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    1971 M-code Convertible. One owner car until 10/13.
    Also, 1965 Fastback, 1967 GT350, 1968 Convertible, and 1999 GT 35th Ltd.


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  1. UPDATE: I am sorry to say that I have not been on this site much over the past few years, but I drove my 71 tonight, and it spurred me to visit here. Looking things over, I found this post of mine from 2 years ago, when life was VERY different - as I was facing a very poor cancer prognosis, and the task of getting rid of all my 'stuff'. Thankfully, I just completed 2 years of a clinical trial with Immunotherapy drugs, and am cancer free for now. The Shelby and the dirt bike are gone, but no regrets - as I still have too many projects. It was a joy to have the 71 Mustang out tonight, and see the beautiful sunset in Atlanta on a cool, fall evening. Many thanks to all Of you who posted such kinds words about my circumstances. They were (and still are) - much appreciated.
  2. Your situation sounds just like what I am experiencing. Thanks for the tips. I have lots to Follow-Follow-up on.
  3. Thanks to ALL for the tips. I have a number of additional items to run down- based on these suggestion. The car has Shorty Headers, old/OEM style starter, MSD 6, and the replacement Alternator was probably OEM spec. I think I will Start, at the Starter - and go from there. Thanks Again. You all can imagine how it feels, to have a nice looking car - but are afraid of being embarrased to have it not start, when you take it out to show it off.
  4. I could use some help, on an issue with my 65 Fastback. This is probably a simple thing, but I just cannot figure it out. Car is a Shelby Clone, and in the process I moved the battery to the trunK. Positive cable to the engine, is a big, fat, welding cable, and Negative ground is short cable to rear frame rail. Alternator, Battery, Starter Solenoid, Voltage Regulator are all new (each was replaced chasing this issue). Car is on a Battery Tender, and cranks over with ease and repeatedly when first attempting. No issues driving, and Alternator pumping 14 volts back to battery while driving. However......when I cut off the car, even for 5 minutes, it barely, barely cranks over. If I dont Fire It on 1st try, I need to jump it. Just like a car whose Lights have been left on. Battery will still show 12+ volts - but the Amps must be way off??? Once I leave it back on the Battery Tender overnight - it cranks over with ease, and forever. Could it be a heat issue? Should I try battery #3? Could it be the starter? All ideas appreciated. At this point I am limited to only short trips "around the block" for fear of it not starting back up.
  5. Thanks for everyone's thoughts, I a am sorry I have not replyed earlier. I will post photos and list the car soon. I have my Shelby on eBay and am trying to keep up with all the questions. Fortunate to have Lots of interest in the car. Dennis
  6. Guys. My cancer has come back in a big way, and I'm facing a situation we never think about as we live our lives and enjoy our hobbies - what happens to all your stuff when your suddenly gone? What do your loved ones know about your cars, and parts, and diecast collection, and books, and Massive car magazine collections you have spent your life curating? Not meaning to sound like a Hallmark Network writer - but think of the extra burdens, not to mention the financial crapshoot and risks of Craigslist strangers rooting through your houses and garages when you're gone. So, that is a very long-winded way of saying I am selling my 71 Ram Air Convertible, and I would love for someone in this community to have it. I have 5 Mustangs and 2 Jags, in total to sell, and not long to get it done. If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested (and serious), I would like to hear from you. I listed my 67 Shelby GT350 on eBay last night, as that is the most valuable of my cars and also the easiest to sell. It is kind of a test, but I'm confident it will hit the reserve. Also, if you know of a company that handles car related estate sales - or have other ideas - I'd love to hear. What I dont have is much time. Thanks, Dennis - Alpharetta, GA
  7. Yes, I think I got the right one now. Can someone tell me what "Delete Automatic Seat Back Release" means? Dennis
  8. I just posted my new Marti Report. Very pleased to see the Ram-Air option on the car. I had worried it had been added back when the car was painted. I only wish it did not have the door ding moulding Group.
  9. Just took these off my 1971 M code convertible. They have 'AX-202', 'D1PF-18077-AUA' with what may be a date code '1 5D72' Are they the original front shocks, or a service replacement?
  10. 1st look under the carpet in 43 years. After having dealt with rusty Mustangs, its so nice to be working on a clean, and untouched original car. Along with a handful of unused screws and an empty Beechnut Gum package (no doubt from an assembly line worker), I found clean and dry original underlayment and jute.
  11. The spare tire in my 71k mile car is a dual white line. I can get you the maker and tire details if you need it? Could it be this was a factory tire?
  12. New member, just starting to add to the site after lurking on and off since I found it a few months ago. I acquired my 1971 just a few months ago, and am thrilled with it. This site will help greatly as I freshen-up this survivor car. I have loaded some photos to the garage, and put a pin on the board, so I guess I'm "official"? Dennis
  13. Those are the parts! (although the bottom dog-legs are still attached to my car). Is it correct that not cars received these? My car is probably a September or October 1970 production vehicle. No official name or part number? I see no # on mine. I may try and repair my mistake, or Bob, I will PM you back.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I hate to admit it, but I casually ripped (literally) mine off, as I assumed they would certainly be available as a reproduction. I've been spoiled by the early year cars I own. Man do i feel stupid! Great web site. I look forward to contributing when I can. Dennis
  15. Hello all. I am a new 1971 owner, and am looking for some replacement parts that i can't seem to locate - or even determine the name of. These are plastic "filler" pieces found up near the cowl area, "capping" the front fender. It bends down and around, and is attached with one screw you can reach with the door open. I will look for a photo to reference. Thanks!
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