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  1. Yeah, if you look at his other listings he appears to be a dealer instead of a owner seller like he tries to imply in his description.
  2. Hey Wes, Was nice meeting you the other day at Nifty50's! I see your car was a Houston, TX. car and did come with that vinyl roof. Mike
  3. Looks like a super nice 73 in one of my favorite colors, Gold Glow. Lots of good history and tons of original documents. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=161806485710&globalID=EBAY-US
  4. Retired sergeant from Houston Police Department after 39 years and change. Was a hostage negotiator for 20 of those years. I now enjoy NOT being on call 24/7/365 days a year. Went to work in 1975 driving a 72 Mach 1, left work in 2015 driving a 1971 429CJ Mach 1, what could be better than that?
  5. You can always just call the seller or ask a question if there is no number. I would just send them your phone number and talk to them. It's how I bought my last car without even bidding. Sometimes that just works out. Also, looks like the spoiler is on backwards! Offer less for that!! Ha[/font]
  6. 71 J Code Mach 1 Restored 71 R Code Boss 351 Restored 35K Original Miles
  7. Just my opinion, so this is not written in stone. A "Numbers Matching" powertrain probably carries a lot of weight in the big name auctions like Barrett-Jackson, Mercum , or to a Purist who will only accept such a vehicle, to the point of not even wanting one that had a blown engine replaced with a factory "Service" block or engine assy . My circle of friends who bought these type of vehicles (Big block Chevelles/Camaros, Chargers/ Roadrunners, 428,429 CJ/SCJ Mustangs/Torino's) drove these cars as hard and wide open as they would run. Any thought of collectability or what their car might be worth 20+ years later was not on the radar. Most of these cars had at least a 24/24 powertrain warranty so blowing one up was not a concern. So if I were in the market for a 429 CJ/SCJ 71 Mustang and it had a replacement engine, as long as it was of the same caliber as the production engine all would be fine. Those 429's were about as tough as they came. I believe most would prefer a numbers matching first but a service engine replacement if documented should not be that big a deal. However there is a 71 Mach 1 on eBay now that is being advertised as a 429 Mach 1 which it is, but it now is sporting a 71 Boss 351 engine in its place. They go on how rare the 429 cars are and all the options this particular car has but still its no longer a 429 car. Just a strange thing to do with a 429 car in my opinion. I'm betting someone with a Boss 351 would really like to have that engine in their Boss 351!
  8. Wonder why the guy didn't just call the police to report the car? They would check it for stolen, if not reported they would pick it up for investigation auto theft.
  9. Invitation to Join If you own a Boss 351 or a 1972 R Code Mach one then this Facebook page is for you! The page is VERY active and is very interesting to read and keep up with all the information about thes rare cars. Boss1Ray will agree as we are both on the page. There are people on the page with access to great information about the cars. Another person who has been collecting data on these cars since the 1980's is on the page as well. He is writing a book about the long neglected B1's and the 72 R Code cars! If your not on Facebook you should break down and learn how to use it. If I can I know you can. Definitely worth the effort to become a member of this group. I might also point out that you do not have to be a B1 owner to join. You do have to love these cars though! The Facebook page is called: Boss 351 Mustang 1971 That is what you will put in the Facebook search to find and join the page. Question, is there anyone else from this site already on this Facebook page besides Boss1Ray and myself?
  10. Steve, That is cool. Are you on Facebook? If you are let me invite you to the "Boss 351 Mustang 1971" Facebook page. It is a very active page with lots of Boss 351 owners and others looking for their Boss 1's. Boss1Ray is on the page as well. There is also someone writing a book dedicated to the Boss 351. He has been collecting data since the 1980's so it should be great. I will also post this invite on the Boss/R Code page. Mike
  11. Many years ago I was working on a 73 Corvette trying to put on a lower radiator hose. A very tight fit. Got frustrated and threw a craftsman screwdriver on the garage floor as hard as I could. It came down and stabbed a one gallon metal gas can in the side. I was lucky it didn't come down and stab me in the top of my head. I have never thrown a tool since that day.
  12. Bought a very nice Boss 351 last month after looking for just the right B1 to make me happy. The B1's like all the 71-73 are really great cars!
  13. The car was restored in late 2007 and sold to a collector in Arkansas in February l2008. This owner only put 150 miles on the car in the seven years he owned the car. The car has a documented 35K miles at the time it was restored. I have put over 100 miles on the car in less than a month, I believe like you, the car was meant to be driven and shared with those who might not have been around when it was new!
  14. Either is fine, another friend just told me about the West Houston Muscle show. I went to that last year but without my car. It was a big show held in the evening. They did a poor job with lighting, most cars were left in the dark and you could not see them. Hopefully they will do better this year. Nifty50's is also a nice meet in a large parking lot that is well lit and always organized. Not a judged show, just a cruise in for everyone. The Mustangs tend to park together as do the Camaro's and Corvette's. There is a show Saturday in Hempstead (Watermelon Festival) with a classic car parade (no stopping so overheating won't be issue for hot runners) then parking around shaded square for a car show. No fee and you get a meal and the cars are judged. I am hoping to go to this one depending on weather.
  15. I saw one of those supplements on eBay. I think they came with new B1's when new. I bought one to keep with my car the other day.
  16. I agree, after seeing that post on the 429 cars I copied it to keep with my car. Just awesome history to have when you have a car like that and know your car is one of those being counted in the production stats. Adrian is on the "A" Team!
  17. Awesome information! Not just interesting but VERY interesting!
  18. Thanks Adrian, Your an asset to this site with great information. It is really nice to know about the history of these really nice cars that survived all these years.
  19. My car is insured as a classic collector car with JC Taylor insurance. I have a "agreed value" policy so there will be no argument over the loss. I had to get a professional appraiser to come out and verify the cars matching numbers and quality. It was about like getting a home appraised complete with lots of photos and comparison to cars like mine. I never want to use the insurance but I never want to worry about something catastrophic happening to my car either.
  20. Honestly, It really hurts me to watch that video. I feel so sorry for the owner. Hopefully he/she has it properly insured.
  21. Wow! Great pictures Ray C. I am getting hooked on those B1 cars.
  22. There are nearly 1.5 million policemen in the US. They are all untrustworthy because ONE gave your wife a citation? A ticket? OK...that makes perfect sense. You'd be surprised how quickly "what's going on here, officer" can escalate into a full-blown argument between a cop, a guy, his 50-year old wife, 10 year old daughter, and a cat on the side of the road. Maybe he could have spoken to you better, but maybe you could've handled it better on your end too. Walk a mile in his boots my friend... Joe, I couldn't agree more! See Don65, I told you others might find RPM's post offensive.
  23. Welcome from South Texas!
  24. Welcome from your home State of Texas and thank you for your service to our country. Love your car, I had a 72 Mach 1 back in the day.
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