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  1. Jeez, its scary how silent hackers and identity thieves are. So much can be stolen with a computer nowadays given such little info. Stay private, boys. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. Still faster than anything out of japan. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. I tried lining up the fmx starter with the 4 speed bellhousing and the snout was too long and bottomed out. Thus, the the bellhousings accept different starters. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. I bought mine when I was 16, two years ago. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. Sounds like a mean cam to me. Hydraulic roller is a good call, very durable. Will e also has good point, if you don't care about price, a stroker crank would massively increase your engines power and torque on the bottom end. Most people stroke to a 408 just for reference if that is what you choose. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. I had no idea that there was a difference until I looked at the 2 bellhousings. Keep me posted.
  7. No, I'm not racing.....just acting the tool now and then. My engine is kind of a middy I guess... Roller rockers, balanced crank, headers, good size cam, dual plane, with an edlebrock 4v....streetish. I have found a company selling billet 164th 28.2 balance new for 90$ seems too cheap, but I'm thinking of getting one. Speedmaster...sold by Jegs
  8. Ok thanks. A member here (Pat) is going to send me one this week. I am assuming it will be a good one. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Greg, I am changing to a 3.25 locker in about a week. I think I have 2.75 in it now. I'll check for a tag, otherwise I won't know til I pull it. Probably a lot cheaper to ship just the ring and pinion, but I would sell the whole thing. Kole
  10. hi all, Well, the " throw in" flywheel I got when I bought my four speed looks like more like a throw away..... I got to cleaning it up, and noticed the casting # was E 1T E AA. I think that makes it a 50oz? I think I need a 28oz......right? Can anyone confirm? Is there some way to know for sure? So now I'm finding out there are also two sizes used . A 164 tooth, and a 157 tooth. Was there one that was used most of the time? Did the Clevelands use the 164? Both? And while I'm at it....does anyone like a lighter flywheel? I guess if I have to buy another one, ...... Thanks Kole
  11. Thanks, Pat is hooking me up with a yoke and crossmember! Anyone have an opinion on the value of the block plate? ....dust plate......bell housing plate...whatever it's called? Do I need it? I am doing the same conversion to mine. FMX to 4-speed. The block plate that you are asking about needs to be there, but is no different from automatic to 4-speed. I don't even think they vary by transmission. I mean a small block bell housing attaches the same as a small block tranny. The 351C has the small block pattern.(Same as 289/302/351W.) I was told for years from various people that the 351C did NOT have the small block bell housing, but it works on mine. Now having said that, mine is still disassembled and not in the car, but I have multiple copies of most all the parts. It's a little weird, but I'm thinking there are two small block bellhousings. One for the 164 tooth flywheel, and one for the 157 tooth. I have looked on eBay for these plates and there are two types for sale. I think the reason some people think the Cleveland is a big block is because of its 400m cousin truck motor is a big block. Have you started your swap yet? Yes, thought about it.... Especially the 5 speed.. but, came across a good deal on toploader and all....too late now, I'm ready to start. I'm really just building a street cruiser anyway...thing gets about 8-9 to the gallon! I'm going with a 164.so I can use an 11 inch clutch. My bell housing is a dize. So I'm pretty sure I can use the bigger flywheel.
  12. Thanks, Pat is hooking me up with a yoke and crossmember! Anyone have an opinion on the value of the block plate? ....dust plate......bell housing plate...whatever it's called? Do I need it?
  13. Doing a toplaodet replacement for my trashed fmx. I have most of what I need, but need a crossmember from a c4 or manual trans car. Also need a 28 spline yoke. Thanks Kole
  14. Thanks Mike, I was thinking I would use the ring gear bolts I have. But now that you mention it.. I bet they are wrong. Also didn't think about the starter, and that steel plate that goes between the bellhousing and block. I can't find the crossmember yet. Everyone says they are common...no one has one:chin: I have also read the drive line will work from an fmx. one I have... Flywheel Clutch Pressure plate Bell housing with fork Throw out bearing Pilot bushing Wide ratio top loader Hurst shifter Z bar Pedal assembly Need both clutch rods, crossmember, yoke, bolts for flywheel, starter,....if I at least had a crossmember I would dive in.[/size] 4VFOUREVER, I tried the fmx yoke.....no way will it work. must be the c4 ZAX.. I've been watching Craig's list and eBay constantly for 7-8 months. You get an idea of what people want for the parts. Then every once in a while someone actually wants to sell one, and they list it for half what everyone else does. I paid 500. For a clean top loader. 150 for the pedals, 60 for the z bar with pivots, 80 for bell housing, flywheel,pressure plate . Shifter came with trans. I'm not saying it will be cheap. But I don't thing it has to be three grand either....ha! Easy for me to say now!
  15. I was thinking maybe I would do a step by step pic album. I couldn't find one here with the search function. Should be fun at least for the laughs.
  16. Hi all I have had read for years how bullet proof the fmx was supposed to be....not my experience. Blew up my second one a couple weeks ago..no third, slipping second..it's a mess. Went out to the shop yesterday a quart of fluid leaking out from under the trans... That, is the end of my interest in the auto box. I've been collecting parts for a top loader swap for a few months, made some good deals and trades and I think I have most of what I need. I want to start this yesterday! I have heard the c4 crossmember is the same as the 3/4 speed crossmember. Any body confirm? Also need a c4 yoke. I have been told they work for top loader. Anyone here done this swap? Any tips? Anyone have a yoke or crossmember to sell? Thanks Kole
  17. Hi all, I am almost ready for my fmx to top loader conversion. I have pedals bell housing,flywheel, wide ratio top loader, z bar....I am ready to dump out that auto for the last time! But I need a trans crossmember and a yoke... Anybody have one? I have heard the c4 and manual are the same. Thanks Kole!
  18. Music is probably the biggest one for me. I've read 3 books and countless articles on Stevie Ray Vaughan not to mention spending a sizable portion of my time after school learning his tricks, style and songs. Now that I think of it, I may have spent a combined week by now trying to master "Rude Mood". So like Luxstang, I'm a guitar guy. I can't get enough of it, whether its Joe Walsh, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Johnny Winter, BB king, etc. I love the blues and those who carry it!
  19. Cleaned up the shop. Getting prepped to finally put in a new transmission!
  20. My friends dubbed it the "SKANK TANK", which is absolutely juvenile. My sister called it "STANLEY" My mom "YOU BETTER NOT BE BLAHBLAHBLAH..." My dad and I mostly call it the "STANG" its just too simple. I think these names are all used about the same amount.
  21. Thanks for all the feedback! Off my list for this application, so it seems. I like the idea of an explorer 8.8 and I know I can get one cheap here but what mods are needed? I remember reading that it needed welded axle tubes, Shock mount fab work and a good alignment. What else? Thanks guys!
  22. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville "SALT! SALT! SALT! SALT!" or the popular "BUBBLEBUBBLEBUBBLE"
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