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  1. I'm still around. Production may resume this summer. PM me if you are interested so I can have a list of all interested parties. Thank you all for your patience! Thanks Paul therocket366@hotmail.com
  2. so from what I've read there are 3 frame perches. 71-72 vert 73 they do not mention engine size so there u go Paul
  3. The PO had a B&M Mega shifter connected to the FMX that was in my car. There was a ear made that atatched to the shift lever and the throw of the cable was changed with a spacer at the shifter. He used a C6 cable bracket and it had the rear hole slotted to mount to the FMX. I sold the shifter last year but I took photos and measurements if anyone wants them I can email them out. Paul
  4. What he said There are two flasher units one for blinkers and one for hazard lights if I remember correctly. Check the ground connections from the harness in the trunk and up front at the radiator support they get rusty. The bulb sockets also get corrosion. Paul
  5. Update; I notified the first five interested parties that I have a map light for them. They can ship 5/13/17 Thanks Paul
  6. What would happen if it was just left in the pan and get another shaft?
  7. Thanks I have the part finalized and production will begin this week. I have several pre-orders to fill then they will be available on ebay. Paul
  8. Attaches by the 3 studs with self thread cutting stamped nuts
  9. you can get them from boltdepot.com in like 3 days I love that site Paul
  10. Update ::thumb:: I Decided to 3D print the map lights to make it easier to meet demand. I've been perfecting the 3D model and print process and am near finalizing the product. I hope to send the next prototype to 73 Pony by the weekend for fitment confirmation in his car after I check it in mine. I will be ordering more lenses for the map light from Don at OMS along with the bulbs sockets and switches from ebay this week. We are days away from a production run and I thank you for being patient! Paul
  11. I dont see 71-2 fenders making a difference The 71-2 bracket mounting hole locations are different than the 73 and the 73 grill is different. Paul
  12. I'm curious to know why the expert couldn't shorten the strut rod(s) a bit more to give you more + Caster? +2 - +2.5 would be more ideal unless you have a manual steering box. I'm not sure at +1.5 Caster the car will be stable as you're on the edge. You can always add a shim to the UCA to get a bit more as Midlife mentioned. Paul
  13. For the small keeper washer(s) that keep the drums from falling off during the trip down the assembly line?
  14. I didn't trust anyone to drive let alone align my car so I bought a Longacre camber/caster gauge and turn plates and did it myself. I know that aftermarket control arms are far from perfect. On one side I barely got 0 camber with the LCA adjuster maxed out. You think they could get the C to C length right IMO! MOST important thing is camber and caster MUST be equal side to side or it will pull. Good Luck Paul
  15. Just to be clear positive caster is the LCA forward of plum or verticle in relation to the UCA. Front / The car will be unstable and the steering wheel will not return to center without + Caster. Paul
  16. Judge I should mention its not a bolt-on and be done it requires bracket re-fab and welding. Thanks Paul
  17. Job wasnt that tough but pricy when you add it up Bumper Brackets valance lights Hardware Beer Hood nose chrome Fender Extensions chrome Goodbye rubber nose Makeover #Priceless Paul
  18. Two thumbs up to bolt depot https://www.boltdepot.com/ I was tired of hardware store prices so I tried these people... very impressed and fast shipping! Paul
  19. Bill Im not sure what U are asking but... There are 3 different engine mount "perches" (the steel bracket that the mount bolts to on the frame) 71-72 Vert 73 So...You have a 73 with the original perches using 67-72 mounts? ...no good. You need 71-2 NON VERT perches to use your 67-72 STD engine mounts. Check with Don at OMS for a pair. {There was a nice write-up on Mustang Monthly on this but now I cant find it.} Paul
  20. Yea I'm using an aftermarket vacuum canister that is the size and shape of a softball for the heat/ac with a check valve so it works with engine off. The power brake booster gets it's vacuum from the manifold/or/ carb fitting and the check valve is integrated into the fitting on the booster. The engine has a pretty wild cam but no issues with having enough vacuum for the brakes. I guess the term wild for a cam is relative. Paul
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