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  1. One thing I really like about AMK is that you can search by Ford part number. Very handy when something you need isn't part of a kit (like certain pedal support fasteners...).
  2. My car didn't have them originally when I purchased it, I got a set over the counter and put them on, drove it that way for 25 years, and when I had the car repainted, I had the holes welded up. I still have an NOS set that may find its way on the car, but I'm thinking probably not.
  3. Most every vendor gets these kits from AMK Products. They sell direct, but I don't know if there is any price advantage. They have a bunch of neat stuff there that is as correct as it gets. https://www.amkproducts.com
  4. Yeah - the aftermarket seals are inside out. Once you fix that they fit well.
  5. Do you need the horn pad? I have one in very good condition. I also have a black steering wheel that I won't be using, but is has a couple of cracks.
  6. NPD is pretty good about describing concours parts in their catalogs. If they don't mention it, the part is most likely a functional reproduction, not a "factory original" part. There are a lot of reasons for this. First, anything that had a Ford or Ford owned logo on it (think Ford, FoMoCo, Autolite, Motorcraft, etc.) cannot be reproduced and sold without Ford licensing approval. This approval process is expensive, and Ford takes a not small cut of your sales prices. Another reason is that some parts have applications across brands, so from a producer standpoint it's cost effective to make an unbranded functional equivalent that can be sold into multiple applications. Think Rock Auto. That said, some photos of the areas of concern would help us figure out the issue.
  7. There are vendors, but some combinations are not made anymore - or at least I haven't been able to find them. Like anything colors with dots.
  8. Nobody distributes anything on CDs anymore. And the content of the CD was the license manager and - PDFs.
  9. The documents are created by scanning the old hard copy manuals. It's Really Hard to take a scan of an old document, run it through an optical character recognition application, fix all the mis-read part numbers and then go in and check Every Single part number to make sure it can be found.
  10. Go to the Ford manuals website. They are aware of this problem and can make copies of the manuals you have purchased that don't need the Forel digital rights management software. It helps if you have your license keys.
  11. The rest of the wiring is not in place. This circuit is part of the Convenience Group, which adds a bunch of bells and whistles (well, buzzers and lights), like the map light, under dash lights, automatic seat back releases, parking brake warning, glove box lock, trunk light (not part of the convenience group harness), and engine compartment light. I'm sure I've probably missed something. You can roll your own by following the wiring diagram if you just want the parking brake light.
  12. Hmmm.... AC control in the dash, looks like an expansion valve on the firewall, but no condenser or compressor. Hoses missing to the ram air air cleaner, power steering hose clamp missing. Giving it away is probably the only way to get rid of it.
  13. Is it just me or are there no vacuum lines running to the ram air actuators, and I don't think I see any windshield washer hoses either.
  14. Couldn't find a photo from a Mustang, but this picture from a '73 Torino will give you a good idea of where the switch is located.
  15. What you are pointing to in the first photo is called the beltline weatherstrip. That is not what is in your second photo. The second photo is the weather strip that goes around the other 3 sides of the door.
  16. I just sent in information for a quote - we'll see what happens
  17. From what I understand, they have a process that resurfaces the parts with a thin textured vinyl cover. I would imagine it is similar to what they do to recover the padded dash parts or the deluxe door panels, but without the padding behind it. It's not perfect, but best I have seen so far. Their process would also match the colors of their door panels, so that is a plus as well.
  18. His location is South Africa. Availability of parts there is limited, and shipping from here is a killer.
  19. There are always gauges available on eBay if you want to keep it original. There are also aftermarket gauges from a number of vendors - CJ Pony, NPD, and others.
  20. Very interesting question. I bought my car in 1980. I was looking for a project that my father and I could work on. Didn't really work out that way - he turned out to be more of a checkbook kinda guy than someone who would grab a wrench and dig in. That got it running and painted, which held up for a good 30 years when I launched the current restoration effort when the rear drivers door jamb would flex (a LOT) when I closed the door. Along the way, I had moved on to a different class of cars - cars that like to turn vs cars that like to go straight. Still with a Ford connections, however tenuous these days (Lotus). So, would I buy another one? I'd say not now, although I have really enjoyed the process of building my car into something different from what it was. I would prefer to put that time and effort into something that handles a lot better. Would I still have bought one back in 1980? Sure.
  21. I hope his top was up when he made that "repair"
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