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  1. I have a front plate on mine because it covers up a big ugly bend in the center of my valance LOL.
  2. Found a video of john talking about his DE-stroked 404 Boss nine. Pretty cool.
  3. Ive done it. Its really simple. Just be careful not to crack your filler pipe or snap any of the hoses when taking it out. Use a jack to hold it up while you're undoing everything.
  4. I just used a paint program from like microsoft 2004 and a picture off google. First try.
  5. I found out my computer has picture editing capabilities.
  6. I used 72flatback's tutorial. Worked flawlessly:D HERE's THE LINK: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-fastback-quarter-windows?page=2
  7. Well, If you're thinking about keeping it non-custom, the deluxe interior is really nice in my opinion. I put in custom engine gauges because i couldn't afford the mach 1 dash cluster and it turned out pretty nice. All I did was cut out 3 holes in some aluminum stock and screw it into where the little cubby hole that the map light is in.::thumb:: Another addition I did was put in roll-down 1/4 windows out of a coupe. Its a bolt-in and really adds a nice touch.:cool: Lemme know what you decide to do!
  8. Has anyone done a 427 swap in their 7173? That would be killer.
  9. Its got the big block 351 so its actuallyyy a MACH 2. Only the MACH 2's had the quadruple overhead cam with the underhead valve setup on the super-duper-mega-cobra-rocket-missle-jet bigblock 351... Some people on craigslist have no idea..
  10. I think that they're really good for a Jazz application, but as a blues guy, I prefer a strat or les paul. :P I want a telecaster! I'm just getting into slide, and it sounds great with a tele!
  11. Welcome from Kenmore Washington!! So far thats how many stangs in the evergreen state? ROLL CALL!!!
  12. Check PC valve and vacuum hoses. Your problem is like the one that I had. Vacuum leak.
  13. Welcome! I built up my Mustang with my dad and its our favorite thing to do! From Brier, WA
  14. Attempting to solve window rattle problems. I need the two stabilizers that go right under the felt (I think), and the nylon spacers that snug the guide plate onto the guide rail. The article calls these "anti rattles" Here's an article describing the parts. (diagrams 1 and 2 should show what i'm talking about. Thanks guys!! Window mechanism[1].pdf
  15. What do you plan on doing with the OEM one?;) I have a GT grant but I like the OEM a lot, too.
  16. Looking for tailight panel honeycomb and pop open gas cap. Posi 3rd member? Rear interior 1/4 panels? Thanks!
  17. If youre considering parking it for a while, I'm sure RPMCARTER has a spot down by the river where you can park your van.rofl
  18. I LOVE my HOTROD magazine subscription!:P I read that thing cover to cover the second it comes in the mail! i also watch all the roadkill episodes they have and whatever else is on YouTube that those guys do. David Freiburger might be my hero lol.
  19. As a 17 year-old that decided to buy himself a 72 sportsroof mustang as his first car, I would say that is true for pretty much everybody at my school. I honestly cant stand all the jabber that kids my age speak about their WRX or their Audi or whatever kind of Riceburner they have that mommy and daddy bought for them. I cant have a conversation with any of them without having to sit thru 15 minutes of V-tecs and Turbo flat 4's. Those kids can barely even change a tire, while I spent months doing research, saving money, buying parts and rebuilding most of a car from the engine to the taillights! Driving modern cars is not nearly as fun as driving cars built 40 years ago, you're disconnected from the road by miles of electronically controlled systems that drive the car for you. You are right kit, modern technology has turned cars into appliances, and a person who has never been around a muscle car or a 60's-70's era car is intimidated by their raw nature. I can leave my car unlocked at the school parking lot because nobody there could start it, not even with the key. If i could say one thing to the Subaru jerkoffs, I would say as Chopper Reid says "harden the F*CK up!"
  20. I think it would work good if the car stayed at the same level but perhaps with a ton of fender tuck. That, of course, would require tubbing out the wells and a whole bunch of horsing around.
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