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  1. Need drivers side 1/4 glass. Also need rear interior quarter panels. (got a pair?) And just out of curiosity, got any louvers? Thanks!
  2. Perhaps use some epoxy? just a suggestion. ______________________________
  3. I tried doing the reverse stops to adjust it, but I think they are seized. I have adjusted them in the past to make up for the travel but the travel returned within a week and a half or so. When I hit the brake the second time the travel does not reduce. I'll bleed them, and adjust one more time and we'll see. I don't really know anything about boosters, how could I tell if it was bad? Thanks!
  4. I redid my brakes a few months ago and they seem a little bit weak. The pedal travels about 2.25 inches then starts to brake. From that point, the pedal travels maybe 1.5 or 2 inches before hitting what feels like a stop and the pedal wont go down any further. That doesn't seem like that much distance to brake to me, but perhaps it is just normal.:huh: They are relatively weak and I cannot even get them to lock up.:s To give an idea of what has been done, here: -Resurfaced discs -New bearings -New calipers -New pads all around -Rear drum rebuild kit -New drum brake cylinders -bled and adjusted Hopefully somebody could point out something that could be wrong with them. Thanks guys!! :D
  5. Welcome dennis! We look forward to assisting you in all your questions!
  6. I know that there has been a bit of talk about the idea so i thought I'd post. Found a coupe with them on eBay.
  7. There is a special tool for it, perhaps you don't have one. They look like this:
  8. Same problem here. I replaced the flasher but that only fixed it for about 2 days. Maybe the wrong flasher?
  9. It looks pretty clean to me. And no rust? With a good detail job you could get as much as 10k judging from the description you gave. It really just depends on where and how you choose to sell. Also, cars with very detailed and thorough descriptions with lots of pics are more likely to get a higher price as the buyer is less concerned about getting any surprises. Good luck!
  10. No more beautiful convertible than a 71-73 mustang.:cool: fun day!
  11. Welcome to the site!! Got roll down rear windows? How about a radio antenna? thanks! __________________________________________________________________
  12. Hey Jeff/droptop73! I was rereading your t5 swap thread and remembered you were going to make a full parts list with prices and templates of the custom pieces you fabbed. Whats the status on that, man?!:D What do I have to do to get it?? ________________________________________________________________________
  13. Thanks! I already got 1000 saved up, I'll let you know when I get there!
  14. How much did your t5 swap cost you total? im considering saving up to convert from fmx.
  15. I think Jeff has a fishing boat, considering he lives "IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!" now.rofl
  16. List of stuff i'm looking for -plastic moulded interior quarter panels that go in between the back seat and the side -Radio antenna -rear window louvers -taillight panel honeycomb -Magnum 500 center cap -floor console -window stabilizers/assorted pieces -Other interior pieces that are difficult to describe(they go behind the back seat on the wall under the window?) Thanks!
  17. Is it gonna have rear window louvers? Great looking project, J. One of the best Mach 1's on the road!
  18. ::welcome:: From Brier Washington! I'm going to be in an exchange program with a school in Melbourne either next summer or the summer after. Gimme a shout and ill come help ya out if you want! My mustang is my first car and I've really enjoyed every part of it! You'll like it too, I'm sure. Kole
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