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    i have a 1971 grande coupe with a 351 Cleveland 2 barrel motor. she was half way fixed up now looking to do the rest.


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  1. did they only make 4 barrel clevelands back then because im not seeing anything on a 2 barrel in 70.
  2. Hey guys ive been working on my engine a lot lately and finally looked up the engine code and ive run into a little confusion. DOAE-J. ive looked it up one says a 71 4v block the next says 1970. so any insight would be great. it is a two bolt main block that i know for sure.
  3. ive tested my oil pressure before it said i think 75psi. before the tube shot off the fitting and drenched me in a quart of hot oil. it was a fun day.
  4. ok guys so when i my car was running, i had an issue. debating on whether to pull the engine or not right now. when i would get on her and go threw the gears. on my last gear (fmx trans) i would get a loud clicking noise that was coming from, im guessing here because i was in the car, my number 3 or 4 cylinder. it was closer to me on passenger side. it would follow the rpm. now i was only around 3500 to 4000 range which isnt crazy high. it only sounded like one lifter though. steady sound and would go away agter awhile. any ideas?
  5. also look for the high idle screw on your carb. on my edelbrock i have its underneath where the throttle cable attaches. As soon as the engine warms up it will drop back down. is in an electric choke or pull style? Whats your usual idel set at? when you drop it into gear when it is high idling does it drop down to normal op. rev or still elevated? find a decent tach/dwell meter if you can so you see what your really running at.
  6. ok so now im confused, because my fuel line doesnt have that long u-bend. mine goes just along my drivers side then rubber from drivers side wheel well to the pump. why is it so long?
  7. ok well it looks like a new tank here i come. im not trying to be cheap because trust me i want this car pristine when im all done. i just was doing some research and saw that stuff just thought id ask. thanks for all the help guys. anyone know a part# for the SS fuel line that runs along the drivers side pre-pump?
  8. just another yay moment for me this week. pulled the top of my new edelbrock 600 yesterday and wham rust in the carb. looking at new gas tanks and sending units up to $250. looked for other options and i saw something about putting nuts and bolts in with a mixture of 50/50 muriatic acid and water to break up the rust. also saw that vinegar works as well. has anyone tried any this and if it works. looking to not break the bank on this one i just want that stuff out.
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. I havent checked them out yet. Right now im pricing it out right now. It wont be till a while longer until i pull the trigger. And how are they with long tubes?
  10. ok im kinda a newbie at swapping from auto to manual... i was wondering if any of you have done this already. im planning on beefing up the motor which is a 351c 2v in a 71 grande. so i want something to handle some torque. the T5 is rated at 300ft of torque. has anyone done this and what route did you go? so i can get some figures on what i want and what route i go.
  11. no i didnt have a vacuum leak before hand and yes i used the same gasket twice. no good? i saw that you can use a small propane can to identify where the leak is. so i might go that route.
  12. where can i find reference numbers so i can gauge what im missing. And its a FMX trans.
  13. ok guys/gals another problem with the stang. i just put on a new 2750 edelbrock intake and edel 600. first shot i had a major vacuum leak in the back. it wasnt shifting and it would have a very high idle i couldnt get to drop. so i redid the the process and now it shifts but HARD and not all the time. i also lost brake pressure. please help!!! it is an auto btw.
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