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  1. I would like a Posi-trac 3rd member ideally, but budget always prevails and I have no idea where I can find a Posi for an 8 inch for a reasonable price. I know that I can weld it up, but that is known to be terrible for handling. Anybody have a welded diff that can share their experience? Thanks guys.:D
  2. This was my one and only aesthetic mod. Worked great! Super fun! Got all the parts I needed from a fellow member.
  3. I always wondered how to earn this badge. I love to shoot with my father at the local range, anything from shooting 1911's to .308 FAL's to skeet shooting. I hope to one day be able to share the same bond with my kids. Id like one!
  4. It should have those 2014 Mustang style taillights that Obsidian created. these: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-custom-tail-lights?page=47
  5. +1 rocket 366 I've researched this for hours. Its anywhere from $1000 to $2000. Sorta luck-of-the-draw.
  6. Very tasteful customization! I like it! Best yellow i've seen too :D
  7. Police cruiser detector is like #1 Reclining seats Make sure you ditch any traction control or at least have a "sport mode" or whatever sports cars have nowadays. I don't really know what else, sounds like you have got it down for the most part. Keep us posted!
  8. Salut! Je parle un peu français de ma classe. Bienvenue! Vous avez une belle Mustang. :cool:
  9. I did this conversion. It was fairly easy and pretty cool IMO:) I love the pillar-less look.
  10. Welcome to the forum from WA! Make sure to post any questions/findings/comments on here that you have as it can enrich the collective knowledge of these great cars. :D
  11. There are nut jobs that do this kind of thing on the streets of Georgia. A bunch of them drive E46 BMW's. Here's a link, its great driving, but extremely dangerous:
  12. +1 again. Midlife has factory harnesses that are all repaired and good to go in!
  13. Hate the new front end. Love: Roofline Rear end Power train Thank goodness I live in the era of factory 200+ mph cars that get double-digit fuel economy. God Bless America.
  14. Its actually Mister4x4's next project :P It also kinda looks like its been living in a van down by the river.
  15. I want one that reads "HALFAST" As is "Half-Fast" or As is "Half-Assed" Depending on how fast you say it.:D
  16. I like my Cleveland A LOT. Would I swap it out for a 429 given the opportunity? Of course I would.
  17. How to make a Frank Cone GT Convertible: -add FC/GT sticker Now when people ask, "Is it a REAL Frank Cone GT??" You reply with "WHY NOT?"
  18. Ok I sketched something. I don't know squat about aerodynamics on a molecular level but the additions I threw on there are mods that I've seen on some racecars. I tried to stick with the superbird theme. I don't know if valance diffusers had been invented yet either but oh well.
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