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  1. Thanks, I will pull the console and see about pulling the console and tighting the tangs a bit. Once I get it off and see it I am sure I can figure it out.
  2. 1971 J code 429CJ-R Mach 1 Would really like to see all these cars in a spreadsheet form or something! Would be very interesting. I am especially interested to know how many of the 429 cars we have here.
  3. My steering wheel is cocked a little, actually a lot to me, to the left. The car drives and steers just fine with no pulling in either direction. I know before I bought the car the tilt steering column was removed and sent off to someone that rebuilds them. I was told the tilt was broken and the steering wheel just hung down to the lowest position. It tilts just fine now but I am guessing when it was reinstalled someone was not careful enough to center the steering wheel in the correct position when the wheels were straight. Is the removal of the rim blow steering wheel easy? Is this something I could do myself without any real fear of tearing it up? Also, I assume that once removed it I could change the position and make it straight again, is that correct on my thinking?
  4. I was out this afternoon for a nice Sunday drive and have noticed since I got the car the ash tray cover will not stay closed. When I take off it slides open. When I brake for a red light or stop sign it closes. It is very annoying and I am sure it is not supposed to do that. Am I missing a part or is there something that I can do to stop the sliding back and forth constantly? Anyone else have this problem? It is the factory console I am talking about, not the mini console. Minor problem but it is very irritating after a while.
  5. I know this is a "One That Got Away" story but I have to tell my story because I knew my car WOULD get away! I had planned to buy a 71 Mach 1 and/or a 69 SS RS Camaro when I retire. I had foot surgery in November 2013. I had been watching a pewter 71 429 Mach 1 before that on eBay for a while. Then I was stuck in bed for two weeks and REALY started obsessing over that car. To me it was perfect. It was restored and had a ton of options. It was what I was looking for say perhaps, four years into the future. I started to bid and the car would not reach reserve. It would re list and just drove me crazy. Finally I contacted the dealer who had the car and found they had the car on consignment. My exact words to him were, "just put me out of my misery and tell me what it would take to buy the car". I expected the price would be more than I was willing to pay and I could just find that out and finally just put it out of my mind. That was not what happened. Long story short, we went back and forth and to my surprise my offer was accepted! The bottom line was that I knew in my heart that if I did not buy this car I would never find another car so perfect for me. So, this is my story of the 1971 429CJ Mustang Mach 1 that I did not let get away! I likely will take care of this car until I die and someday someone else will have the pleasure of taking care of it. I am currently researching past owners and trying to obtain anything that pertains to the car. I already have three photos of the car before it was restored which a previous owner gave me. Whatever I uncover I will see to it that it is passed on to the next owner. I think we all owe the next generation of owners whatever history we can provide. That is my story. Moral of this story.....don't let the next on get away cause there might not be a next one for you.
  6. I know the story on the Twister Special 1970 Mach 1's. But I saw one when I was a kid in person and I just loved the tornado on the rear quarters. So I would have liked a Texas Twister Special since I am a native Texan. Imagine a 1971-73 Twister Special! We have lots of tornados in Texas too!
  7. Not really a person but let me explain. In 1972 dated and later married my wife. I had a new 1972 Gold Glow Mach 1. We had a small wooden rat (very small) that we hung on the rear view mirror. It faced forward no matter how we hung it. We called it BakofRat. We sold the car in 1976. When I bought my 71 429 Mach 1 in December 2013, my wife handed me the old guy, BakofRat, for me to hang on the rear view mirror. Brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the fun we had. The 72 is long gone but I still have Anna and now we are all three together in a cool Mach 1 again! So our Mach 1 is named after my good friend who has waited so long to ride in a Mach 1 again and look out the windshield to see where we take him!
  8. Yes, unfortunately I am old...I am reluctant to admit that I remember watching "Green Acres" when it was a current show, I remember Cronkite telling the world that we landed on the moon, I remember Nixon's "I am not a crook" speech, I remember the big events thrown at the local Ford dealers when they introduced the Maverick, the Pinto, the Mustang Ii and I remember when people actually agreed that the "new for '75" Granada looks just like a Mercedes". Yeah, I'm an old dude with an old Mustang. And we both have our fair share of aftermarket parts on us... I remember those events too... I'm right there with you brother! :D Glad to hear there are some old guys on here! Also great to hear of younger guys that love the 71-73 Mustangs too! I also lived through al those things and watched those shoes on a black and white TV that did not hang on the wall like a picture! It was a piece of furniture that was supposed to match the decor of the living room.
  9. Welcome from Houston Texas. Good luck with your project! This is a great forum for the BIG Mustangs.
  10. My car has the convenience group. I have the Park in place but just have a rubber plug where the Belts one is supposed to go. At least you have both! Please post if you do find a place to find these. I would be interested. I found the wire behind the Belts that I assume once plugged in there. If you do find don't throw the old ones away!
  11. I received an e-mail from Kevin Marti on the question I had about when during the 1971 model year was the 429 engine option no longer available. The quote below is from Kevin Marti. Quote: "Production of the 429 engine continued through the entire model year. There was not an early cutoff for this engine." I was not aware of this. I thought that sometime during the production year both the Boss 351 and the 429 engine was dropped during the model year.
  12. Welcome Bill, That is a true treasure you have there. These cars are so old now but will always look exotic and modern. Looking forward to seeing more photos.
  13. I have tried to find out when Ford stopped production of the 429 Mustangs/Cougars. (I also read somewhere the 429 Cougars were built on the same assembly line as the 429 Mustangs, anyone heard that?). I know they were only built at the Dearborn factory. Does anyone know what actual month they stopped building them? All I have ever read was simply "mid year" the 429 engines were no longer available. Anyone have an idea or seen any sort of documentation on this subject? I checked the 429 Mustang/Cougar Megasite but did not see that information. All I found there was that there were 429 cars produced in August of 1970 but they were not available or sold to the public until September of 1970. I have seen nothing about when the last 429 car was produced or when Ford officially dropped the availability of the 429 engine option.
  14. I think their agreeing without appraisal might have to do with value. My car was professionally restored (I am not skilled like most of you guys are) and I did not want to take a chance on under insuring it. I know bad things can happen that are beyond our control. They agreed to insure it for $45,000. Great. You must have dealt with them directly. My regular insurance agent dealt with JC Taylor for me. My mistake. Seems they treated you better than me. I won't forget that. Probably dump them when policy comes up for renewal.
  15. I recently changed to agreed value with J C Taylor and they asked me to get an appraisal as well. I told them that I did not want to and told them that I would go with Grundy or Hagerty and they said they would insure it without an appraisal. I recently changed to agreed value with J C Taylor and they asked me to get an appraisal as well. I told them that I did not want to and told them that I would go with Grundy or Hagerty and they said they would insure it without an appraisal. I think their agreeing without appraisal might have to do with value. My car was professionally restored (I am not skilled like most of you guys are) and I did not want to take a chance on under insuring it. I know bad things can happen that are beyond our control.
  16. In process of getting insurance from JC Taylor through my insurance agent. Working on agreed value policy. So far they have required me to get a appraisal which cost me $275. Stil waiting on final cost and policy. Not sure if I would have had to do all this with Hagarity. Probably will check with them the next time.
  17. That was a great thing you guys did for your Dad. I lost my Mother to Alzheimer's a year ago. I still have my Dad. He is almost 90 and still going strong. I see what your family did with the car but it is really not about the car. It's about your love for your Dad.
  18. Can you post a picture of how that was connected please? My car does not have that and my radio whines so bad you can't listen to it with engine running. My car was restored 12 years ago. I wonder if they could not find this part back then.
  19. Welcome from Texas......where everyone thinks we wear cowboy hats and a oil well in the back yard!
  20. Black and red is a good choice. I have had many black cars. They are hard to keep clean but they look fantastic when they are clean.
  21. Interesting thread. When I got my 71 Mach 1 a couple of weeks ago I was initially disappointed with how it drove. It was nothing like I remembered my new 72 Mach 1 back in 1972. I had a hard time getting in and was looking for the recline knob instinctively but it was not there. Then I went to start it and completely forgot what it was like to start a car with a carburetor. It was cold and it did not want to wake up! Got it going and let it warm up then noticed I could not see out very well and the sport mirrors seemed so tiny. I have a huge driveway but felt I was backing up while blindfolded. Then I hit the road and it started to all come back to me. It is an old car, 43 years 3 months and about 14 days. It will always be old but it will look so cool that none of that OLD matters. I needed to get it inspected before I could transfer the title to Texas. I went to three inspection stations before I got in. The car attracted a crowd of people at each place all interested in seeing a piece of Mustang history. No the car does not drive, stop, accelerate, or handle like anything built today but we all know that is not what matters. We have cars that survived for the most part all these years. I will do my best to keep my car I the best condition possible for the next guy. I know I won't be here forever but I hope my Mustang will go on. I would agree with all the advice you have been given except if I were you I would paint it Light Pewter Metalic instead of yellow. That is not from me but that was what my car told me to tell ya!
  22. I guess you could say I did. I purchased my 71 429CJ Mach 1 on 12/16/13, but it was not delivered until 12/24/13. It was 32 degrees in Houston that day and the big 429 was reluctant to start. It finally did after about five try's. The carrier driver let it warm up for about 5 minutes before carefully backing it out of the covered trailer. It was the first time I actually saw the real deal rather than the photos I had been looking at. Now working on transferring title, Texas inspection, and classic car insurance so I drive it around a bit. One of the best presents my wife and I ever got. We dated in my 72 Mach 1 about 41 years ago. Yep, I am an old baby boomer with a new toy! Still have the wife but not the Gold Glow 72 Mach 1.
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