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  1. The previous owner of my car had not only painted the matte part wrong, but instead of masking, shot the whole thing clear and buffed the stripe until it was matte. It left a bunch of buff marks and looks pretty bad. As a result, I wax the whole thing to mask the buff marks a bit better.
  2. I had the same problem with my mustang for a long time. The problem is a classic vacuum leak. Check to see if the PCV is broken, that was the problem with mine. If you dont know, the PCV is the black plastic valve connected to the tube linking your carb to the valvecover. They are easy to break so i'd look there first.
  3. It could just be breaking in and has a few noises that could go away with use. food for thought.
  4. Fully restored is big money. Just sayin. Over 1000 boss 351s ever made Only 50 Sprint verts. You all know how expensive a boss is.
  5. I agree totally. But I also have a saying that I live by: "When choosing how to build your ride, you must decide between wanting to go fast, or look good. But in my opinion, Going fast IS looking good":cool:
  6. Dunno, maybe van by the river got repo'd?::shrug2:: Right now im in TEXAS, should we need to start a seach party HA! I got that reference. "You'll be livin' in a VAN down by tha RIVER!!"
  7. Could be some good deals there. Especially if you need a gas tank. As for the black and white coupe, the backwards spoilers really kill me.
  8. Way to get going on it! were looking forward to helping answer your various questions! I bought my mustang in 10th grade and spent a little more than a year on it with my dad getting it to where it is.::thumb:: Its a HUGE hit at school. Totally worth every dollar and every second I've put into it.:cool:
  9. I called the guy for the vin number. Conversation went like this: Seller: Hello? Me: "Hey! I had a question about your mustang on eBay." (long pause) Seller: "Who wantsta know?" Me:"umm, potential bidder?" Seller: "What is it?" Me: "Would you mind telling me what the vin code is on the Mach 1?" Seller: "okok butchu gotta listen carefully, i'm only sayin dis once.." ..and he told me 1F05M2 so thats it. M code Mach 1.
  10. rofl No joke, I get the same 2 questions every time somebody asks about the mustang. Usually in this order too. Question 1: "what year?" Question 2: "Is it a stick?" I appreciate your enjoyment of it, but literally every time? Come on.
  11. Apparently was once an 8 second car. I dont know if its the ridiculous side skirts or the 2 spoilers that shaved off the extra seconds.::goodjob:: BUUUT, It'll be MINT if you put in another rod that it apparently threw and paint it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-1971-Ford-Mustang-Mach-I-Fastback-2-Door-7-0L-/151378786391?forcerrptr=true&hash=item233ee0f857&item=151378786391&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  12. We just had seafair here in seattle. I watched the hydros and the blue angels. Its amazing what these guys do. Also saw a special edition blue angels mustang at a local car show.
  13. We have similar problems:cool: My daydream car in that situation is a low and mean '57 Ford Fairlane coupe, Midnight blue metallic. Running a bigblock 427, a Detroit locker, and 18-inch rubber tucked into the fender-wells on torque-thrust mag wheels. O what a relief it is.
  14. the latter. Hard to find a set with no speaker holes. I am probably buying a set from Pat Robey but ill need to do some work on them. Do you have a set?
  15. Does anybody know if the cougar rear windows roll down? I've always wanted roll-down rear windows.
  16. +1^ I just replaced my strikers and i was surprised how much i could adjust them without significant changes in the lines.
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