lights and honeycomb trim panel, Got the top completely loose and ready to pull. This thing is gonna be ready for media blasting before long. Front sheetmetal off. It has come a long way since then. It was too dark for pictures tonight so I have none with the doors and everything off. Closeup of the engine compartment. I will replace all 4 aprons and try to repair the cowl. It's rusty like they all get. Pile O' Parts. It's grown to 10 times its size since I took this picture. Hot 302 and C4. If everything works out, I'll replace it with a 4V 351C and a mildly built AOD. Only us Ford guys will understand that sentence. Dash is out...finally. The fire didn't get through, hence the lack of smoke smell which I'm thankful for. The floors are shockingly solid and original. If they need any patching, I won't find it until it is bare. And a bonus pic for you guys. I found some Florida beach sand in more than one spot in this car. This bitch tore me up today. I've never busted my knuckles on metal so many times and I look like I stuck my arms into a box full of razor blades. I officially knocked out blood and sweat today, all I have left is tears. But man am I getting pumped about this thing. I need to source a rotisserie. Any advice on a cheap option for that? I'm not against building my own but I would love to save the time and effort if possible.
  22. I'm looking for the section of wire harness that runs from under the dashboard to all the under-hood components. It connects to a large blue plug under the dash. Mine is melted so I have nothing to work with. The rest of the harness is in surprisingly good condition so I can reuse that. If you have this section of wiring harness or if you can think of any information regarding it then let me know. I would like to find a diagram of it if there's one available also, I just haven't found it if there is one. My car is a 1971 automatic convertible if it matters. Thanks
  23. Thank you for posting this. All the detailed photos are really helpful. But damn that thing is looking fresh now, you should be seriously proud of the work you did because it looks top notch. I just started tearing mine apart so I look at your build and see what mine could be. I'll have to post some new pics in my build thread when I get time.
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