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  1. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like Shannons is coming out as favourite. Now just to find a Mach1
  2. Hi guys (girls), I've had a brief look through the insurance posts, but not (yet) seen any info on where owners living in OZ are insuring their mustangs. Can you Aust guys give me some feedback on who you insure with, and any weird exclusions/conditions, plus price thanks? Adrian
  3. I just love reading the stories about still owning the first car. I used to think about building my Torana into a muscle car, even after my brother killed it, but it went to the scrap man. How much work do you guys do to modernising the Mach1's? Is anyone fitting EFI, upgraded suspension, etc?
  4. Hi there from a new member. Despite owning a Torana for my first car, I haven't owned what I could call a Muscle Car. I've had (still have) various bikes, Fairmont & Fairlane, have 4WD's, inc a new 70th anniv Grand Cherokee. I'm drawn towards a 71-73 Mach 1 now after seeing one in a yard - is this what happens when you hit 40? I'm wondering how many people have kicked off their muscle car ownership with the 71-73 mustangs? If you have, how has it all gone? How have the expectations been met?
  5. Friendly forum! Just wondering how many people have started with a 71-73 Mustang? - that is, its your first muscle car.
  6. Thanks for all the welcomes! Aussie67 I'm in Perth myself actually. I have a mate who does panel/paint for some very cashed up customers (has a pre-70 fastback in his shop at the moment). StunningFX, Brad. He'll come check out any car I find for a professional opinion on the bodywork etc, so I think that will help. I think I might need to drive a couple & see how they compare. Good thing is, my wife likes the style also. But even though I have a workshop with hoist etc in my backyard, I need to rationalise my hobbies or move to a bigger property (unlikely). This is getting ahead of myself, but how many Mach 1's are there in OZ running RHD? I understand there are chain-drive conversions, but were there many factory? Lastly, as many parts on Ford, GM, Nissan, etc are interchangeable, are conversions done using Aussie Ford parts? Steering etc?
  7. Hi, I'm Adrian. Found this forum while looking for details on the 71-73 mach 1's. I'm looking to buy one. I'm in Australia. Not in a huge rush though, as I have quite a few toys/projects that I'd need to dispose of first. Have been noticing for a while that I'm just not making use of my stuff, so a nice Mach 1 would prob be a good alternative. I also have daughters, so dirt karting, offroad racing, 4wd'ing, motorbikes etc is a solo pursuit. I have spotted a 73 Mach 1 351 4v, with the twist bonnet releases, yet to have a good look inside/underneath. What to look for/avoid advice would be good. Thanks.
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