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  1. I'm still around. Production may resume this summer. PM me if you are interested so I can have a list of all interested parties. Thank you all for your patience! Thanks Paul therocket366@hotmail.com
  2. so from what I've read there are 3 frame perches. 71-72 vert 73 they do not mention engine size so there u go Paul
  3. The PO had a B&M Mega shifter connected to the FMX that was in my car. There was a ear made that atatched to the shift lever and the throw of the cable was changed with a spacer at the shifter. He used a C6 cable bracket and it had the rear hole slotted to mount to the FMX. I sold the shifter last year but I took photos and measurements if anyone wants them I can email them out. Paul
  4. What he said There are two flasher units one for blinkers and one for hazard lights if I remember correctly. Check the ground connections from the harness in the trunk and up front at the radiator support they get rusty. The bulb sockets also get corrosion. Paul
  5. Update; I notified the first five interested parties that I have a map light for them. They can ship 5/13/17 Thanks Paul
  6. What would happen if it was just left in the pan and get another shaft?
  7. Thanks I have the part finalized and production will begin this week. I have several pre-orders to fill then they will be available on ebay. Paul
  8. Attaches by the 3 studs with self thread cutting stamped nuts
  9. you can get them from boltdepot.com in like 3 days I love that site Paul
  10. Update ::thumb:: I Decided to 3D print the map lights to make it easier to meet demand. I've been perfecting the 3D model and print process and am near finalizing the product. I hope to send the next prototype to 73 Pony by the weekend for fitment confirmation in his car after I check it in mine. I will be ordering more lenses for the map light from Don at OMS along with the bulbs sockets and switches from ebay this week. We are days away from a production run and I thank you for being patient! Paul
  11. I dont see 71-2 fenders making a difference The 71-2 bracket mounting hole locations are different than the 73 and the 73 grill is different. Paul
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