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  1. Hello everyone, I just bought a brand new rear valance for my Mexican GT-351. The original valance was lost at some point in history and I don't have the screws to secure it to the body. What do I need? I can't find any rear valance kit in the internet for the 71-73, and specially the two screws with the "flat head". I found this in ebay for the 1970 Mustang: Once I have the correct screws, how do I install the valance?
  2. Hi everyone, The story of me and my Mustang is here: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-new-from-mexico-city So, in these two months I've already moved the car to a safer place (my mum's driveway), downside is that the car is no longer under a roof, and it's a rainy season. To stick to my plan of restoring the car to a level in which I can drive it on weekends without spending the money I don't have, I urgently need to: - change the alternator, the original one does not charge anymore. - fix minor rust problems before they get bigger with the rainy weather. - fix water lea
  3. Hi everyone. My name is David, I live in Mexico City and I'm new to the forum. Forgive my English. This is my story: My dad recently passed away and he left behind his 1972 coupe (Mexican GT-351). I am a huge fan of Mustangs and my dream had always been to restore this car with my dad and drive it as often as possible. He bought it used in 1977 and it became his daily driver. The car has basically been in storage for the past 25 years (since I was born) ever since my dad decided to modify the engine but never quite got time to finish the whole thing. Only about 10 years ago my dad and I start
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