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  1. I have a friend in St Petersburg that has a urethane bumper and other bits for sale - he wants to move the parts and is willing to deal. He can be reached at randymaguire53@gmail.com or 727-768-5613. Here are some photos:
  2. You can have your current plastic parts refinished if they are in otherwise good condition. I have found the prices to be competitive with reproductions, and the refinished parts look MUCH better. Some of the refinishers will repair mounting posts, so if you have some that are split, that's not a problem.
  3. "Taken off a car in '74 or '75..." and improperly stored for 46 years. They always forget that last part.
  4. I've never been able to check if the bright plastic disc behind the window crank handle would fully cover the cutout for the power window switch. I'm guessing the corners would still peek out.
  5. Thanks - They have the seat belt retractors, so they are from a later car, but they may be a good option for now.
  6. The panels arrived yesterday and I got them unpacked this morning. They look really good and they look really different from the backside. I have attached photos from 3 different panels I have on hand. The white finished panel is an OEM panel that has been recovered about 15 years ago or so. It has the original molded fiberboard core, with metal reinforcements at the dew wipe and top of the grip - and perforations for speaker grille and power window switch and a few other places I don't recognize. The black set is like nothing I have seen before. It is molded plastic with riveted reinfor
  7. A problem with the indicators in the pod shouldn't take out the whole system. After all - bulbs do fail. Do the emergency flashers work?
  8. Are you talking about the indicators on the instrument pod or all of the turn signals?
  9. Another tool in the box - thanks. These would also work for the glove box lamp.
  10. I'd pay $200 a side in a heartbeat. My interior is white too. For now. If I can't find white, I'm building a black interior until I can find white panels. I have heard that Just Dashes does a good job of repairing the quarters. I need to get the dash pad redone so I will have them take a crack at the panels at the same time.
  11. Those are later than '71. The early cars didn't have rear seatbelt retractors.
  12. now if I can just find an NOS pair of rear interior quarters for a '71 convertible...
  13. I'll know how good they are in a week or so. The story on them is that the seller bought them from a body shop that was going out of business and never used them. He claims they aren't warped and that all of the clip pockets are still in good shape. $235 total shipped.
  14. I don't think they would be that expensive to ship. It really depends on condition of the used panels and the quality of the reproduction. These have the bright strips, door grips and trim panels, so that's a plus over some repros.
  15. Not sure what to make of the ad. I called the number and got the answering machine for some kind of dinosaur exhibit. Left a message, guess we'll see.
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