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  1. I have a set but I'm in NY and the shipping would probably kill you. How much do you think it would cost? I have a good amount saved.
  2. I think the roofline looks vaguely similar to a 1966 charger.
  3. Hey fellas, Been looking for a good set. I was going to just get a repro set off eBay but i heard they don't fit very well and are kinda cheesy. Hoping there's someone with NOS or something related. Thanks!
  4. Hey! If nobody wants to buy the whole car, I am in desperate need of a transmission. The fmx finally busted a few weeks ago and I'd like to get the stang back on the road.:D I'm also interested in the rear end. Just let me know! thanks!:cool:
  5. Dude, NAPA has it in stock. I have a fairly fresh rebuild too and i'm running VR1 for the same reasons. Great stuff, really.:cool:
  6. you have an upgraded cam so id get some headers to aid the increased gas flow.
  7. I got the C6 for 40 bucks. This is a buget deal for me. And I dont know anything about that kind of swap. I mean if an AOD rig is cheap too, let me know how to do one!:D
  8. Ok, my bad on the 390, again, dont really know. Thats interesting that it could be a F-o-M. I wouldnt think that. Anybody know any identification features to decide if it is in fast a Ford-o-Matic? The casting says C-5 for '65. Better find out if the C6 works... OK so heres my conversion list so far: -crossmember -driveshaft (maybe) -shift linkage (maybe) -Torque converter -cooling lines -what type fluid? -is anything different regarding starter motor? Thanks!!
  9. HMMMMMM make sure you didn't install it upside down. Thats all i got.
  10. The FMX in the stang is pretty well used (sloppy, sloppy shifts, slips in park, only runs in 3rd sometimes etc.)... Yesterday I found a guy on CL that does custom work on mustangs and today he sold me a '65 FMX and its green torque converter along with a '73 smallblock C6 for $80 package deal. He said that they worked when pulled about 4 years ago. From what i've read, C6 is preferred over FMX so I'm leaning towards popping in the C6 when the trans in the car finally dies. What will I need to convert a car that was once FMX to a C6 besides a torque converter and a cross-member? Are the dimensions even the same or will i need a driveshaft? The FMX I picked up is from 65 and it was originally mated to a 390 so i'd need the bellhousing off of the current trans. I understand that the earlier FMX is different regarding the dipstick, but what else?? What are your opinions on what i should do and how to go about it? THANKS GUYS!!!!:P
  11. Hey im needing a couple things. How much for the center floorconsole? What kind of shape is it in? I also need rear interior quarter panels. THANKS!:D
  12. hey do you have a set of back seat side panels? mine are shot.
  13. You should definately pull the heads. You might have put the head gasket in backwards.
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