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  1. Very interesting. I think our cars would have done very well. They would have likely had a super bird style wing. The cars are already so sleek it would have been cool to see what they would have looked like indeed! Somebody with photoshop should sketch something up. *AHEM, Rocketfoot...:D
  2. Kit wasn't already VIP? Thats overdue... WELCOME KIT!
  3. Been there Kurt. My engine had 4 "lobes" GONE. To think about all that metal coursing through your main bearings...YIKES. One other thing, do you have the seatbelt retract stop that goes in the passenger's side interior quarter panel? I only got one of 'em.
  4. Ford ended up using the Torino for their stock car racer, but what if they didn't? Given body mods similar to that of the super bird such as a nose cone or a more effective spoiler, the '71 body style Mustang might have been a serious competitor in the hayday of oval-track racing. The Mustang had the right power train, and a decent aerodynamic platform for the time. Why didn't Ford look into it?
  5. The stripes that extend from the fender, across the mid door and to the 1/4 panel are vinyl "stickers" dubbed the "hockey-stick" racing stripes. The NASA hood may have a stencil for it, but I believe that the correct borders are 1" around the perimeter of the hood bulge and nose of the scoops. I'm sure somebody will correct me on that. The lower door/rocker stripe is also painted. They should all be matte finish but its really up to you. A lot of people go full gloss. "Hockey-stick" stripes can be sourced from Don at Ohio Mustang Supply. And I'd search around ebay for a Mach 1.
  6. Anybody running wrapped headers? Wondering if its a good idea or a waste of time. What are the pros and cons?
  7. Looks great! LOL be careful with saying it's "DONE" dont jinx it!! :P
  8. Lotta 79s out there on CL, I'll keep my eyes peeled up here in WA and I'll let you know if I come across a screamin deal.
  9. I feel like the RAM-AIR thing is just a gimmick to promote sales. Similar to how the tach goes up to 8000 RPM or the deck lid spoiler.
  10. I had repop panels in mine for a while, personally, I hated them. They were honestly really cheesy and didn't fit in there very well without modification (cutting) and not even installed correctly by the P.O. I bought a set of OEM ones from Kurt and after some serious refinishing, popped them in. They look great! IMO, the OEM panels are MILES better than the reproduction in terms of structure, installation, appearance, etc.
  11. Cool! Its refreshing to see a movie that emphasizes plot rather than relentless CGI explosions. Who knows what "2001 Space Odyssey" is really about? Stanley Kubrick really has a way with telling a story that possesses several underlying themes that sometimes conflict. It forces the viewer to come to his/her own conclusion, and I believe that is why his movies are so popular: Each person views the movie from a different perspective. Favourite Kubrick film: Full Metal Jacket(PRIVATE PYLE!)/Clockwork Orange. Its a tie.
  12. I've wondered the same thing. I used COMP cams instruction sheet exactly, however the rockers make a tapping noise. It really makes me nervous about it. My oil pressure is 70lbs Cold and 37 Hot so I know its OK, just the noise is abnormal.
  13. Awesome! Thanks guys!! :D Now off to the Mustang Babes ;)
  14. Best green IMO. How is freeway cruising with those gears? Are you above 3000 rpm?
  15. Is the "mustang babes" lounge an actual thing? I feel like its a sales technique. LOL Please don't hunt me down and kill me.
  16. I don't understand why its so hard to punch in 3 more zeros. Seriously.
  17. First, You are a talented writer. If you don't do it for a living, consider it. It's as good as good if not better than any editorial I have read in Hot Rod. Send it in. They may hire you. +1. Your writing skills are commendable. You are thinking about college, right? I plan to go to college! In fact, I also plan to study abroad to Australia if I can:) I'm unsure of what I want to major in though. I've thought a lot about becoming a mechanical engineer because I have the head for it, but I'm concerned it would be too dry and its only remotely related to my passion for cars. :-/ Thanks for all the responses! That guy with the piercings looks like a kid in my History class:D LOL
  18. First, You are a talented writer. If you don't do it for a living, consider it. It's as good as good if not better than any editorial I have read in Hot Rod. Send it in. They may hire you. Second, I'm not sure that I completely agree. "Popular" modern modification isn't my taste but I admire anyone who gets in the garage and blows money they would otherwise spend on clothes and partying to make their mark on steel…this includes the donk craze. I think it looks silly but these guys started with a junker and kept in on the road - sitting 6 feet above it but on the road none-the-less. Thanks! I think working for HOTROD would be a blast.:P I haven't missed an issue since seventh grade! I'm a huge follower of Drag Week, Power Tour, Roadkill and pretty much anything that David Freiburger and the crew are up to. I'll have to draft something up! :D
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