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  1. I no longer own this car. I traded the car to a collector who owns a Ford dealership for a new 2016 Ford F-150 Lariet Special Edition with every option. This truck will replace my 11 year old Dodge Ram. It was a great car but found that owning two classic Mustangs was just not for me. Now my 71 Boss 351 Mustang gets all my attention! Nothing is forever as you might think, as I never thought I would let this car go when I first bought it. I guess I will always have that Mike429cj signature as a Boss One owner!
  2. I am with Ray on this one. First, I like the spoilers on the Sportsroof body type cars. However, I am a purist in the respect of a numbers matching car I think it should stay the way it came. If it's not then it's fair game to change what you want. I had two very nice Mustangs at one time. A heavily optioned 429cj which had a front spoiler and hockey stripes added when it was restored in 2003. I liked the front spoiler but I never liked that whoever restored the car did not do the body work to get rid of the rocker trim pieces and add the small stripe above the black lower rocker area of the car. That always bothered me. I recently traded the 429 car to a private collector for a new truck. That car will now reside a few miles from me in a collection of over 200 cars in a private museum. I now only have a 71 Boss 351 Mustang which does not have the rear spoiler. It was ordered with seven options, a rear spoiler not being one of them. I debated putting one on because I love the look so much but could not bring myself to drill holes in my original truck with original paint on the underside along with the original jack instructions. I could have gotten a different trunk lid and went that route but as funny as this might sound it would not be right for the car! I am now quite use to how my spoiler less B1 looks and will never change anything on it. FYI, there is a guy here in Houston who has a white 1971 Mach 1 with fake machine guns mounted on the hood and a very large "wind up key" mounted on the trunk. I am always embarrassed for that car when I see it. I just wished he had done that to any Mustang except a 71-73. The next time I see it I will take a picture of it, you won't believe it until you see it!
  3. My 71 429 Mach 1 was built on 9/25/70 and was ordered on the FMC Lease program. The window sticker did have prices at that time mine was built. Yours is the first I have seen with a blank window sticker as far as prices go. Also, I would think if your car was ordered by dealer as a demo car it would likely (in my opinion) would have had a ton of options.neither way your car is beautiful and your lucky to be its caretaker!
  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Ray's Boss! Mine was born on November 30, 1970. I have some pictures that were taken of my car when it was in California in the nineties. Apparently they were sent to Kim Miller who bought the car based on a for sale ad and the pictures the California owner sent to him. Got some copies of original titles and a one page appraisal. No other original papers other than the original dealer invoice. Your right Ray, knowing some history and having any little bit of the cars history is really cool to have.
  5. PM sent! Thank you, Mike Thanks David, I think I will take 3514boltstang up on his offer. I looked at the new ones from NPD but they appear not to be shaped correct for a 71-72. The 71-72 clips are sort of t-shaped. Probably not a big deal and would not be seen but...I would know! I just like NOS parts better. Mike
  6. Thanks David, Let me know if you find them. Mike
  7. Do you mean the air deflector for an ac car? The clips hold a small rubber piece that closes the gap between the radiator and the radiator support. It was used on a/c and non a/c cars to direct air thru the radiator instead of over it. They call it the "radiator air deflector" on the 429 Megasite. I have the rubber strip but need the four steel clips to hold it on. I have noticed very few Mustangs still have this piece. Do you have the clips for sale? I am still looking for them with no luck.
  8. No, I was not successful. The site is pretty much dead unfortunately.
  9. I know, it really is a great site. I wish it was still active for all us 429 fans. Perhaps it will get popular again as people discover the links are back up.
  10. I noticed today that the 429 Megasite Parts For Sale & Parts Wanted link is working today. Last post were in 2014 but at least it's back up again.
  11. Jim, I sent you a PM a while ago but you never answered. Lots of good info for you if your interested. Look at the top of the site for Private Messages.
  12. I agree with Ray. I had a rich foreign guy who wanted to buy my 429 Mach 1 but at the time I did not want to sell. I regret not at least getting his contact information in case things changed down the road. Everything has a price and I had a strong feeling that had I names a price he would have bought the car and shipped it away to his country! Oh well, we live and learn.
  13. The hood was fixed long ago, this is an older picture. I'm still keeping my 71 convertible (forever) and have a GT350 on order. I'll probably be selling my 12 Boss LS when the GT350 gets in this spring. If/when I sell the Boss I'll probably be looking for a clean fox body to tinker with and enjoy. Maybe even build up a drag car as it is something I've wanted to get into for awhile. Joel, Let me know when you get that GT350. I would like to borrow it for a few days to see if I want one too.
  14. Joel, Can't believe your selling the 429SCJ! I'm sure you have a good reason though. The car is truly beautiful. Are you keeping the other Mustang? By the way, retiring at your age should give you plenty of time to enjoy life, retirement is truly great as many on this site can probably attest to. Good luck with your sale.
  15. I am looking for the four smal metal clips that hold the rubber air deflector on. It's the rubber piece that covers the gap between the shroud and the radiator. Anyone have these clips in decent shape for sale?
  16. I think I might have posted this photo before. This is a picture of my girlfriend and now wife standing behind my 72 Mach 1. I bought the car new and started dating her right after I got the car. We have been married 42 years and have many memories of that car. We brought our daughter home from the hospital after she was born in that car. My daughter is about to turn 40 next month. I asked her the other day if she remembered riding in the Mach 1 that day and she just gave me a funny look.LOL I would love to see my old Mach 1 again but am pretty certain it was not a survivor and does not exist anymore. For those of us that had these cars when they were new we will always have those memories. I just wish I had taken more pictures of the car back then. Oh yeah, yes I did have long hair back then, it was the early seventies so what can I say!
  17. That's all great, but did you hear that car idling while Mr. Bond was talking? The car really sounded tuff!
  18. Yep, We are both lucky to still have our Dad's still around. I have hauled my car to his house (300 miles from my home) a couple of times so we could go to a car show together. He loves it! He is a very proud WW2 veteran still going strong at age 91.
  19. Randy Weldon is a friend of mine who I met just after buying my 71 Mach 1. He also published my story a few months ago. He will be putting the TBT stories in a sort of yearly annual for purchase from MCOA. He is a great guy and loves anything Mustang. By the way I read your story and it was a great one. Randy said you sent him 71 pictures and he picked from them. Pretty cool that he happened to pick one with your Dad in it too!
  20. I remember when you were looking for something that had to do with that switch. Was it the wire harnes that connects it? Mine did not have the electric one or for that matter the other one either. Someone removed it. I do have some overheating issues when ideling in traffic. I wonder if I should look for one and put it back on. Would I have to do anything else other than re connect the vacuum hoses or would the timing need to be reset? Definitely a good educational thread about this mysterious device. I never knew what exactly it did. Really sounds like it was there for a good reason.
  21. I was there too! I think we had 40 Mustang's there, most I have seen at the Nifty50's cruise in in quite a while. We will be doing it again on Saturday, September 26th. So if you live in the Houston area bring your Mustang and hang out with us!
  22. I am learning a lot from you David, I have no doubt that you are speaking the truth. I also have a hard time buying a new car but when I do it won't be at above list price or list price!
  23. So sorry for your loss Jeremy. I am so glad your Dad got to see his car brought back to its glory and attend car shows with you. He for sure died way too young but I am sure he was proud of you for loving his Mustang. That car will always be a reminder of him and I have no doubt will stay in your family forever. I am still lucky to have my Dad who is now 91 years old. He and I are going to enter my car in a car show on October 10th in Gainsville, TX which is near his home. I don't mind hauling my Mustang 300 miles to see him having such a good time with all the people and the cars at the show, he loves doing that we me. We should all never forget that our days are numbered, each day is important and should be lived like there is no tomorrow. Just make them all count!
  24. Still trying to decide if I like that color or not...ok I think I do like the color!
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