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  1. 73 Base coupe. In replacing my fuel tank, removal of the vapor separator, the foam material that "...acts as a multiple baffle system to separate raw fuel and vapor and retard raw fuel entrance into the vapor line" was essentially deteriorated to point that when touched it would crumble. What is a suitable replacement for this foam baffle as I am about to replace the tank, and this is a part that is not available in the marketplace. Seeking some wisdom from those that have traveled this path before. Thanks
  2. I had a similar experience, except the gas smell was due to a fuel pump cracked diaphragm that allowed gas to leak out of the weep hole on the original Carter pump. I had just had the 2100 rebuilt and knew it was tight. Just check (eliminate) the obvious things before blaming the carb. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  3. A big welcome from St. Louis. I spent my High School years in Heidelberg, since my father was a career officer (assigned to NATO CENTAG) at the time out of Hammonds Barracks in Seckenheim, Germany. It was a blast in the late 70's. Have fond memories of going to the Rose Garten in Mannheim for concerts, and hiking through the woods to Hokenheim to watch the races on the back stretch near the chicane. Was all over Mannheim (rivals) and nothing beats the Haupestrusse in Heidelberg. Even had the pleasure of graduating in the Heidelberg Castle. Other recollections are "Bahn Storming" in our
  4. Welcome neighbor. I'm across the river from you in Chesterfield. I can relate to the USAF experience as I grew up as an Army brat to a career Cold War Warrior, and my wife was an AF brat. Between the 2 of us we have lived in 27 different houses, and like you some overseas stations. I'm 50 with 2 kids and 1 wife. We've been here going on 13 years and call it home as Dad retire here and we eventually settled back here after we started a family. I have a Pewter 73 Mustang coupe that I inherited from a family member, but is somewhat neglected as I have one in college and one on deck. I
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