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  1. Welcome Neighbor. Let me know if ya need any parts I live right around the corner from you
  2. Looking for a lower moulding set for a 72
  3. Heading down to Savannah Ga on 4-16 from northern Illinois hate to go all the way down with a empty trailer anybody have something they need hauled down south.Then heading over to the 50th Let me know if ya have a new ride you need picked up
  4. Thanks everyone.I do want to add the front chin spoiler I got one with the project but it seems really weak plastic.Anybody know where I can pick up a nice sturdy chin spoiler
  5. still have some small things to finish up but at least she looks like a car again.
  6. Didn't find it in a barn but what a find.Bought from the original owner I have the original title and even the original receipt of the purchase from the dealer.The front rails are shot but I have a complete front clip to rebuild it with.1971 4 speed Ram Air M code car. pics
  7. There is a 71 on this site carsonline.com its a 4 speed car 12,000 looks like he says its from texas so it should be pretty origanal sheet metal.
  8. One has factory air and the other did not.
  9. Ok when I was dismantling my 72 grabber blue I found this electrical gadget on the Apillar and thought it was a aftermarket alarm sensor or something now I brought home this other 72 and it has the same gadget on it it must be factory because the plug hooks up to the harness I figured one of you experts will know Thanks
  10. Welcome to the site Awesome looking car I'm in the middle of getting my 72 grabber blue back on the road.What size tires did you go with I'm just about to order some and yours looks like it sits nicely.Are you going to two tone it?
  11. I'm in for one maybe two if the wife wants one she would rather I get going on restoring her 71 vert though.Grey with grabber blue would be cool.
  12. Here is the shot of the box the one tab is missing the stud coming off of it there are two mounting points on the main box.Nice looking car Fever ,where are you in Illinois
  13. Ok I'm pinned on the map its official now I just need to finish her up.Ill take a pic of my other box tomorow if I can remember.
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