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  1. Thanks buddy! I think it was an easy way to make the windshield flush instead of spending big dollars on custom glass. Me too and I really like that it is getting a little wider. Again thanks, cant wait to see it finished. Will continue tomorrow. I really wanted to cut of the drip rails and make them in a different way too, but it’s a problem here in Denmark to get them street legal sthat way as some of the strenght are placed there in unibody cars. I’ll try to make a cool drip rail moulding instead. Great to hear from you. How is your car coming along body?
  2. Removing the factory lead spots and got them welded up again, I need to do this so I can weld in the new pieces to make the frame around the windshield :D
  3. As for fender flares, you might want to look into this. They have finished flares, ready to weld on :D https://www.umshop-store.com/
  4. A little bit of progress. Small steps, but just getting a little done is meaning a lot to me. Got startet on the metal pieces that will be on each side of the windshield to get rid of the mouldings around it and to raise the windshield so it will be flush with the body. Cant wait to get this done. I used this piece of tool, first time I ever used it, what a nice piece of tool to shape the metal, love it :D
  5. Yes that was my idea, they are not much useful how they are in the original position. And then I just want to make the mount look better than then one it came with. I hope to make it possible to install the mirror from the inside so no screws are visible from the outside :D
  6. Hi guys. I saw some of you have converted the Racing mirrors to electric mirrors. I am really thinking about doing the same to mine as I hate the cable operated one theres in the driver side. Can anyone help me with a parts list to convert these and maybe a list where you bought the parts for it? I know that would make it easy for me but I just dont know where to look for the parts here in Denmark. I could go to a car graveyard and start looking, but that would be european cars and the most of them would be with heatet glass I think and maybe that wont fit in the mirror house and could be a waste of time. Would really appreciate some help with this as I find it as a very cool idea!!! :D Best regards Daniel
  7. Finally got the hole closed for the lock in the trunk! And I’m playing around with an idea with a new attachment for the racing mirrors to make it look different and little more modern, what does people think about that? It can be a little hard to see from the pictures :D
  8. Got a little bit done today. Got the trunklid welded back together so it’s a complete trunklid again, so now the gap between the rear glass and trunklid fits very well again. Also got startet on the rear quarters with some filler to make them look a little bit smooth again :D
  9. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate to hear those things. Many things has changed by the time. Thanks I actually like a lot that you noticed that I’m mixing those two things together, original with a modern touch. The reason for doing that is because I think that this body style in 71-73 are so perfectly made from factory that I actually some times think that it’s difficult to make any changes to it, and maybe that’s one of my reasons for taking so long about it. But I work back and forth on it when I like too and some day it will be a complete car. Right now it’s a question of money and I’m trying to do what I can with out spending money. But soon I cant move forward with out spending a lot of money on engine, transmission, interior and so on. Yeah I got you, I really like how the shortened that front end, looks great man! But I have’nt decided yet what to do with the front end, have a couple of cool ideas in my head and I’m a little inspired by the 69 Mustang front end here with how the headlights are placed back in the front fender. But again still thinking about what to do :D
  10. Not any progress here. Creator were out licking some sun today, but I took her into the garage very fast again because she was freezing.. :D I am helping my dad with his Mach 1, the transmission are dripping with transmission fluid, so the trans are out and we are repairing it. After that I will start to make some progress again. I miss it a lot!
  11. thats really nice man, like it a lot! Great to see what others have done! Cant wait for my turn to install interior :D

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