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  1. I wanted to do the tour this year as my son turns 20 and what better way to have some fun.....but with the way the Canadian dollar has taken a beating this year I'm going to have to postpone it.
  2. I did this and it worked very well. I had a blow out on my fox body years ago on the highway....put the spare on ....thought I picked up the key and drove away. Imagine my surprise when I went to put my new tire on.....figured the locks were useless so it wouldn't matter if I messed them up.
  3. I have my at 16,000 and this is my first year with Haggerty, paid $250 for the year told that it will go down the longer I stay with them.....imagine that insurance going down!
  4. I still think the magnums look the best.....if I didn't have the 17" on my car I'd take them
  5. Jeff should go take a look.....right in his neck of the woods
  6. Think that may be an old episode......I recall seeing that car on the show almost a year ago.
  7. What's going on underneath the car? He should have got himself a new boot cover as that one looks a little worn and doesn't even sit right.
  8. Welcome from another 73 vert owner.
  9. I'm partial to yellow....I have the stripes just waiting to go back on mine......but need to touch up one fender again.
  10. Sunset pictures were taken in Aruba last November. Guns were taken as I crawled under the B-17 when it visited the Canadian warplane Heritage in Hamilton. and the picture on the ramp was taken by a friend at Toronto Airport....one of the views I see every day. HMCS Haida in Hamilton Harbour Nose Art from Sentimental Journey when at CWH and two pictures from work again I can't take credit for taking them but they are from the ramp view.
  11. Very cool Mike....all I know about my car is that it had a DSO for Colorado and when I bought it , was in Virginia.
  12. I didn't see any picture either....love the price!! This is what the auctions do to people....makes everyone think their car is worththe same as the cars crossing the block .
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