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  1. Thats a good suggestion! what level torque converter do you reccomend? Also, I know a single plane is for top end power, im saving up for a dual plane or maybe even an airgap if im feeling like waiting:) Im just running it because i wanted a 4bbl carb and i got the manifold for free. THANKS AGAIN!!
  2. No i never have. Do you need a rollcage there? Ive never done any actual events although it would be fun to participate in Drag Week or Power Tour.
  3. Look i aint no street racer. I put every dollar i had and then some into this car, theres no way i'd risk it racing some asshole. PLUS, I cant afford to drive like that, one speeding ticket and WHAM no more licence. In case you didnt know, Brier washington is speeding ticket alley!! My buddy Trey got pulled over on new years eve for being suspicious, he was going 25 mph!:dodgy: I dont think im Parnelli Jones, who am i kidding? all i want is better acceleration! Who doesnt??:D
  4. What kind of ratio would you recommend to increase acceleration, but without compromising the ability to blow by the pruis in front of me (on the freeway) thanks!
  5. 72 fastback, first car is a muscle car. found out it used to be a sprint car today, apparently someone decided it was gonna be a red mach 1 .
  6. Thanks guys! Will freeway driving be possible without running over 3000 rpm? (sayy with 3.40s or something) Also, any pointers on how to get into the pumpkin? in or out of car? Procedure? I havent messed around with any of that yet. Thanks for the help!!
  7. HEY HOTRODDERS! Ive got a 72 fastback with some modest engine mods: Mild comp cam Comp roller rockers Singleplane holley street dominator intake edelbrock 4 bbl carb Headers and magnaflow exhaust (Not sure how much hp it makes. My dad says maybe around 300) It runs a stock FMX and has 2:75:1 gears in the back. Im trying to get it off the line faster! ANY SUGGESTIONS?? (im only 16 and im paying for this whole car myself so money matters) thanks!!
  8. Hey, i had the same problem. it turned out that the wire from my starter to the solenoid had melted onto my header and was shorting out there. check that.
  9. I remembered some other items that i need that i cant find anywhere. Would you by chance have a fan shroud and a radio antenna? thanks again.
  10. Hey! I'm 16 and my 72 fastback is almost on the road. Im just looking for the last few pieces to make it completely streetable. Im interested in a few items on your list. Some you possibly haven't listed. Guage cluster tach? (Does it work?) possibly rearend, might do a 4 speed conversion later if i can scrape up a few dollars gas tank filler pipe mach 1 taillight panel honeycomb Center Console mach 1 sway bar thats all i can think of now. Fortunately im local so no shipping hassle needed!! im sure im missing something else. Wanna make a deal??? thanks!
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