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  1. I remember the first set of tires I bought for my 72 Mach 1 were called "Scat Trac". I don't remember who made them but I got them from either Sears or JC Penny. They did not last long because I bought 60 series tires and put them on the standard metal rims. I had them worn out in about 10k miles. They were too wide for the rims.
  2. Nice job both the car and the website. I really like that color for some reason!
  3. How about this one, did you ever hear an old person back in the day refer to the accelerator/gas pedal as the "foot feet"? Not THAT old, but it was called a "FOOT FEED" OK, well I was just a kid when I use to hear that so I must have misunderstood. It still seems like an odd term for the gas pedal. I also remember the floor mounted starter button on my Dad's old 50's panel wagon.
  4. How about this one, did you ever hear an old person back in the day refer to the accelerator/gas pedal as the "foot feet"?
  5. Good, your getting a rocket scientist to fix the part. The part should last another 40 years or so. Should not be your problem if it breaks by then.
  6. Oh, I wonder what happened to Joel. He had said he rented a room and was going to drive his 71 Mach 1 from the Denison, TX. area. Hope he did not have trouble on the road.
  7. Congratulations on your award for your first car show! Not bad for a car we keep hearing nobody likes. Ha! I know what you mean when you say people look at the car and say how they never see these Mustangs anymore. I have taken my Dad to car shows as well. He really loves going and talking to all the people. Glad you had a great first show experience. Be sure and remind us when they have this show next year. I hope to go. By the way, did Joel make it there in his green 429SCJ?
  8. Welcome! Very nice car indeed. There are lots of car shows in our part of Texas. Perhaps I will see you at one. Our cars are rare so it is always nice to have another 7173 in the mix. This site is a wealth of information for you to learn.[/i]
  9. Ok, So those are the clips behind the door panel that hold the bezel in place. Correct? Now you got me worried that mine might have little screws holding them on. Pretty sure there are none but I will look close in the morning just to be sure. I will save those photos and join the hunt. Mike
  10. Wow, Lots of great response to this thread! Just to be clear, I bought my car already restored. However it still has several details that are not factory correct that I am working on myself. I am not totally helpless but these are as I said very minor details. Also, I want to be clear on this point. I show my car a lot and I am often asked if I restored it. I NEVER tell some one that I restored my car. I hope someday I can track down both who and where my car was restored. I also have run across those people we all know that know more about our cars than we do. They are amazing and it is best to just let them talk a bit then move on to the next person. I also have learned lots of details about my car and the 71-73 cars in general. I credit this site for that. There is just so much information here that is just about our cars. It is truly a wealth of information. I do love to talk about cars and hear other people's stories about their cars. After all, every car has a story and we all love to hear those stories. Now just want to get this straight as well. I did not think RPM Carter meant the term to be derogatory towards me or anyone else on this forum. I have read enough of RPM Carter's post to know he is a colorful outspoken person. I enjoy reading his post and like that he really gives you what he thinks without a filter! That's why sometimes I am not exactly sure of his meaning. It would be a lot easier if you were standing in front of him and could read his body language which would likely leave no doubts. Carter and I live to close here in the Houston area to not meet someday. I think he lives in the Kingwood area and I live in the Tomball area. So perhaps we will meet one day and I will bring my checkbook and buy your lunch sir. I will even help you find those power window parts you are looking for. Still can't quite figure out what exactly you are missing. I will be going to the Goodguys show and swap meet in Ft Worth in a couple of weeks so let me know what you are looking for.
  11. I have noticed RPMCarter use this term a few times in his post. Here is a quote: Turns out Jeremy is quite the craftsman and not a checkbook restorer!!!! Something to be said for that. I am not quite sure if he means that if a person here loves their 7173 any less because they did not restore the car themselves for lack of time or lack of skill. Either way it got me thinking that there might be more people here with those skills than those without. But, then again it might be the other way around. I admit that I am unskilled when it comes to fixing cars much less being able to take a car from near death and make it new again. I am in awe of that skill and have much respect for you and what you are able to do with these great cars. Although I did not restore my car I do know a lot about it. I never represent myself as the person that restored it. In fact I don't know who did! I am still trying to find out just who did. I got very little information with my car when I bought it. So am I the only Checkbook Restorer here on this site? Am I thought of as something less of a person because I can't replace a floor pan? I hope not and I also hope those with the knowledge will share with people like me. Yes, I found the car of my dreams, one better than the Mach 1 I had when I was 19 in 1972. I worked hard at a job that few people could do or would want to do for 39 years. I always knew I would buy a 71 Mach 1 one day so I saved money for just that purpose. If that makes me a Checkbook Restorer then I will wear that tag with pride because I love your cars just like I do mine. The fact is as some of you might know,I stopped working so I could enjoy my car and share it with others for the few good years I have left here on the planet!
  12. Was I imagining this or was there some talk of all the front spoilers being black and not argent? This looks pretty original to me. I love our cars in black. Hope you get this one Kit. This car deserves to be brought back to original condition.
  13. My Dad named mine for me. He is almost 91 now and is a WWII veteran. I call him every week. The first thing he always ask me is: Did you get "The Pony" out today? So in honor of my Dad who was first against a 18 year old kid buying a 72 Mach 1 instead of a pickup, I call my Mustang "The Pony". She seems to like the name and since she has a 429 she's a strong old girl.
  14. Saw this posted on Facebook by a classic Mustang club. Just can't figure out why anyone would "forget" a generation. Things like this really irritate me.
  15. Just guessing here but I would bet you have seen the inside of a jail cell. At the very least you have had a negative encounter with LEO sometime in your life. Having said that who would you call if your car was stolen? I watched the video and I agree that it could have been handled differently. I doubt it was just me that feels their instinct and commen sense kicks in to tell you that further investigation on the scene is necessary in this case. They could have moved to a parking lot and got with auto theft detectives who handle this everyday. There is always someone to call to get more information before taking innocent people to jail.
  16. I have power windows but if I didn't with my long arms I still could not reach the handle. Not to mention adjusting the passenger sport mirror. Mine won't stay adjusted and the original glass looks like someone hit it with a buffer loaded with sandpaper. Mirror is one of those things I need to replace.
  17. I honestly don't know how you live in the north. I guess if you were brought up there it becomes a way of life. I know Texas weather is not perfect especially not in Houston with the hot humid climate but I would rather be hot than cold. FYI, Houston is the most air conditioned city in the nation. I guess when the weather is pleasant in the north we are cooking here in Houston. One thing you have to admit though, we get to drive our classic Mustangs a whole lot more than "y'all"! OK, have to find my boots and cowboy hat so I can go check on my oil well now. That's what everyone up north thinks we have down here in Texas. LOL By the way, I remember in the 80's we had lots of people moving from the northern states to go to work here in Houston. They might be real Texans by now. Also wanted to let you know, Texas is really big and we still have room for you if you want to move here!
  18. What! Not ugly but very functional. This one was converted from a mobile DWI van to a secondary command/equipment van for the HNT.
  19. Joel, Are you going to drive your car or trailer it?
  20. After you go get the New Attachment are you hitting the button to the right Add Attachment. If you don't if will not attach. Took me a while to figure that one out. Welcome to the group, David Yep, that got me too!
  21. Oh yeah! I remember those radio stations. Do you remember the radio contest when KILT was giving away $10,000 if you answered the phone when they called, "KILT is going to make me rich"? I do, they called me twice and both times even though I knew about the contest I did not answer correctly. Sure could have used 10k back then. I remember those calls like it was yesterday. KLOL DJ's were Stephens & Pruitt. That was a hard rock station. This thread is really taking me back in time. Going to have to buy me a couple more 8 Track tapes to lessen to when I am driving the Mustang. Only have one now, Beatles Abbey Road which I listened to a lot among other things back in the early 70's.
  22. Not to out do your story but in 1973 I ordered my 73 convertible and sold my 72 Mustang to my sister. My sister in turn sold her car to a friend from work. I of course had to go deliver it with her, followed her over in my new car, the woman's daughter came out and looked at my car and I took her for a ride and started dating got married that same year. She always says she fell in love with the car first. Now we go to cruise nites and travel all over the country with that same car and belong to the MCA (since 1977). She loves taking pictures of all the cars and meeting new people. A couple years ago she insisted we do a Mustang room for all my trophies. We also have a '68 Cobra Jet and a 79 Ranchero. That's a great story! So the car made a little circle and continues to be with you. You got the car and the girl. Can't beat that!
  23. Well said Paul. I have a great woman as well. Been married 41 years now and she is more than a wife to me. She has always been my best friend and has always been there for me. I truly owe everything to her. We have never been apart in all our years. We have been and always will be a team. Although I am not skilled to be able to build a car, my wife encouraged me to find and buy the car of my dreams to re-live our young days when we were both tooling around in my/our 72 Mach 1. Here we are in 1973 just a few months before we got married.
  24. Here is a picture of mine. I have since replaced it since the switch was broken. Also replaced the "Belts" light which I was missing. Thanks to member Eddyw for selling me that hard to find part. And yes the parts are hard to find. Switches can be rebuilt using a power top switch but you have to already have a switch to do that. The back glass with the heater grids is also rare and not reproduced. I picked up a nice one on Craigslist last year for next to nothing. Guy just wanted to get rid of it. I figured it was good to have a spare just in case!
  25. Met with Jay (1mach1) today just outside Houston in Spring TX. We talked a couple of hours in the parking lot of all places, a antique store! I believe our Mustangs qualify for being old and antique. Enjoyed talking to Jay about our cars and the 70's which we both lived through. As you can see Jay still has his long hair but I no longer have mine. It was great talking with you Jay. Perhaps all off us on the 7173mustang site here in the Houston TX area can one day have a nice meet with all of our cool 71-73 Mustangs.[/b]
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