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  1. Welcome! I'm in SE Minnesota with plenty of spare parts - let me know what you need!
  2. I have a heater box out of a '71 convertible that I am not using. It's in really good condition - let me know if you would like some photos.
  3. The sensors are different for the gauges. The idiot lights use a pass/fail kind of sensor, the gauges use a continuous signal kind of sensor.
  4. I think the structural integrity of the coupe has been compromised.
  5. Dragging pads should be easy enough to figure out. Pull the wheel on the RF and check - you should be able to hear the pads on the rotor. If not, you already have the wheel off - retorque the bearings.
  6. Curious thing about the wiki - were there really the exact same number of convertibles produced in 1971 and 1972?
  7. Could you post photos of the tie rod ends? Thanks!
  8. There is no difference - it should fit just fine.
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