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  1. Great, thank you all for the input. All sounds very good to me. Thank you, Tim
  2. Thank you all. I will look into your options. Not going to have huge HP in my car but want a solid ride. Tim
  3. What are your thoughts on the Blue Thunder aluminum intake manifold. I have a 1971 351-4V that needs rebuilding and I bought a Blue Thunder hearing it was great. Need some input from the collective. Thank you, Tim
  4. All Glad to be part of this group. Have a 1971 fastback, 351-4V. Pulling motor and trans and reworking all of the car. Body in real good shape, interior not. Found local engine builder that is Ford guy, KD Engines. Looking for interior back panel replacements. No one has them in after market that I can find. Thank you all. Tim
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