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  1. I have a 1971 mach 1 with standard wiring harness. The white connector is for the the carb solenoid I believe, it's located next to the 4 prong neutral safety switch.
  2. I need help with wiring the 12V switch connection. I am planning to use the white connector on the wiring harness for the holley electric choke, and was wondering if I could use the same wire for the MSD ignition box power?
  3. After 2 days, and breaking a jack on the engine hoists, and replacing it my dad, and I Installed the engine in the car. I was surprised how hard it was to install. We had to release the air in the front tires, and jack the rear end up in order for the aftermarket oilpan to clear the radiator support.
  4. I switched from ammeter to voltmeter. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. My headlight harness doesn't have a thick black wire. Does the black wire from the alternator have still have to connect to the isolation block?
  6. I have a question on where to connect the black alternator cable, to the starter solenoid or the isolation post? I have a tachometer with aftermarket 3 gauges, with voltmeter.
  7. I just finished installing the interior of the mustang. I changed the seats from standard to mach 1 covers. I also went to 3-point seatbelts and an aftermarket long consul. I got a set of new wheel and tires 15x7 magnum 500 from Cooker Tires.
  8. Where does the fusible link on the alternator harness connect to on the starter solenoid? Nick
  9. The monitor splits each camera into 3" screens so you can see all 3 cameras on the monitor. You can also chose one camera to have full screen as well. All cameras are feed into a multiplexer box and then connects to the monitor. Here's a picture of the monitor and multiplexer. Looking on their website tadibrothers.com, they have a monitor that hooks to the sunvisor as well. They have options with this monitor that allows you to add cameras as well. Nick
  10. I have a 9" monitor that is attached to the rear view mirror from Tadi Brothers. They make back up camera systems for RV's. one camera is connected to the license plate, Rh and Lh side view cameras that connect to the monitor.
  11. I am new to wiring and have a question that to some may think is silly. I am wiring a new custom auto air conditioning system, back up camera system and radio that have multiple grounds. I was wondering if you could use a single screw to make the ground connections to a metal surface or do I have to make individual connections to a metal surface to have a good ground.
  12. I got all the wiring done for my backup camera system and new radio done. now I can get the front and rear glass installed and get the rest of the car put back together. I'm ordering some new tires and once they come in I can install the motor and transmission. I also made some side panels to block off the trunk drop offs. I made them out of aluminum and put sound deadener on one side and black carpet on the other.
  13. I have a question about headers and fitment around clutch linkage. I have a 302-2V w/3 speed and manual steering gearbox. I'm looking at headmen shorty headers but when I look at buying online the sites indicate they only work with A/T transmission. I would like to use shorty headers I don't really care about manufacturer.
  14. I'm thinking of painting my valve covers with high temp ford blue engine paint. What are the chances that the paint will come off due to the heat from the engine when it runs.
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