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  1. I agree, the pockets on mine have been repaired on this one by prior owner, and since I will be racing the car I was going to remove it and repair it my way......but now, I am liking the new stuff, even though it will receive some mods its a lot cleaner and easier to work with. I wish I could have back all the time I spent and sand I ate doing the back half though..... The brand new trunk floor that is seen in prior pics will be for for sale now.....anybody that is interested
  2. At a standstill at the moment while I ponder what direction to go next as Dynacorn just came out with a complete trunk floor/transition panel assembly...it sure does look nice! http://www.dynacorn.com/ShowItem.aspx?item=3648NK
  3. yes, we will have very good power. I will bring it out in C/S to start with. I have an approval for the 25.5B frame/cage for future HP upgrades, but I am still working on a manifold, they shot down the BT because of the notch in the plenum. I have no interest in bracket racing, (which is basically what S/SS is) this is being done for one thing and one thing only...to set records and prove a point, after I visit the barn a few times and hurt some feelings we will pull the motor and put the big power in it..LOL
  4. 1 more day of blasting should do it...I am to old and getting tired of rolling around on the concrete eating sand...but, got to do it right
  5. yes they do, just came out maybe month or so ago. Mine was all beat up as is the strut rod crossmember too, from the prior owner.....my original plan was to build another crossmember and ad clearance for the pan, but NHRA stock rules dictate stock pan....then dyncorn came out with this and the rest is history....even though its going to be a drag car I want it to be like a "show" car as correct as possible.
  6. Yes, I did miss that...I thought you where talking about the one with the heads....I need to pay attention I been looking for a year now
  7. That is a 65 thru 70 floor...not factory correct, but it does look better than rust or a patchjob. The only "problem" is half of the front ribs (under your feet) are on top of the front floor supports. In my case I removed the floor supports as I will be using 1-5/8x .083 round moly for a "frame" under the floor. Dynacorn is supposed to be out with the 71-73 1-piece floors soon Also, I do prefer the 1 piece floor, when its all said and done and people look under it when they checking out your work you will be pleased with there comments. Got this from CJ
  8. Those are convertible inner rockers as others have stated. By the looks of that floor I would go the one piece route like I did (see build thread) cheaper, easier, cleaner, faster and you can't beat how the finished product looks. No disrespect to anybody but mig welded together "sections" by inexperienced welders look like _________
  9. Thanks Guys......every piece on the car will be tig welded together, I want it to be a "one of a kind". no spot weld and no mig welds
  10. Mock up floor (not correct) but sure is pretty than rust, Going to see how I can get the SFI 25.5B spec chassis (for future HP) in, around or under without cutting everything up and making big mess I am not happy how the new cowl fits existing firewall (I like the cowl) but the 40+ year old firewall seen better days.....I guess I will have to pony up for a new dynacorn firewall now like finding a needle in a haystack..
  11. NHRA Stock rules dictate no grinding and ports must hold factory spec volume. We installed .375 deep seats with a bowl cut and .500 bronze guides. with the proper valve job these heads will flow 300-325 cfm at .502 (the max lift allowed) nothing else comes close The dogbone lifter plate in the other earlier pic is to mock up for the custom made 42/46 lifter phasing. this allows the geometry to be proper for the Cleveland head to operate at extreme rpm. No I can't use dogbone roller lifters, I am restricted to flat tappets, so we have tool steel dlc coated light lifters for the project
  12. start here sandblasting After much thought I am going to build new torqueboxes, leafspring mounts out of 4130 material XE block
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