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  1. What happened to car style over the ages? How did going fast in a straight line with roaring v8's and burning tires (d)evolve into things like "STANCENATION" and the sea of 4 door Subaru's, BMW's and assorted "Rice Burners". All carried along on enormous rims, thumping bass and peeling "Plastidip". What happened? I wasn't alive for the transition and frankly, I don't get it.:huh: Perhaps I was born too late, or maybe I'm no longer culturally literate due to constantly exposing myself to old-soul things like the mustang or trying my hand at Texas style blues. I would hope that you all could inform me of the metamorphosis that took place and help me understand why my generation is in to all this cultural garble. So maybe some day I'll be consumed by it and convert to excessive negative camber, and have my car be "HELLAFLUSH" but until then, I'm gonna drive a 72 mustang.:cool:
  2. This guy!:D Its the only car I got! The neighbors love me at 6:30 AM leaving for school.:P "Boy do I love sleeping in! I don't have to get up and go to work for another hour and a half!" RUMBLERUMBLERUMBLERUMBLERUMBLERUMBLE..BLUBBLUBBLUBBLUBB..WWAAAAOOOOMMMMMMMMMmmmmm...!
  3. I read that they are totally compatible, cant remember where though. I was considering getting a new one because mine had about 6'' of play until I found out they were adjustable. You can get a shiny new one, but not for cheap. I've heard that there are a few parts that are compatible from jeep to mustang, Steering box being one of them.
  4. Did the 71-73 come with a wood shift handle like on a 69?
  5. Welcome to the site! 17 y/o here with a 72 fastback. Remember to post any questions you come up with! There's some guys on here that really know their stuff!:D
  6. I wish my hood lined up as flush as that one. my fenders aren't even with the hood at all LOL
  7. I would change it because over time, the frame could distort, shifting panels, adjusting geometry, etc. Better to get it now before any warping happens. Then you'd have 2 problems.
  8. Fun! I love talking it up with guys that are knowlege banks. I could talk about cars all day and never get bored! Exemplary choice on lunch too:cool:
  9. I think that you've got a good canvas to learn a lot of good skills on. So even if you walk away penniless, you'll still have all the knowlege gained from the experience. P.S. (to seasoned members) I'm trying to find the Frank Cone sticker on there.
  10. See if he would take 15 or 16 Looks good to me all around.
  11. Rock on Zach! Now quit browsing 71-73 and go cut that rust out!:D
  12. It isnt a 71-3, but a mustang regardless!! We're here to help out with anything! :D
  13. Cant drive it, so whats the point? I say: if you want art, hang it on the wall!
  14. I feel like we all laugh at them now, but if there was ever a gigantic flood, and all the streets were a foot underwater, the SUPER 32" DUBZ would be really effective in getting around. ::blah::
  15. Get the back wheels off the ground. Rotate the passenger side wheel clockwise. If the drivers' side rotates forward as well, you have tracloc or posi. If the other wheel rotates in the opposite direction, it is open diff. A more interesting way to find out is to just do a big smokey burnout and have your buddy tell you. Not sure if that's an option though, it looks like your car is in paint.
  16. :welcome2: Ask us for any help you need! We've gotten a ton of new members here lately! The 71-3 mustangs sure are gaining popularity!:P
  17. Jeez you need a ladder to get in there.
  18. Looks to be pretty complete. I'd say its a good candidate even with some rust.
  19. You could also be grossly out of adjustment. Check the striker position.
  20. Rear taillight panel honeycomb and pop open gas cap? Thanks!
  21. His best joke is the one about the TWIN SUPERCHARGED 427. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  22. Cool! Dont forget exhaust pipes though! My dad had nests there before.
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