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  1. Check the AMK website for fastener specs. You can search by Ford part number.
  2. Do you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner? I have revived a number of original horns with one. Chuck it in with a couple drops of Dawn dish soap for a couple of hours, shake out as much water as you can, let it dry for a day or two and apply voltage. It's worth a shot.
  3. It's true that you don't HAVE to remove the stainless channel from the glass. I have found that in about half the cases, the channel pulls off while I am working on spreading the crimp at the bottom. If you do remove it, you will need to replace the U-shaped rubber that grips the glass between the glass and the channel. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, I like to remove the channel so I can polish it up easily before reinstalling it.
  4. I have been doing this for my car and it does take time and persistence to collect up all of the parts you need. The gearbox itself is probably the easiest, although the most expensive. I would recommend buying one from a reputable rebuilder - it might cost more up front, but you only have to ship it once and you know you will be installing a known good part. I have noticed that the entire z-bar setup is now being reproduced - from the clutch pedal to the clutch fork - for about $450. This might be a good option as all of the used z-bars I have seen have egged out holes at the clutch fork
  5. Looks like the length of the insertable tabs is pretty close to the same. What is the ring made of? Looks like some sort of open cell foam.
  6. The red connector is part of the stereo speaker harness. If you don't have speakers in the doors, the harness is unused. No need to worry about it. About the motor - there are three plastic cylinders inside the window drive mechanism that are almost 50 years old now. They are sort of a mechanical fuse, as they are designed to break if something gets stuck in the window opening when trying to raise the glass - like an arm or kids head. At least that's what I have heard.... They are most likely no longer cylinders due to age The original grease isn't in too good of shape either. The
  7. I wonder if those rings are intended to be installed with the clip or if they are just providing some protection from damaging the ears on the posts during shipping.
  8. Yeah good luck with that. If you use any app or service online you are bound by the user agreement for the app or service. You cannot change it, no matter what you post. It says so right in the agreement you didn't read and clicked on anyway.
  9. Yes. There should be a keyed backing washer with a tab that fits over the joystick end of the cable. It's purpose is to keep the end from moving around while you adjust the mirror. The assembly is joystick through door, then washer, then door panel, then chrome bezel.
  10. They were on '71 only. Also known as leaf guards.
  11. Ok - so what's the trick to removing the small chromed plastic knobs from the HVAC levers? I don't see any metal tabs or spring releases and there doesn't seem to be any glue residue anywhere, but those things have a GRIP!
  12. Welcome! I'm in SE Minnesota with plenty of spare parts - let me know what you need!
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