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  1. 28 minutes ago, Jonnywrench said:

    I have a Boss 351 that I bought from a guy named Gene in August 1978 in Springfield Missouri. Been stored since, am now retired and going to start refurbishing the ole gal. She’s silver and black; most important she’s all there🤠

    Great! Glad to hear another awesome B1 has been unearthed and will be restored to its former glory!

    Can you share the VIN and some pictures? Here’s mine.

    1F02R146445 alive and well in Texas!



  2. Those pictures were hard to look at. It’s what we all fear every time we drive our cars.

    Last weekend some moron was speeding and cut in front of me between a car in his lane and my car. He missed me by only inches. 


    Good luck with the repair.

  3. My car is a Boss 351, 4 speed and no A/C...my wife has no desire to drive it. When we were first married in 1973 we had only one car, a 72 Mach 1 and she drove that one. It was a automatic with A/C.

  4. So that’s what you’re doing when you walked around my car. You were judging all the non original things I’ve done. Lol


    For me I made changes purely based on my taste. In fact, I’m still making those changes. Wouldn’t mind having a poly bumper, but handy found one....



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    Check your PM, I sent you another message re that bumper!

  5. Anyone know where to find the torsion rods for the spoilered trunk lid?


    - D1ZZ-66344890-B

    - D1ZZ-6344891-B


    Getting guillotined by the trunk lid is getting old :)


    I have looked for them with no luck. Even spent money on a Marti report to find out if a pair on EBay were from a spoiler equipped car. They weren’t! There is a difference in size but my understanding is they have to be measured to know the difference. 


    The ones currently on EBay are not from a spoiler car.


    Good luckI

  6. Ok, I have a little update on my car. The owner let me today they started work on it. Said everything looks ok, doesn’t look like any major hidden structural damage was done. I was real happy with the fact they have already started on it and he let me know so we could go over a few things.

    Plus he pointed out that the distribution block for my brakes is the wrong one. I have always wondered why the back brakes were so easy to lock up and this is why. The one that the guy who restored it used one for a 67. So it was for a manual brake system, not power and didn’t distribute the pressure right and made the rear brakes lock up to easily.

    So anyway they caught that right away and he wanted to know if I wanted them to fix it with the correct part. I of course said yes. I knew something was up with that cause the emergency plug wire that goes to it wouldn’t connect to it. Wasn’t sure why, but I do now. So I’m very happy with them and it sounds like it’s at the correct place.


    Could your improperly functioning brakes contributed to your accident? Just curious if you think you could have stopped before hitting the pole if the brakes had been working properly.

  7. SOLD——I purchased this radio after buying a NOS AM Radio Kit for the NOS antenna. I only needed the antenna to replace a incorrect antenna on my Boss 351. The radio is brand new and has never been out of the box except to take pictures. The radio buttons are perfect with no paint peeling which I have seen on some old radios. Asking $175.00 plus shipping.




  8. Looking for correct show quality antenna for my 71 Boss 351. The antenna needs to have the correct rectangular base, black plastic teardrop as specified in MCA judging rules for a 71 Boss 351.


    Thanks for looking!


    From MCA Judging rules deductions:

    Antenna - Rectangular base, teardrop black base, round mast.(Must have black plastic teardrop or 1 point deduction.)

  9. I'm a Police Officer in Florida. I work for the Miami Dade police Department. 26 yrs as a road Patrolman. I'm retiring this year. I have enjoyed my career and loved everyday I  have gone on duty. If you guys are interested, Google me, Officer Mario Gutierrez.  I have, and am still learning from everyone on this site, its an awesome community.

    Thank you to everyone.


    Congratulations Mario! I was a sergeant in the Houston PD for almost 40 years and retired in 2015. You are not retired yet but you are close. I don’t have to tell you because I know you already know this, don’t told let your guard down for a minute. You will find even when you are retired you will still be assessing and planing what you would do should something happen. That’s just in our blood and always will be.


    I did google you. You never gave up and you survived. I salute you sir, you are a hero in every sense of the word. I am proud of you sir.

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  10. I was thinking the telescopic on my original 72 wasn't round. It was a tear drop shape. My memory might be failing


    The '72 Mach 1 I bought in 1977 was also a tear drop shape. I remember trying to find the correct type replacement when someone was kind enough to snap mine off one time.




    Funny y’all mention the teardrop shape antenna. I have a restored 35k mile 71 Boss 351 built on 11/30/1970. I took this car to the National MCOA Show in McAllen, TX to have it judged. The judges told me the teardrop antenna on my car wasn’t correct and it was from a 70’s era Ford Torino. They also deducted one Point for the incorrect antenna! My car still pulled a Gold for Concours Driven Class.

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  11. May know the original owner of that grabber lime boss 351. He is a member of our Facebook group "1971 BOSS 351 MUSTANG" and has been inquiring to th current location. Any chance your dad has registered it with Rick Ybarra in the Boss 351 book.





    Are you thinking this could be Daniel's long lost original Boss 351? I am also a member of that Facebook page. As you know there were only 67 Boss 351's painted grabber lime. It would be cool if this was his car from back in the day!

  12. I have found that many people think a Boss 351 is a Mach 1. The two cars are similar and you have to look close to realize the difference. Not true with the Boss 302. Most everyone picks out the distinctive markings of a Boss 302.


    Just seems that Ford didn't really try to make the Boss 351 look that much different. You have to get right up on the car from the back to make out the trunk decal. However, there is no mistaking the noise from the engine as those solid lifters have a sound all their on.

  13. I love the 71-73 style because it ties me to my past when I bought a 1972 Mach 1. Special ordered that car with few options because I couldn't afford to load it up. The day I got it on 5/19/72 I saw my first 71 Boss 351 and had no idea what it was or how rare it would be in the future.


    Got married and put a trailer hitch on my 72 Mach 1 and pulled a UHaul trailer from north Texas to Houston where I worked for almost 40 years. Now I have a Boss 351 as close to the same color of my original 72 Mach 1 and the wife I started out with all those years ago. A Mustang is more than a car to me, it played a important part of who I was and who I am today. Although my original car doesn't likely exist today, it's B1 sibling is just as much a part of my family now.



  14. The pair Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs has with the holes may be the set that I drilled holes in back when I was in high school in the early 80s!


    Could be.


    What is odd I think I have two pair that came from different places. I guess people thought it look good with the pieces but put holes in for air.


    Ok, I'm in the hole drilling club! My 72 Mach 1 did not have Ram Air so I drilled holes in mine but later just took them out. My 92 year old Dad came across them in his garage and recognized them as Mustang parts and gave them to me. It's probably the only thing left of the car after all these years.

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