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    The car is currently being restored from A to Z with a lot of modern touches :)


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  1. Found these parts on a car graveyard today. It’s a hoodlock mechanism from a european Ford that are cable release and also a hood release actually from a Ford Ranger. The smart thing about the release is that it’s just placed under the dashboard, so it’s easy to install! Cant wait to get it installed and make it work! Then I can remove that big original release and make more room for the grille I want to make 😁
  2. Could’nt find the door strikers, so I just made them by my self so I can start on adjusting the door and the gaps. I made it from a pipe, a bolt and welded those two together and grinded it to this result. I just love to make it by my self, theres just something about it 😁
  3. Playing with some brackets today. I’m going to use the flat hood because I like it more than the Ram Air actually. It makes the car look wider and not so tall if you ask me. But I got some hood pins from Ringbrothers that I’m going to install. I’m using the brackets for that that are normally for the Ram Air with hood locks, I’m just changing them a bit. I am not going to install the brackets in the original position because I have some lines on the hood (market with White) that I want to be in the middle of so it looks perfect in my uppinion. You can see in the picture what I mean and how it looks. Hav’nt done more because I want to line up the hood perfect before drilling any holes for the brackets 😁
  4. A little step further today. Got the hoodhinges sandblasted and got the hood installed. Soon I will be doing all the gaps around door, fenders and hood. When all that is matched and perfect I will continue with the front end and do some cool modifications .. 😁
  5. Got the front valance on today and got the car moved to the lift, it’s easier to work there when I’m fitting the panels. Got the car tied down just to get a feeling about how the stance will look like that I’m hoping to get. Will continue tomorrow with the hood and so 😁
  6. Thanks! Me too, and theres a lot more modifications on it’s way 😁
  7. Got the assembly for the headlights assembled today on the car and it fits perfect in both sides 😁💪
  8. I’m glad to hear that it did that! I really love how he likes to work with me, it means so much! Yes you are so right! 😁
  9. Haha yeah, but I’m not using that grille. I’m making my own from scratch and it will actually be a little deep, more than any of them. 😁 so I will have to see what I will do with everything. Do you mean the battery support? If so I will locate in right side beside the trunk panel so I can hide it after that with some panels to make the trunk look clean. I actually cut the panels away that holds that door. They was mistreatet by the last owner with big holes for speakers, I did’nt like that. I will fabricate something cool there instead and maybe not have the fold down seats but something a little different, but I have’nt decided yet what it is. thanks I will and you too 😁
  10. Thanks! It’s also candy for my eyes 😁 Yes everything will be hidden except for the wiper motor and that, cant really do anything to that without building a different system. Have been thinking about it but dont know what to use. Have been thinking of the Mercedes system with one arm. But I dont know yet. Maybe I will find a motor instead and just swap that with the old to make it work better and have more speeds to choose from 😁 I deffently get your point and I will agree with you that it would be a good idea. My dads are made the same way so I will have to go and look what he did and maybe do the same to mine. I have’nt really been thinking about yet how I will route the wires other than it will be on the outside of the enginebay. I am thinking about making some panels from the front grille and over the radiator to hide that. So everything can actually be hidden under that. 😁 But there are deffently some things to keep in mind before paint and a metal tube could be an option. I’m glad that you recommended that.. thanks 😁
  11. Done! If I should ask my self, I think that went out really good 😁💪
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