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  1. Fabulous Fords Forever Knots Berry Farm Show in Calif,
  2. Hi nice vert check the color if its med yellow gold ford only painted about 130 that color in 1973 on verts. its a neat color I have one that color enjoy it. Ray
  3. Hi have taken the front lic. plate bracket and plate off and looked at the car you may like it that way with out a spoiler give it a try.
  4. Med.yellow gold color 1 0f 36 rear trunk rack on a73 vert.
  5. Mustang color 6c medium yellow gold like to know how many 73 verts are out there only 140 some got that color in 1973????????
  6. Hi your not the only one in Utah that likes the bigger cars have I have a 73 vert. its GREAT.
  7. Hi to bad you don't need ginger I have a complete TMI set for sale for a vert. $300.00 PLUS SHIPPING
  8. Hi I installed oil/water temp gauges where the clock went I found small elect/ type at OReillys auto parts they work great and easy to in stall Good Luck
  9. Hi just keep your driver side door closed an open your pass door people will look at the pass side if the doors open and will not see your bad panel have fun at the 50th enjoy its not judged.
  10. Hi where are the six screws on the top across front of the dash that your talking about
  11. Hi the hitch was made by draw-tite hitches for mustangs and other ford products also sold by ford over the parts counter in 65 -68 with ford part number.
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