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  1. Welcome to the family. Very cool your wife is one of the gang!
  2. DW- When we re-upholstered a couple years ago, we went with ACC foam and Distinctive Industries seat covers. While they looked great, the foam density wasn't to my liking and didn't fill out the bolsters very well. So after living with it ( and now that the son is in away at college- it's his car), I stopped by my upholstery shop and picked up a piece of 1" 45lb foam and modified the seat , back and bolsters. . The mods gave me the firmness and support I was looking for while keeping the original look. Of course, I shared my success with the upholstery shop and the owners asked- "Why didn't you just bring the seats to me first? I could have built the cushions however you wanted!" I guess I just never learn.... :P So if you are looking for a better "original" seat, you may find that your local upholstery shop can help you out for not much more than buying aftermarket foam and fussing with it like some of us. Good luck!
  3. Not sure that this should be in this forum or the Misc (not 71-73 specific) but I'll let our moderator decide. :whistling: When we installed the Tremec it came with this shifter and it worked great. (The fellow I bought it from pulled the tranny out of his Eleanor). During my son's college sophmore year internship (he's an industrial design major) he worked with MGW out of Augusta Ga on custom parts for a product launch that he was lead designer on. MGW is a CNC fab shop that also has a line of performance short throw shifters and other cool items. Well, after working with George and his team, we got it in our heads that we needed to swap out the Hurst for a MGW and that's what we did, so now this guy needs a new home. It's an older generation Hurst Billet Plus 5 Speed Short Throw shifter model # 3915070 and comes with what you see - shifter housing, handle and knob. If you can use it in your project, or you're just a purveyor of fine used parts, shoot me a PM and we'll work out a price. Butch. PS: Remember our friends in Florida this weekend!
  4. Hey gang- The garage clean out continues! Purchased these kits from Mustangs Unlimited back when they were here in Georgia. After weighing options we decided to go with Steve's upgrade instead. 4 sets (4 pins, 8 bushings). Let me know if you can use them and they are yours for the cost of shipping. PM me.... ::thumb:: Good luck to our brothers and sisters in Florida as Dorian heads toward landfall. Please reach out if any of you need a place to visit during the storm. Butch
  5. Started the day intending to play with different options for firming up the foam / spring supports of the driver seat. We put new ACC foam in it when we had the seat covers replaced, but its always been too soft for me. After unwrapping and removing the foam, I found that the seat pan is in really bad shape. Multiple cracks, and evidence of previous repairs. I understand this is a problem area for this seat, but wow, this is close to folding over. We all know the drill, one project begets another...looks like me and Mr.Miller 140 will be gettin' busy in prep for blast and paint. :P
  6. Thanks for sharing! Love the wheel covers- and the interior! Love to hear the story behind this one....
  7. Hey gang, I have a like new AutoMeter model 5292 Hall Effect Speed Sensor left from the conversion to electronic gauges. Still in the original packaging with documentation. I found that I couldn't get it to fit on the Tremec 3550 due to the support castings around the speedometer port on the tranny housing. If you search other Ford enthusiasts sites you will find posts by folks have been able to make it work on the 3550. I wasn't willing to grind and file to make it happen- guess I'm getting lazy in my old age. :P They're about $95 on AutoMeter and Summit websites. I'll take $60.00 and you cover shipping from 30024. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks Butch More info : https://www.autometer.com/hall-effect-speedometer-sender-ford-plug-in.html
  8. Mission accomplished ! Thanks for the responses.
  9. Looking for a set (upper and lower) of 73 driver side hinges to rework with Steve's bushing kit. Please respond via PM. Mahalo! Butch
  10. Froggy- Ours entered service looking a lot like yours! We were actually looking for a Mach when we came across this one just a few miles from us, and after test driving with the top down we had to have it. Since we weren't going to have a Mach but still wanted that street fighter look, we took all of the style cues and applied them. ( I always snicker when I see a mythological "MACH 1 Convertible" for sale). Ours is not a functioning ram air setup, just the hood. Changing the hood out is easy. Save your edge trim and the new one bolts right on. Depending on their condition, you may want to change out your hood hinges while you're at it. It took me forever to get the alignment right due to the wear on ours. After many attempts to find a solid used hood, I ended up going with a reproduction Dynacorn unit. I'm fortunate as I have a Mustang supply house just 30 minutes away so I was able to order the hood and run down to pick it up, saving a few $$ on shipping. Keep the picts coming as the adventure begins- and reach out when you need an assist! Butch
  11. I was too impatient to wait for the tool and found that I had a very large Phillips screwdriver that worked nicely. :P I padded the tangs of the end with a piece of painters tape to protect the hardware finish. Worked like a charm. Where did you find replacement bezels ?
  12. I was too impatient to wait for the tool and found that I had a very large Phillips screwdriver that worked nicely. :P I padded the tangs of the end with a piece of painters tape to protect the hardware finish. Worked like a charm. Where did you find replacement bezels ?
  13. Welcome to the forum from Atlanta Georgia! Reach out with any 'vert specific questions...love to help get that one back on the road ::thumb:: Butch
  14. crendav- If you love the experience of pulling the gauge cluster, go for it. :D My 2 cents- I would just drop the headlight switch as once you've figured out how to pull the switch handle, it's a lot less involved. Maybe 5 minutes to drop the switch, change the bulb and reassemble. Drop me a PM if ya want to talk through it ( and then I'll talk you into LED conversion...)
  15. Members- Looking for a couple pieces: Door speaker wiring boots (Driver and Passenger) Map Light Boot: PM please
  16. Innovation is fueled by opportunity. I for one, would love to see a quality reproduction unit available. While technology has been a barrier, the current capabilities of rapid prototyping and modern overlay methods make what used to seem impractical or just too expensive not only feasible but practical for low volume custom parts. pwnedurass- We're all enthusiasts here so we're always looking for a good value. When you say carbon fiber it rings of high performance & big bucks so maybe we need to approach Speedcore to understand their tiered pricing structure and what detail level they can provide, then what's the minimum order qty and see what kind of price point they provide. Keep us updated!
  17. If still available, I'm interested in : Door Speaker wires set Dash Bezel set Map light
  18. Yep. Here's what you would see if your gauge cluster was removed (pardon the mess, we're redecorating... :P ) Top View - Looking down. Good luck!
  19. Glad to hear there is progress, and thanks for the update. If you want to take a road trip for Thanksgiving, come on up to Georgia and join our festivities! Butch
  20. I'm confused........isn't the Speedo supposed to be on the right and the tach on the left ? or did I put mine together backwards..............I notice that on the above the hole for the trip odometer in also on the left so that would be where the speedo would go..... :huh: :chin:
  21. Hey Gang- This is a follow up to my previous post on gauge upgrades. When considering the change I wanted to maintain as much of the stock aesthetic as possible, so looking at all the options I decided to go the route of retrofitting a set of Auto Meter Cobalt gauges into the original housings. With the intent of minimal modifications to stock parts it took a bit of trial and error and some backyard engineering but IMHO the results look great. I'll post pics of them installed soon. If folks are interested I can put a "how to" post up a bit later. Gauges used in this upgrade- Series: Auto Meter Cobalt ATM-6192 2 1/16" Voltmeter ATM-6137 2 1/16" Water Temp ATM-6127 2 1/16" Oil Pressure ATM-7915 2 5/8" Fuel Gauge ATM-6298 5" Tachometer ATM-6289 5" Speedometer, Electronic Accessories: ATM-5292 Speedometer Sensor ATM-3298 Connector 3 Terminal (2 sets)- ATM-3299 Connector 8 Terminal (2 sets- Tach and Speedo)
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