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  1. Not to muddy up the water, but it you were to look up on Power Nation dot com. The TV show is horsepower. you should be able to lookup the 351 Cleveland 2v versus 4v rebuilds they did with junkyard engines a couple of years ago. They actually generated more horsepower with a 2v than with a 4v. something to look into before you dump all that cash into a change so to speak. Just trying to help out a fellow member. Wootdog in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  2. Engine wiring harness if not too messed up. All engine to the connector that goes to the tach dash? I already have a tach, just not the correct harness. I have a 71 not a 73. The 71 harness is different than a 72 slash 73 and so is the connector that goes to the gauge assembly. Kerry in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  3. All, My fuel gauge stopped working so I went to the source and found out the connector that goes to the sending unit is in need of replacement. I can not seem to find one anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. It just plugs on the sending unit connector in the bottom of the tank. I have jerry rigged it at this time. Thanks, Kerry in Virginia Beach.
  4. Here are some pics. hard to do with as short as the wires are.
  5. Sorry guys for not updating sooner. I went back to work after the holidays and have not messed with it anymore. It only has two wires at the back of the engine one has power, the other does not. I will see if I can get a pic tomorrow before it gets dark. they are funny looking plugs. I have put in new Orings and hooked all the lines back up. If I stay with R12, I should not have to replace the drier correct? Kerry
  6. All, All I see is a Red and a Black wire together. The other three are on a 3 plug connector. I have those for temp gauge, oil gauge, and I believe distributor. (I have not looked at these In a while). As far as the A/C goes, this car at one time prior to my owning it had A/C. I ended up leaving the original heater slash A/C assembly and blower in it. Now I need to find some O rings for the lines. Then I will see it if will hold a charge. I have a friend that does A/C charging. Thanks, Kerry
  7. All, I recently bought a stock A/C System off one of the members here. The question I have is where the Compressor black wire hooks to under the hood. I see on the back of my engine, two wires with the same weird looking plastic connectors. One is Red and One is black. The Black wire hooks to another black wire that has the same funny looking plastic connector. I have never seen connections like it. It reminds me of a fiber optic connection. The Red one has 12 vdc on it at all times. The black one has no power at all. The air conditioning has not been charged yet if that matters. I believe it does. The setup is a 71 Mach 1 with the 351 Cleveland engine. I am going to change out the heater and A/C assembly and blower assembly this afternoon. I also will probably need to determine where the two vacuum lines come through the bulkhead connector also. The gentleman I bought it from does not remember how the black wire was hooked up. Thanks in advance. Kerry in Virginia Beach.
  8. Do you have pictures? What would shipping be to a residence 23462? Thanks, Kerry my email address is wootdogvb@gmail.com.
  9. Mike, check your Pay Pal account. It was painful trying to pay for the intake outside the US. They have thank goodness serious security. To get the transaction to work, I had to call Pay Pal direct. Sincerely, Kerry
  10. Mike, Will a Holley 600 CFM carb bolt up to it? If so, and you have not made a deal with anyone else I need your Pay Pal information. Sorry I have not responded. I am in Canada on business. Sincerely, Kerry in Virginia Beach New email address is wootdogvb@gmail.com
  11. 351 4V or 351 2V? Thanks, Kerry in Virginia Beach, Va.
  12. Will this fit a 351 Cleveland 2V? Or just a 4V? Thanks, Kerry in Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462.
  13. All, I need the Air Breather in Aluminum with the Script Ford Motorsport. Thanks, Kerry In Va Beach, Va.
  14. If the person in front of me does not want them I do. Price with shipping to 23462, a home not a business. Virginia Beach Virginia. How would you want paid? Thanks, Kerry wootdogvb@gmail.com
  15. Yes, I did miss that...I thought you where talking about the one with the heads....I need to pay attention I been looking for a year now Get a hold of Ponderosa Mustang Parts. They have a bunch of old Mustangs. It is here in Virginia.
  16. All, I am looking for two REV model 180 Black Mag Wheels with the machined Lip, for my 71 Mach 1. The size I need are 17 x7 or 17 X8. Any help would be appreciated. Kerry in Virginia Beach, Va.
  17. Hi Kerry, This kit? http://ssbrakes.com/i-10093987-electric-vacuum-pump.html I gonna use this kit also for more brake power. Feel now that the brakes are too weak in an emergency. Eddy http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ssb-28146. I actually got mine from Millers Auto Parts in Va Beach, Va. for 285.99 plus tax. And I got it the next day. Total with tax was 303.15. they had one cheaper but I was told this kit works better and will last longer. Kerry
  18. All, A little back ground here. When I acquired this car a few years ago, it was in bad shape. Floor boards rotted through, not running at all, what you hear about everyday on here. It was a project that was never finished. Upon looking it over, it had a rebuilt engine in it but the tranny needed some work. All the seals were dried up from sitting for the last eighteen to nineteen years. It shifted real hard on the FMX automatic at high revs. If you let up on the gas while going down the road it would shift easier. Well I got the trans rebuilt and it still shifted hard and of course the brakes were a pain in the rear also. Hard to stop. Well I had the trans shop due a vacuum test and of course it was real low. I believe around 11-12 scfm. I was told the cam was too large. I had never open up the engine to see it that were the culprit. Well, I bought a vacuum canister which helped the brakes somewhat and the shifting between the gears. But of course it shifted hard and at higher rpms. I ran it like that for years. I don't drive it a lot. Anyway, I finally splurged and put in an electric vacuum pump from Stainless Steel Brakes last weekend. I hooked up the pump to the canister and the brakes worked a lot better but then the trans would not shift at all. So then a couple of days ago, I put the transmission line for vacuum back on the hot rod canister and just had the brakes going to the vacuum pump. Everything now works like a new car. I wish I had done this years ago. Then today, I changed out the steering gear which was leaking and had some slack in it for a new one. This car seems to have woke up. It is such a pleasure to drive, I am going to just drive it for awhile. Now the wife can't call it lawn art for awhile because I am actually driving it more often. Just thought we all needed some positive reinforcement for a change. Kerry
  19. Well Guys, I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and we are about to get around 12 inches over night. That is the most snow since Christmas Day 2010. I don't like the snow that much. And with the way people in this area drive in the snow, I am staying home until it clears up. At least growing up in Ohio, people knew how to drive in the snow. Kerry
  20. All, I had no idea this site even existed until I screwed up typing in a URL for another site. well I am here now and I like the site so far. My car is a 71 Mach 1 that was given to me to get it out of a guys yard about nine or ten years ago. It was rough when I started, but has come along way since. I will add some pics in the next couple of days if not sooner. For you guys and gals in the Tidewater Va area, it is the Nissan orange one with the black stripe on the hood. I just tried to add a tiny pic. stated it worked when I tried to add it to the post but I do not see it. It may take me some time to figure this out. Kerry
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