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  1. Now that I think of it, the harness for the reverse lamp switch and the harness for the fuel sender also. May as well leverage shipping...
  2. What engine and options does the car have? I am looking for the engine compartment and under dash wiring harnesses for a tach and A/C car.
  3. Does the car have disc brakes? If so, I could use the rotor/hub assemblies.
  4. I think Just Dashes can refinish your existing panels if they aren't cut up too bad. It's worth getting an estimate as most of the used panels will be UV damaged by now, and NOS will probably cost more.
  5. If you are talking about the panels on either side of the rear seat, the answer is no. They don't have the voids for the convertible top mechanism.
  6. Those tires are still available from Goodyear.
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