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  1. Just completed restoring an original air cleaner for my 72 Q Code Mach 1. When I got the car it had a real crappy air cleaner on it, so I just put a cheap chrome one on. Looked for an original one, but they are pretty hard to find.


    I ended up posting on here about wanting the correct one, and a member spoke up. I bought an original air cleaner in very nice condition from mustang68, Thank's Larry!


    So anyway, I finally redid it & here are a few pics of what I did.


  2. I finally got the 1972 mustang convert. in. The interior is mint with the exception that the front seats are standard seat covers. So just putting this out there if some one has deluxe front seats covers in black, better then the $250 quote I received:@


    Hi to bad you don't need ginger I have a complete TMI set for sale for a vert. $300.00 PLUS SHIPPING

  3. Hi where are the six screws on the top across front of the dash that your talking about

    How to replace your 71-73 Dash Pad.


    1. First, obtain your new dash pad from your favorite Mustang parts vendor.






    2. Start by removing the original dashboard from the top. Unscrew the six screws aligned across the front of the top and also taking out the three screws above the instrument panel.






    3. Continue by taking out three additional screws laid across the top of the passenger side. These are the ones that keep the top of the dashboard in place.






    4. Lift the top of the dashboard and pull out the entire assembly being careful not to scratch the a pillar trim.






    5. Remove the five tinnerman nuts on the back of the dashboard panel assembly. Use an 11/32-inch socket.






    6. Now, separate the dashpad and crown as shown in the photo. You will be installing the new dashpad in the same fashion.






    7. There are two locations for nut clips on each side of the dashpad. Drill these locations with a 3/8-inch bit to make way for the nut clip. Remove the material in the middle of each side to make room for the nut clips to be attached to the dashboard.






    8. Be sure to drill pilot holes in the two locations on each side first. Then, drill them with the 3/8-inch bit as shown—again, this is for the nut clips. The new 3/8-inch hole will allow room for adjustment.






    9. Transfer the nut clips from the old dashpad to the new Just Dashes dashpad.






    10. Be sure to remove that material from the middle of each side to make room for the dashboard nut clips. If you need a reference, look at your original dashpad to see where you need to remove the material. To do this, you can use a jigsaw.






    11. The dashboard crown is retained with screws and three retainer clips that slip into three square openings in the top of the dashboard. Be careful with these clips! If they break, you’ll be forced to look around for a parts car.






    12. Now, to complete the install of the new dashpad and crown, simply slip the clips into the square openings, pushing the assembly in place. Keep in mind, this part of the install requires you to temporarily remove your vehicle identification number (VIN), as it is attached to this assembly. Check your state’s vehicle laws for VIN removal and transfer, as you may have to have a law enforcement officer or motor vehicle administrator witness the removal to keep this thing legal.






    13. Reinstall the screws that keep the dashboard crown and dashpad fastened. Now, just enjoy your new dash! Hopefully, it took you less than an hour…



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