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    '71 Coupe
    -250ci Inline six
    -Modded Log Head
    -Autolite 2bbl Carb
    -Pertronix Ignition
    -Super Stock 7mm Plug Wires
    -Dual 14" Magnaflow Glass packs
    *Currently awaiting a T5 swap!


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  1. Just out of curiosity, how did the installation of the booster go? Been looking at that Leed kit for my coupe for some time now
  2. Because that's the project my Dad hauled home
  3. Nice! Usually when I go out in my coupe, I always get some redneck trying to race me in his beat up Silverado:rolleyes:
  4. Ordered a new battery tie-down kit, and a plug & chug for the coupe. Little things, but I gotta have 'em!
  5. Looks like a solid start to a good project! Whereabouts in FL are you if I might ask?
  6. Congrats! There's nothing better than finally getting to drive your project that first time when all is done. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I took my coupe out after 11 years of work!
  7. I sat in my coupe today, and tried not to cry cause I can't take her out for a drive yet!
  8. Anyone have any experience with these Retrosound stereos? I'm seeing mixed reviews online, but I do like the price point and the fact that it looks to have the correct knobs. Any insight would be great! Thanks! http://www.jcwhitney.com/p3089678/sku-8627752.jcwx?filterid=d633y1971g2j1
  9. Nice! I'm looking to get the same kit later on this year myself! Gonna start with the booster first, cause I'm in the same boat as far as changing rims goes (14"x6"). Definitely looking forward to some stopping power!
  10. Just recently put an Optima Red Top, and the universal tie-down I had previously been using isn't fitting. Would an OEM one work with the Optima? Don't want to hit the road with nothing but a bungee holding it down! Thanks!
  11. Great looking Stang! Hope she treats ya good!
  12. Well, I guess I technically haven't "done" anything to the coupe today, but I did just order a new PMGR starter, Optima Red Top, and accelerator pump seal. I'm super stoked to get the ol' girl running again in the next week!
  13. They include an adjustable pushrod in the kit which I think fixes that, maybe?
  14. I've been on a quest to make my Coupe more street-friendly. With the way some people drive, I've had several close calls where I had to lock up the manual drums. It's time for an upgrade before I wind up being forced into bodywork again! This kit looks like a pretty decent deal. Anyone have any experience with it? http://gpsbrakes.com/i-23438943-power-disc-brake-conversion-1971-73-mustang-4piston.html Any other suggestions would be welcome as well! I am on a budget, so I'm trying to find the biggest bang for the buck. Thanks!
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