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  1. I probably shouldn't ask, but what do you want for the power window setup?
  2. Those look pretty nice! 14's and 15's were what was available in the '70's. If you look at the backside of the rims, you should see some stampings indicating the manufacturer and dates & such. Tell us what you find!
  3. Parts cars become parts cars for a reason. What makes a parts car "worth it" is if it has the parts you need for what you want to do to your car and those parts are in decent shape. If you want to change drive trains, look for a car that has the drive train you want. Want features - ditto. I got "lucky" and found a car that was built within 2 weeks of my car, that had the SOME of the drive train I wanted, as well as some features. The downside is that everything had to be rebuilt/refinished and in some cases replaced. Other than the date codes on the engine bits and the other options, I'
  4. I must be inhaling too many paint fumes lately - how do I select Dark Road again? I can't seem to find it...
  5. Try AMK Products. They have bolt kits for most anything you need.
  6. Be careful of buying anything from this user.

    1. jpaz


      What? How did my avatar get associated with this? I have never sold anything but I did buy from others with no problems. 

  7. I can't tell from the photos, but do the calipers still have the cylinders in them?
  8. Don't give up on the horns. I am finding a few hours in an ultrasonic cleaner brings them back to life.
  9. Molasses and pot metal do NOT mix. Now I need a replacement low note horn. Hopefully not too pitted and it needs to work. Thanks!
  10. If you decide you don't want the steering wheel, I would be interested.
  11. Have you removed the original fuse box? When you are replacing an original part with an aftermarket unit, particularly with wiring, there is no "right way", although some ways are better than others. Look for numbers next to the fuses on the old box. Remove the wires from one side of a fuse and install them on one side of a fuse holder in the new box. If you are kind to the next guy, keep the fuse/circuit numbering the same. Then just work your way until there are no wires left on the old fuse box.
  12. Heck for the opening bid amount you could part it out and come out ahead.
  13. The\ seller is pretty up front about its condition.
  14. If he hasn't sold in a year, you have leverage. And the most leverage you will have is standing in front of him with a trailer, ready to buy his car. The miles you would have to drive are pretty insignificant in the long run. Just be ready to drive away if you can't reach a deal. I bet he would call before you got home.
  15. You can't really fix them, but you can paint them up to approximate the texture of the original finish. There was a thread recently that described this - look for threads that have been active in the past week or so.
  16. Whatever you take off - take LOTS of pictures before you take anything off and after you take it off. Detailed pictures. With bits of painters tape to make labels so you don't forget what the picture is of. I have found it helpful to lay the parts out on the floor in an exploded view and taking photos of that so I remember how things go back together. You may think you can remember now, but once it's apart, life happens and it might be months or years before you can put it back together. Get heavy duty ziploc bags and bag assemblies together - fasteners and all - and label the bags.
  17. Thanks! Looks like a good place to start.
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