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  1. They were on '71 only. Also known as leaf guards.
  2. Ok - so what's the trick to removing the small chromed plastic knobs from the HVAC levers? I don't see any metal tabs or spring releases and there doesn't seem to be any glue residue anywhere, but those things have a GRIP!
  3. Welcome! I'm in SE Minnesota with plenty of spare parts - let me know what you need!
  4. I have a heater box out of a '71 convertible that I am not using. It's in really good condition - let me know if you would like some photos.
  5. The sensors are different for the gauges. The idiot lights use a pass/fail kind of sensor, the gauges use a continuous signal kind of sensor.
  6. I think the structural integrity of the coupe has been compromised.
  7. Dragging pads should be easy enough to figure out. Pull the wheel on the RF and check - you should be able to hear the pads on the rotor. If not, you already have the wheel off - retorque the bearings.
  8. Curious thing about the wiki - were there really the exact same number of convertibles produced in 1971 and 1972?
  9. Could you post photos of the tie rod ends? Thanks!
  10. There is no difference - it should fit just fine.
  11. Now that I think of it, the harness for the reverse lamp switch and the harness for the fuel sender also. May as well leverage shipping...
  12. What engine and options does the car have? I am looking for the engine compartment and under dash wiring harnesses for a tach and A/C car.
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