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  1. You could try this: http://www.mach1restoration.com/bringing-back-the-appearance-of-chrome-to-the-ac-vents/
  2. Thank you for all your replies, Ok so ive been really busy at work, Some brief history first: I bought the car in the 90s, It was a cheap fastback with a 302, I was 17 at the time (41 now...). We called her "The Judge". I drove her for 5 years, stored her after college and went away to to finish my studies. Life happened and i nearly forgot about it. 17 years later when i finally had the time to bring her back to life i disassembled it and decided to restomod it instead of restoring it. I went at it completely different to what Ive seen or done before. I'm almost finished on all the metal work and suspension and I'm almost ready to work on the engine, trans and axle. I was going to wait to be completely finished before introducing myself, but kinda got scolded for posting before introducing myself hahah and i have a lot to share and ask. I will start a build thread in two month or so with pictures of all my metal and suspension work. Meanwhile, This was me with a couple of buddies back in 1991-3 not sure: Pictures of the carnage: Thanks for reading, Joe
  3. Thanks! Im doing something really different! My car was beyond repair and almost eaten away by rust, but it was my first love... I have pictures at work, so Monday in the AMs I will upload some
  4. Hi my names joe, Ive been restomoding a 73 fastback I bought 30 years ago. I will post pictures shorlty
  5. Hmm, theres a couple of things I dislike about that kit: the lowers should be flatter with respect to the ground to avoid oversteer which that car will have aloT. The swaybar with the excess overteer is pointless. The uppers are too short, they will promote to much pinion angle change, poor driveshaft.. I know these cars have too little space for anything perfect but they should of thought it out better In my opinion...
  6. http://rcmotorsportsinc.com/suspension/mii-conversion/ makes a mii based crossmember for 65-73 mustangs, very good quality and very stout compared to whats out there, i have one in my 73, give em a call
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