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  1. Marcel- Your's for the shipping cost. Looks to be around $10. Butch
  2. Welcome! Where are you located? We're up in the Suwanee/ Cumming area.
  3. Brand new passenger side mirror housing. I bought it to have installed when the car was painted, but the shop forgot and painted the old one , so I took the new mirror unit out of this housing and installed it in the original housing. No mounting screws or gasket, but the old mirror is yours if you need it. The mirror is in good shape, but does have light scratches. Check the picture- you will see that one of the bushings is missing on the mirror. Yes, it "floats" - that's why I changed it. Just trying to be transparent.:D Bought from Mustangs Unlimited :https://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=RM71R+01 Yours for the shipping cost. Ships from 30024. Butch
  4. All- I've said it before, and it's worth repeating - this is one helluva group! I've received multiple PMs offering parts and support, and have the replacement parts in route. BIG thanks to Don at OMS for going the extra mile to pull apart a frame to make sure the parts were quality pieces! To all you that reached out, I owe you reputation points!! New top is in at the end of the week, so as soon as the parts get in I'll have them powder coated and get her back to new! All the best- Butch
  5. ...or cracks Also, sometimes a miss presents as a vibration. +1 on the miss. We did all the troubleshooting you are going through. Ours was found to be a combination of vacuum setup + an irregularity in the coil / distributor output. PM me if you want more info on what we found/ did to solve. Butch
  6. Yeah- I still have a knot in my gut. The hardest part was calling my son to tell him. It's his car, and it was a week overdue from the shop, so he's texting me several times a day, each day, to see if it was done. I finally got the call to come check it out ,so he's expecting the " you gotta see it! " call, and instead it's the "Dad done goofed" call. In the grand scheme of things, it's a small thing, no damage that can't be remedied, and we got another story to tell. But it still stinks right now. Thanks to everyone for the quick responses for parts availability, and for the moral support.
  7. The culmination of three years of rest-modding the pony was to come to an end yesterday as we picked up the car for the paint shop. Replace the wheel opening molding and we were calling it good. That was the plan. The plan before I backed the car out of the shop and right into a fifth wheel trailer, catching the corner of the top and part of the top frame. OMG. A dentists drill was a lullaby compared to the grinding, aluminum cracking sound emanating from over my left shoulder. A salty sailor wold have been wide eyed at the torrent of frustration that left my lips. Done- we were done! Arghhhhh! So, the good news is that the frame is still functional, and there was no sheet metal damage. The car looks great with the Boss inspired hood paint scheme (pix coming after my hands stop shaking LOL). If there is anyone out there with a convertible top frame they are looking to get rid of or part out , let me know! I'm calling the shop now to have them order a new top.... Butch
  8. Austin- As usual, a practical solution and a great execution. Keep 'em coming! Butch
  9. Fellow Enthusiasts- I found a couple errant purchases lingering on the rack- time for them to find folks who can use them! New in box master cylinder for power brake setup. I purchased from Mustangs Unlimited and ran into the conundrum of the ages with all the differing thread combinations that can be found when sourcing the "correct" year specific unit. After several attempts, I just succumbed and changed out the tube fitting to match the threads. This unit has had fluid in it, but was never in service on the vehicle. Mustangs won't take anything back that's been "used" so it's been on the shelf for a few months. Free to anyone who wants it- just pay for shipping. McGuard lock nuts - New, never out of the blister pack. Bought them when we ordered the wheels, then they came with a set. Again- free to you with paid shipping. Merry Christmas to all in 71-73 Land! Butch
  10. WoW! Thanks for sharing! ::thumb:: Very cool piece of history. I'll ask Santa for one for Christmas!
  11. Hey gang - I'm in the process of fitting the new top frame and found this on the Fords Unlimited Car Club Website. Very nice step by step on how to replace and adjust your top and frame. http://www.fordsunlimited.com/fords_convertible.html Butch Fords Unlimited Car Club _ Tech Info _ Convertible Top Repair & Adjustment Manual.pdf
  12. Having the instrument cluster out of the way definitely makes accessing the accessory lights easier, but it isn't a requirement. We managed to replace our without pulling it.
  13. Tim, We just went through this exercise. As Don & HCode prescribe, our trouble was with the master cylinder, and that led to new rear wheel cylinders and ordering new rubber lines for all four corners. We rebuilt the front calipers a year ago, and they looked good after flushing, so we didn't tinker any more with them. This thread has me thinking it's time to add new hard lines to the list as well. Good luck- and enjoy the show and time with your dad! Butch
  14. I'm taking next week off, so I'll have time to play with the car- still trying to eradicate that darn squealing form the steering system. :-P I'll let ya know how it goes.
  15. Hey gang- Anyone out there running synthetic F type tranny fluid in their power steering pump? Anyone see a reason not to try it? Thanks
  16. +1 for Mustang Steve's bearing kit. We replaced the sad needle bearing set up of Scott Drake with Steve's roller bearings and couldn't be happier. Have fun with the bracket wrangling!
  17. Adding Mustang Steve's bearings to the clutch / brake assembly.
  18. David, Remember to check out the tinted door glass up there. Also still looking for a pair of good to refurbish-able "shorty" rear window cranks. Thanks ! Butch
  19. That laser is nice! Very interesting options out there...
  20. John- Good thought - the cooler came off when the ac compressor pulled. The noise happens in both scenarios cold or hot. Paul- One of my initial actions was to replace the belts - went with the Continental that was reported to be the best. I'm considering taking a scotch brite pad to the grooves on the pulley. Thanks -
  21. Forum, I recently changed the power steering pump and steering box. Changed the pump as it was squeeling at either end of the turn, and put in a 12:1 Lares 807 gearbox. I'm running March aluminum pulleys. Following the installation I bled the system and it felt tight and sounded much quieter- no squeeling. My son drove it the next day, all looked good, but when he pulled into the garage the squeeling was back. I have bled the car several times ( using the vacuum method ) and each time the sound goes away, then comes back. So here are my questions: There are no leaks in the system- could air be pulled in somehow? Is there an optimal pulley size for our rides- and does it change if the ratio changes? I've read that pumps should match the gearbox - any ready references out there, or do I need to call Redhat or someone of that ilk? And finally, any other ideas that you guys have? As always, thanks for the help! Butch
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