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  1. So what is your car a Mach 1 or a Sportsroof? I always assumed from the picture it was a Sportsroof because there is no visible Mach 1 decal on the side. I like the urethane bumper look the best but nobody ever built their car to please me. Now about that fake VIN#, I can have some of my friends in the auto theft division check that out for you if you like. I have witnessed how fast they can take a car apart looking for confidential VIN numbers. Not a pretty site but some crooks are pretty good at what they do these days. Joking of course, I know your car is not stolen, you probably just drive it like its stolen! Mike
  2. This is why I love this forum community. I am alone in my motel room laughing so hard about that really nice map light that your wife is so unimpressed with. Your wife can now cross that map light off of things to buy you for Christmas now. At least she responded, sometimes all I get is "that look" when I show my wife things I think are cool.[/align]
  3. Darn, I guess he was right after all. I thought I was going to get a free oil change if I came to Fl one day! All in fun trying to catch Kit wrong, he does have a lot of knowledge about these cars. And about that favor Kit. I was happy to be of service to you regarding that. The HPD owed you better treatment back in the day. It was my honor to help you. RPMCarter, I did find all the old parts vendors today but found zero Mustang parts other than a few hub caps. The bad weather killed this show but it did hold off until the very end today. There were no Mustangs newer than 69 at the show. A restored 11400 mile 1969 Boss 429 took the award in its class. It was from Oklahoma. I was not believing the owner was allowing people so close to the car. Plus, it did get wet from the rain. I can put some pictures up if anyone wants to see it.
  4. WOW dude you just called KIT wrong! but it was cool that you escaped being banned by using the politically correct version of "almost right" :D I know! He is not wrong often plus I think he likes me so he would never want to hurt me...at least for now. I just know that my 73 Corvette had the sam rear bumpers as the last years before them and I know they could not survive a 2 1/2 mph hit. By the way, there are appear to be NO old parts here at the Goodguys Show here in Ft Worth. Rain is ruining everything here. I have never noticed the black out on the 73 before. I like it and would keep that as original if I had one. Again, for the time the 73 Mustang and the 73 Corvette were two examples of very well done bumpers. Most other cars in 73 had very ugly stuck on bumpers with no effort to make them blend. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I did the same thing, I had 6 inch recessed cans with compact flourescent. The LED's made a huge difference. Slowly converting other lights to LED as well. There is really no downside to them as long as you buy quality lights.
  6. How could anybody NOT like the look of that car? I believe most people do as all of us have commented about the tons of interest and questions at car shows or anywhere else we stop and people come over to look. The bottom line is we like our cars and the general public does as well. This was all about as many have said the people that reviewed thes cars back in the day. Now it seems that Ford did make a car that nobody liked but it is now collectable. It was named after one of Henry Ford's sons. Remember that car?
  7. Almost right Kit. The 2 1/2 MPH rear bumpers were not mandated until the 74 model year. The 73 Mustang or any other 73 car back then did not have 2 1/2 MPH bumpers. Remember the 73 Corvette that had the new 5 MPH bumper but the same split chrome rear bumper? Most cars in 73 had the massive chrome bumper that stuck out like a sore thumb. I thought the 73 Mustang Mach 1 front bumper was very well done especially when you compared to most othe 73 model cars back then.
  8. Seems like I read somewhere that this car was one of the cars used in the DAF movie. Is there any truth to that?
  9. I also believe Kit is exactly right! I have never really heard it put like that but it makes perfect sense. Now as far as our cars popularity with the general public. If you are having the same experience at shows and the gas pump as I am you are finding that people DO like our cars and have plenty of nice things to say about them. Perhaps we are lucky to have a Mustang that is rare and not seen a lot anymore considering the numbers Kit mentioned. We probably should let the hate for the other Mustang crowd go and just enjoy the treasures we have. I am all for promoting our cars by proactively approaching the traditional Mustang magazines with pictures and stories about our cars. We do have great cars and really cool stories about why we have these cars. Thank you Kit for letting us see this from another angle. If you don't agree that $money$ is not part of the equation I guess you can keep hating the haters! Kit's take on this really makes sense to me.
  10. I had a 1981 Corvette that had a factory AMFM Cassette/CB Radio. It was all factory installed. CB radios were the thing back then.
  11. Or when you are sitting on the patio and the "biker wanna be's" announce their presence. (coming from a guy that ride, myself) Always someone that has to be "that person" no matter the event. :) It is interesting to see the people revving the heck out bikes, then seeing at the HD shop the next day saying they don't know what happened. :shrug2::shrug2::shrug2::shrug2::shrug2::shrug2: OK, So this sort of thing happens all over. I see this with a lot of kids. I just assume that if it breaks, Daddy will buy them a new one. Yep, but it even looks good up on that trailer. Glad this is getting done quickly. Also, did the Dad ever say why he did that? Just curious about what he could have been thinking. Was he hard of hearing and just could not hear the motor so he pushed harder on the pedal until he could hear it? Did he offer any reason for doing that?
  12. i know you are happy the damage will be covered by the old man who was responsible. Be sure and let us all know what the actual damage was and how much a mistake like that cost. I have yet NOT to hear someone revving their engine unmercifully at every car show I have attended. I really don't understand why people do that. Really rude as well when you are talking and a late arrival pulls in then does that to announce their presence as if to say "look at me, the king is here"!
  13. I had the pleasure of meeting Aemr yesterday at the Nifty50's meet in Houston. He told me the whole story in person. It truly was sickening to hear how someone could be so inconsiderate to do such a thing. I know hindsight is 20/20 but if he had only taken the keys. That does not excuse the old mans actions though. I think you should determine what the damage is and approach your friends father who is responsible and politely ask him to pay for the damages. If he is unable to foot the whole bill ask for whatever he can. Something is better than nothing. Also if you handle this correctly without shouting or threats you will come out better. I would stress to him to stand up and take responsibility. I have spent twenty of my 39 years at my job negotiating with people to do what is right. I can't rebuild a car but I know how to bring someone around to my way of thinking more often than not. Not much question who is at fault here. Good luck Aemr, I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. Sorry we could not get our cars side by side for a photo. Perhaps next time. It's always good to meet another member of this site.
  14. I remember making a left turn and getting on it in a 67 RS Camaro back in the day. The throttle stuck wide open and I had to shut the engine off with the key. Yep, broken motor mount that cocked the engine over to one side and held the throttle wide open. I was just glad nothing was in front of me. I use to smoke those tires around every corner back then. That is the hard way to find out you have a broken motor mount. The easy way is put the car in drive or reverse hold the brake and give it a little gas. That old engine will look like it's trying to crawl out of there!
  15. I have no idea how much work and money it takes to keep this site up and running. I am sure it is time consuming and expensive. I truly enjoy reading and learning about these cars. I am addicted and will pay for my addiction like a good addict should by becoming a site supporter! Thank you to all the people involved in making this site not only the best 71-73 site but the best Mustang site on the Internet. Mike
  16. Me too! I am lucky to have one and did not know that car belonged to a member. I truly love these car stories about the history of the cars. His story proves how awesome the car was back in the day and how it still is today. I am betting he has lots of stories about his car. He is very lucky to have the car and watch as he realized exactly what he had as the years past.
  17. I would hate to see something happen to your car it is a beautiful car. Your tires are just too old to take a chance. I know here in Houston it is common to see tire parts all over the freeways. I have been behind more than one vehicle and watched it happen. Trailers are the worst because the driver seldom notices the problem. Want to take a chance, I would go to Las Vegas.
  18. Eddy, Are those original bumpers on the folding seat? If so they do look like the hood bumpers. David, We will wait while you go out in the rain with your umbrella. Don't run you might slip and fall. Mike
  19. The ones sold for the 69-70 will work. They are the correct shape and fit in the little hole just fine. My car was missing them. I bought the 69-70 bumpers for the car. Not that the hood stop won't work but I think the others look more like what is supposed to go there. It actually could be the exact same part as the 69-70. I have no way to know since I have never seen an original from a 71-73 to know if there is a difference.
  20. Thanks, looks like your car is pewter also, am I correct ? Thanks Chuck ! Yes sir! Born that way and was restored that way.
  21. Welcome from Texas! Have not seen that type of hood lock on our cars before. Would like to see more pictures of your car.
  22. Jeff, I completely agree with everything you said. When a death of someone you know occurs it will stop you in your tracks and make you think about life in general and how short it can be. In Jimmy's case very short. The truth is simple, tomorrow could be our last day alive. Something I think about often and something perhaps all of us need to realize. Have you ever considered this? Of all the members on this forum, how many are now dead? Imagine some of our frequent posters on here with all their knowledge and enthusiasm. Then the next day and forever after that they no longer are heard from on this site again! Think about that. I know if I died tonight my wife would not think about getting online to let anyone here know. Just strange to think about but you probably feel like me in that you are my forum friends. After reading so many post about different things you sort of feel like you know the person. Am I alone here? Anyone else thought about an online death? It's no secret that everyone of us will die someday! This is exactly why I consider myself a caretaker of my car more than an owner. I know the car will outlive me because with any luck it will keep on existing in our world. Perhaps this could be the way you learn I died one day. A new caretaker of my car joins this forum.
  23. yeah...why is it they lump the 71-73 with the rest? I mean...I've seen some really nice '65, '66....70...but then the 71-73 where really a class of their own, but they put us with the rest! I really hate that. I know my car is far from show, but I guess I just need to put my car as "hot rod" or something....I don't stand a chance against those cars that they have spent 50k or 60k on. Maybe..trophies are overrated. hahaha I have learned that shows are very subjective obviously. You just can't go for a trophy because you will be disappointed. Instead go to have fun, meet other people, and talk cars. I think I told the story of entering the Original Restored class and took second place to a first place 2013 Mustang. That was amazing to me and many of the other guys with classic cars but it happened. Same show had two Corvettes take the Muscle Car class first and second place. A very poorly ran show with a few built in winners who knew the judges I guess. Don't know what else could have happened. Because of that show I never go for a trophy. If I get one then that is great but I certainly don't expect one! I also never display any trophy I won in the past with my car. I don't think that looks good at a show in my opinion.
  24. Great idea. Lots of cosmetic stuff that is available on other Mustangs but not ours. These are a couple of items I would like to see reproduced. How about the chrome trim for the Fold Down Seat option. Dash lights from the Convenience Option: BELTS and PARK
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