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  1. Interested in the tilt column assembly, let me know a price. Thank you.
  2. Sorry for not updating and keeping up with this thread. I will take a look I should still have a parking brake handle and a parts vent. I don't think I have any more seat belt lights but I'll check.
  3. I will take a look and see. I know I sold one a while back but I had about 3 of them, should still have the grande one.
  4. I've looked and I didn't see any emails, of you want try and pm me. I still have a lot of the small trim stuff. Also to update the list the following items are sold: Brown steering wheel Brown visors And the rough standard gauge cluster and surround. I will be adding to be for sale soon a bunch of 73 fastback and 73 avocado interior parts.
  5. I have a black 2 spoke wheel, is yours the kind with the small round horn button in the middle or the full across pad with the switch on the ends?
  6. I think I have one but it doesn't have the second part where it ties into the wiring, it has the bullet connector on the end though. I'll get pics if you'd like.
  7. Interested in the chrome eyebrow/ fender extensions and the rubber fillers under them, also the passenger side dash appliqué with the seat belt light and glove box door if they're in good shape.
  8. Interested in the carb if it's in good running order and if you can send some pics. I'll send you a pm with and email or number.
  9. That's one piece I don't have, the donor car I got parts off of was hit in the sides and both were torn and damaged.
  10. Have for sale the following items, will have pictures up of the stuff tomorrow 71-73 parking brake nice and clean not all rusty, works smoothly $75 71-73 metal dash frame, nice shape not dented, it's from a 71 standard dash car. $150, also have for extra the entire non ac ductwork, and the vents for extra. 71-73 Mach 1 dash harness, non ac and non gauge package car, all complete not all cut up or damaged wires. $150 71-73 ac heater controller $50 71-73 center dash bezel in ginger very nice shape no broken tabs $70 71-73 grande center dash bezel in black $70 71-73 ginger standard door panels, nice shape some small flaws $80 71-73 standard door panel armrests and bases 71-73 standard door panel tops $100 73 standard grille corral $20 73 grille short curved trim $20 73 grille lamps $100 71-73 black 2 spoke steering wheel small cracks on back of spokes $100 71-73 ginger 2 spoke steering wheel small cracks on back of spokes $100 71-73 wiper transmission/ linkage setup $100 71-73 351c powered by ford valve covers Oem, sandblasted and painted. $100 71-73 351c 4 barrel spreadbore intake $75 71-73 rear honeycomb panel, used Oem has had some repairs $50 71-73 radio bezel uncut nice chrome $40 Have other various small parts, clips, brackets available just ask. Also in a few days I'll have a set of standard ginger bucket seats available. All prices are negotiable.
  11. Interested in the gas door if it doesn't sell to the above poster. Also interested in the 3 gauge middle bezel. It's the textured black finish?
  12. Update on parts and prices, everything still available. Visors $40 Instrument cluster with standard surround $30 73 grille lights $100 Aircleaner $100 Ginger steering wheel $80 73 grille corral $25 73 grille trim piece $10
  13. My 72 with a door tag date of 07/72 says floor and has a/c. I also have another control panel from a 73 with a build date of 12/72 and it says heat.
  14. If yours are in solid shape with no peeling of the chrome and only lightly oxidized you can restore them with a little chrome polish. Have done several sets that would be considered junk and after a little polishing look perfect.
  15. I think if people want to customize or personalize there cars that's great and it's nice to add features that these cars didn't have when new, what I don't like is when people customize or change the car and put incorrect paint or stripes and try and sell it as the real thing. Like my car it's a standard sportsroof that I cloned into a boss, is it 100% correct no it doesn't have the lower body blackout, no twist locks and it still has the honeycomb rear panel. Chrome hood and fender mouldings, rocker and wheel well moulding and it's only a 351 2v with and automatic. But I don't try and fake what it is I always says it's a clone or a fake I never tell people yeah it's a real boss.
  16. 1) 71-72 Mach 1s restored with hockey stick stripes put on when they only came with lower body blackout with chrome trim. 2) Ram air added on factory 4v cars 3) engine bays painted gloss black or bodycolor 4) reproduction air cleaner decal sets that people put on with the "front" label 5) 71-72 Mach 1s with chrome front bumpers
  17. The changes with the seat belts from what I have seen are that 71 cars with standard belts had the black plastic buckles with the round release buttons, but if you ordered the deluxe belts you got the style belts that have silver/chrome buckles and square release buttons. In 72 the standard belts were the same as 71 but somewhere throughout the year the rear belts became retractable style same with deluxe belts silver/chrome and the rear quarter panels changed with a plastic trim where they came through. The later 72's an through 73 with deluxe belts used a black metal buckle with square buttons. Also when the belts changed to include the buzzer and light the cases on the front belt changed from a rubber boot that slips over to a hard plastic cover that's riveted on. Air cleaners also changed in 72 from the larger style that was standard on all models except the 6 cylinder in 71, to a smaller version with the "pie cut" lid on 302 and 351 2v without ram air. Honeycomb rear panels changed the size of the gas cap cutout. In 71 the hole is larger because of the standard pop open cap on Mach 1 models, in 72 the hole is smaller so that with the twist off cap you can't see the body color showing. The 71 type carries a d1zb number and the 72 style which is also what the nos ones are carry a d2zb number. Power steering hose routing changed might have been in late 71 though from the long hose that clamped to the underhood brace to a short version that went from the pump to gearbox directly. Grilles are drilled and moulded for 6 holes instead of 4 to accommodate either the dual grille brace or the single one. Roof rail weatherstrip moulding used less glass aligning clips. Only 2 Wheel lip moulding and rocker mouldings standard on base cars Not 100% sure on all the exact changeover dates or times for these things some might have been a partial or running change.
  18. If your swapping your cap to a repro style what are you planning to do with the old one? Been looking for a cap for my 72.
  19. That's definitely an original or nos one, the caps were offered in 2 versions, the 71 through early 72 or so had the rubber gasket part of the flip down door like the one you have there, sometime in mid 72 until 73 the caps were made with a small screw on cap underneath like the reproductions have. The change was made because the supposedly the early style had a tendency for the fuel to slosh out past the rubber gasket since it wasn't a tight seal, to fix that the made a separate screw on cap underneath, at least that's what I've heard accounted for the change, with that change the part number also differed the early one like you have carries a D1ZB part number while the later one and all nos ones I've seen have D2ZB.
  20. You have to remove the steering wheel to access the hole for removing the ignition cylinder, the only time the hole is on the outside is if your car has a tilt steering column. Also in the few I removed I found using a thin Allen key works better then a paper clip since some of the pins that need to be pushed for removal were gummed up or stiff to push in.
  21. Got the door panels today, excellent condition going to clean them up this weekend and remove the little overspray and redye the carpeted bottoms.
  22. I have both of these items I have a decent length of the tubing probably enough to do 2 cars and a bunch of the plastic air cleaner fittings. I can post pictures of what I have if you'd like. All original stuff too no repro parts.
  23. I've had good luck removing decals and other stick on stuff with 3m adhesive remover. Gentle on all plastics and stuff it's citrus based. Also if you have good woodgrain panels I'd see if someone has a set to trade. Mint ones are getting harder to find.
  24. Anyone that has requested pictures or has been interested in parts I'm sorry for the delay and not getting back to you. I've been busy and this hasn't been my top priority as well as it's freezing here and the garage I have the parts in is surrounded by snow up to my waist so not easy to get to things to get pictures or package things. Eddy again I'm sorry I didn't get back to you I will have your stuff ready to go to the post office for tomorrow morning. Thanks David Here's the grande center bezel, gauge cluster and convertible A-pillar pictures.
  25. I'd look at maybe doing a factory am/fm, am/fm 8 track or even am/fm cassette from a 70-early 80s ford product. I have a factory 8 track player from a 76 Lincoln in mine and it works great have both fm radio and 8 tracks for music. Also have a 79 Lincoln cassette player with my iPod to cassette adapter I can listen to all my music on there as well as fm, and tapes. You can pick up factory radios for around $100 or less I could see spending $300 on having one converted.
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