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  1. That is snow, and it has been here far too long. It needs to go!!LOL The exhaust is a pypes brand with x-pipe. It is their kit for this car, but rather than run straight out the back like most duals, we had the tail pipes custom bend like the ones on a buddies 69 Nova. Brand X doesn't do much for me, but the tailpipes work. It is a stainless 2.5 inch right from the headers.
  2. Been a member here for a bit, and bought some parts to get this thing finally finished. It was a 73 Grande 302. was white with avocado interior. Nothing really special, but it is a 54000 original mile car with numbers matching everything. Still had the factory ford head gaskets with correct date codes. Transformed into this. Thanks to the people who helped get the parts to bring this car back to life.
  3. Hi I am looking for the plastic trim that runs from the rear window to the quarter. It sits on the parcel panel. Missing this part for the final interior install.
  4. I have the interior all back together, everything is new or refurbished, and I am missing the left side plastic trim that covers the headliner mounting strip. This is the piece that runs from the rear window to the inner quarter. If someone has an extra one in black that is preferred, but any color will do. Please post here, or send me a msg at bstangbronco@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  5. I am looking for a the passenger side non ac duct that runs from the dash vent to the box. Also need the complete vent cable if you have one.
  6. I am need of a set of quarter glass and regulators for a 73 coupe. If I can get non tinted glass that would be best, but at this point looking for anything. Both sides are needed. Need shipping to NY 14303 thanks
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